22 ideas for creating bouquets and decorating a house with

Fresh flowers can bring new life and energy to any space. Therefore, the best way to celebrate the return of warm weather and bring the breath of spring to your home is to decorate the interior with beautiful spring flowers. We offer you 22 ideas for creating stylish bouquets and flower compositions!

1. Lovely bouquets in rural style

The tender beauty of plants is especially well emphasized by various old things, for example, peeling pots, garden watering cans, buckets etc. Create a romantic-nostalgic mood in the room, using such extravagant "vases" for tulips or other wonderful spring flowers.

Rural style bouquets

2. Bright multicolored bouquets

Spring is the ideal time to transform your windowsill. Use a low wooden container to decorate it along its entire length with a wide variety of bright colors, for example, early lavender, peonies and roses combined with wildflowers, as in the photo below.

Bright bouquet on the windowsill

3. Pots with inscriptions

Any pot can easily be given a playfulness with a special dark paint "chalkboard", which will allow to leave on them various inscriptions chalk.

Unusual pots for plants

4. The magic of monochrome colors

A multi-level array of different plant species of the same shade will give your room a truly luxurious and refined look. In the next photo you can see how yellow hazel grouses, tulips, freesias and daffodils, put together in different pots and glass vases, create an amazing composition for decorating the interior for the celebration of March 8, Easter or another spring holiday!

Different yellow flowers in the interior

5. Delicate pink flowers

A bouquet of different red and pink flowers will be a wonderful gift for your beloved woman and will look particularly good in a white ceramic vase.

Bouquet of pink and red flowers

6. Stylish little bouquets

From small flowers - small bouquets! Of course, a lush bouquet of small flowers can also give joy, but to highlight the beauty of each individual plant it is better to use their small number and low small vases.

Stylish little bouquet

7. Soothing effect in the interior

Light and gentle shades of plants will give you a pleasant and soothing mood every morning, if you arrange them near your bed. See how the next photo glass vase with hyacinths and crocuses gives the bedroom a calm and tender touch of spring.

Beautiful flowers in the interior

8. Unordered arrangement of colors

Arrangement of flowers does not have to be clearly thought out and complicated. Sometimes, to create an exquisite bouquet, it is enough to choose 3 different kinds of flowers with a similar shape of a bud and trim their stems to the same height. A good example is in the photo below.

Simple arrangement of colors

9. A combination of contrasting shades

The contrast between, for example, purple and orange flowers makes the bouquet particularly impressive. A great way to express your strong feelings!

Bouquet of orange and purple flowers

10. Narcissus as an alternative to cut flowers

Recently, flower shops are increasingly offering not only freshly cut flowers, but also plants in pots. In the spring, for example, they thus sell narcissi, which allows them to last much longer than other colors. In the next photo you see how the combination of daffodils and cornel stems in a vase creates an interesting and unusual optical illusion.

Daffodils and cornel stems

11. Unusual combination of plants

Young irises, blooming under the crowns of horse chestnut, can be an ideal decoration for a long wall shelf or window sill in your interior. Such a unique composition allows us to emphasize the nature and unusual shape of each individual plant or flower.

Irises and horse chestnut in the interior

12. Flowering cherry branches in the Japanese manner

Japanese painting was the source of inspiration for creating this amazing spring composition. An informal vase with cherry branches looks like a tree in bloom and is perfect for decorating a large, spacious hall, living room or veranda.

Original vase with cherry branches

13. A combination of flowers and fruits

Citrus halves add an unexpected splash of color to this bright white-yellow-orange bouquet. In addition, adding sliced ​​lemons, limes or oranges to a bouquet is an excellent way to refresh it before the arrival of guests.

Composition from flowers and fruits

14. Branches and flowers as table decoration

The combination of different branches of trees and flowers allows you to create the most original and bizarre compositions for decorating the table.

Decor with branches and fresh flowers

15. Flowers in small bottles

Use fine glassware for a stylish decoration of the window sill with bright and varied colors.

Flowers in glassware

16. Clean and fresh appearance

Silver vase, filled with pastel colors, is ideal for decorating a kitchen or bathroom, where it will help to give the interior a clean and fresh look.

Bouquet for a bathroom or kitchen

17. Simple and exquisite bouquet decoration

Small flowers, for example, like this sweet pea, are much easier to turn into a cute gift than large plants. Well, is it possible to wrap a beautiful bouquet in a beautiful leaf, for example, from roses? The gentle, intimate look and delicate aroma of such a bouquet, as in the next photo, can give a truly sensual pleasure.

Simple and exquisite bouquet decoration

18. Tulips in cups

A simple arrangement can also make a big impression. These loosely arranged tulips will focus on your dressing table, shelf or window sill, and create a favorable environment for a cozy tea party.

Tulips in white cups

19. Classic luxurious bouquet

This impressive bouquet of roses and lilacs seems to embody the abundance of flowers, but in fact most of it is carefully organized green leaves or plants. Such a luxurious bouquet will simply look stunning in a minimalist interior design.

Large bouquet of roses and lilacs

20. Pitcher in the role of vase

Some bright flowers, such as lilacs, look particularly beautiful, being cleaned in the simplest pitcher or monophonic light vase.

Flowers in a jug

21. Well-considered spring composition

This exciting, colorful and energetic arrangement of flowers is distinguished by a unique combination of 3 different shades of pink with the addition of fresh herbs and natural wood. Bright and unusual festive decoration for the interior!

Spring flower arrangement

22. The main precursors of the spring

Snowdrops, lilies of the valley, hyacinths and other well-known harbingers of spring can create a spring mood in absolutely any interior. At the same time, an ideal container for them is a small and contrasting ceramic vase.

Bouquets of spring flowers