Moldings for walls: 40 + design techniques for interior

1 Moldings on the walls in the living room

There are many design tricks and tricks with which you can change the visual perception of the room. Most methods involve the skillful, appropriate arrangement of decorative elements. It is very popular to use moldings. With the help of these decorative elements, you can achieve significant changes in the space in the living room, hall, office space.

Wall molding

The material of manufacture can be various, more often such kinds are used:

  • polystyrene;
  • plastic;
  • polyurethane.

Pictures inside a rectangle of moldings

Decorative elements made of these materials are durable, easy to install and maintain. Rare cases require the application of overlaid elements of wood, natural stone, gypsum. Such material is much more expensive, more difficult to work, requires careful care. Panels made of stone or wood are used massively for the restoration of historically significant objects, preserving authenticity as much as possible.

Plastic molding on the wall in the bedroom

When using moldings made from natural materials in private houses, apartments, the complexity of care must be taken into account. The materials are very whimsical, they require certain conditions of the surrounding space. For example, wooden overhead elements quickly lose shape, color, other aesthetic qualities with high humidity. An unprecedented popularity is gained by colored overlays and inserts of bright tones. Their use is more accurate, it is very easy to cross the line and the interior will become ridiculous.

Wide moldings of polyurethane

The concept of molding refers to: stucco moldings, skirting boards, frames, slats, profiled panels. In a cut they can have a flat appearance, carved or convex. Can be equipped with many small molded decorative details. Molding can be considered even the ceiling frame, which provides a smooth transition from the wall. Color moldings are used to emphasize the individual details of the decor, the division of space with different textures.

Moldings in the white interior of the bedroom

Most often, the molding is simply attached to specialized glue or screws, which are masked by putty. Self-tapping is used when the molding is made of heavy material or fastening in other ways is not possible. The choice of molding depends on the overall style and decor of the interior. The style of the interior can be either classical, or close to modern or urban.

Art Nouveau style

Moldings - a simple, affordable, original way of managing space, when creating an authentic environment.

Example of the use of moldings in the interior in the Art Nouveau style

Wall decoration

Moldings on the walls can be used in many cases. This is an excellent opportunity for visual expansion, increased space or its separation. The modern interior can include a lot of textures and combine wall decoration with wallpaper of different colors, a combination of wallpaper and paint on individual sections. It is for separating and smooth transition from one zone to another and this kind of decor is applied.

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Simple wall decoration moldings

Moldings on wallpaper can serve not only as a separator, they can also hide flaws, errors of unsuccessful repairs and uneven walls. Successfully and correctly located decor is able to stretch the space, smoothing irregularities. Molding is rarely used in a single case, often it is a whole composition from the frames or harmoniously intertwined laths. If space allows, then moldings can be placed symmetrically on certain sections of the wall, it looks beautiful and expensive.

Figure on panels in the form of moldings

With the help of this decor, you can visually stretch out the room, this technique is used in rooms with low ceilings. To do this, the elements are vertically inserted into the place where the wallpaper is connected with a different pattern, color, texture. This will emphasize the rest of the decor, which is located next to the crossing point and add a feeling of high ceilings in the room.

Moldings on the walls in the dining room

Moldings can be used in any room: a hall, a nursery, a bedroom, a kitchen or a dining room. Pastel and narrow moldings are more suitable for a bedroom, whereas in a nursery you can play with texture and relief and create a fabulous setting. When decorating walls, it is important not to overload the interior. The finished view of the room should be laconic and discreet.

Sconce and paintings framed by moldings

With inept use of the patch on the walls - it is easy to spoil and distort the room. It should also be understood that when composing a composition from frames or repeating motifs, they must be identical in size and be located at the same distance from the ceiling, floor or window.

Horizontal molding for dividing the wall into two parts

Moldings on the walls look expensive and pompous, it should be taken into account when decorating premises with a small area, because it is highly recommended not to overload them with a large number of decor and auxiliary elements. In this case, the ideal is a combination of different texture of the walls, the separation of wallpaper moldings. This will fill the room with additional volume.

Decor of the kitchen wall with moldings in golden color

When combined in the design of panels in combination with paint on walls or wallpaper, molding can emphasize the separation, perfectly protecting various materials. You can apply it and otherwise - smooth and make a smooth transition, you can make a practically unnoticeable transition.

Painted moldings in a bedroom with gray walls

From molding, you can make certain repetitive sections. This method is relevant in rooms with high ceilings and light walls. To some extent, the traditional application of molding on the walls is the formation of rectangular sections from it. You can use a curved molding, forming arches and imitating a window opening. This reception is suitable for bedrooms or living rooms in the Renaissance style or neoclassicism.

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Bedroom design project

Widely used this element in the decoration of the children's room. From it comes a good frame for photo frames, mirrors, bookshelves. Effectively look wallpaper with printed slats in the interior of the bedroom, against the background of light walls you can make several sections that differ in color, texture and frame them with thin, low-profile slats. It is allowed to place stucco elements, other volumetric decor in the middle of the composition.

  Planking over the stove  Example of wall decoration   Using molding on the ceiling and the door Decoration niche archs and tablams  Visual effects on the wall with decorative laths

When decorating walls using molding of any kind, width, color scale. It is recommended to prepare the layout and size in advance. You can mark the walls with a simple pencil or chalk.

Living room in beige tones with wall decoration with slats

Framing of windows and doors

In modern apartments, windows are not always high and large. To give a sense of free space and visually increase the area of ​​the window you can molding. For a low and narrow window, a laconic and wide finish is perfect. On large windows you can use molding with a lot of decorative inserts and stucco elements.

Examples of wall and arch decoration with slats

Plancks, skirting boards form the space around the window opening, it can be a symmetrical arrangement or underlining of a certain area of ​​the window. When decorating the window with molding, it is not recommended to use bright colors, to combine different types of bars, profiles, it will cover the space around, will draw unnecessary attention to the window. The panoramic windows look chic with moldings with stucco moldings, they really can create the impression of being in an ancient castle in the south of France. The decor around the window opening must be in harmony or exactly the color of the frame on the window. Often used reception, in which the molding on the windows repeats the pattern, the motif, the relief of the frame of the doorway.

Decorative panels for aperture

Often in the interior molding is used as clypees on the door. This is a great way to split a room that has only a doorway or arch. In this case, overlaid elements of different colors can be used for a greater emphasis on different parts of the room. This decor can both increase the size of the doorway and, if necessary, make a smooth transition.

Decorative panels for passage

This is necessary in cases where you need to hide the doorway. In addition, decorative strips of durable material are often used as a protective mechanism for individual areas of the room. This can be actual in the absence of a door lock when the door handle beats against the wallpaper.

Panels made of plastic

Ceiling or floor skirting ensures the protection of walls from mechanical damage by furniture parts. When placing a double strip of molding under the ceiling, you can significantly raise the height of the ceiling and add space to the room. One strip should go along the extreme line of the wall at the ceiling, the second place 10-20 cm lower.

Shelves from panels

If you want to visually increase the height of the ceiling, molding must be glued strictly parallel to the level of the ceiling angle. With a wider upper band, a sense of the arched ceiling is created.

Using moldings on the bedroom ceiling

Nonraditional application of molding

In addition to the above described methods, moldings can be used not quite in the traditional sense. Out of this material are outlandish shelves for books or other small things. For these purposes, a wide, convex slat of a short length is used. This can be a single instance, maybe a composition, for example in the corner of the room. This solution looks aesthetically pleasing, it saves space. According to the example of shelves for books, you can equip places for photos, small flower vases, a place for keys.

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  Shelves from moldings  Shelves for accessories   Elements of decor on the shelves of panels  Wall Decoration  Shelves with their own hands from the cornices

Molding is framed by hidden safes or household appliances. Plasma TV, which can stand out strongly against the background of the style of the interior, can transform a pair of horizontal specialized profiles. There was a tendency to decorate the furniture fittings, the end parts of the beds, the backs of the chairs. Used mainly molding of noble wood species, less often - plastic, foam plastic with imitation wood.

Fireplace in living room

A separate kind of molding - metal, imitating silver, gilding, bronze. We admit to use in expensive, majestic interiors. Effectively in these rooms look fireplaces, large mirrors, columns with a decor of wide, carved gold slats.

Wall decoration молдингами и багетами

The choice of color, texture, molding material is a process that requires expert advice, a team of designers. With complete self-confidence, you can try to do it yourself.

Freehand for your photos

Important points that need to be considered when decorating a room with molding:

  • the area of ​​the room;
  • wall finishing material;
  • presence of other decor elements;
  • acquaintance with visual aids (photo, video) on work with molding;
  • space for free mounting / dismantling of laths.

Option for cabinet

You can make a photo of the interior, then mark the location of the decorative elements on it. This technique will save time, make accurate calculations of the amount of material required.

Fireplace area

When calculating the amount of material required, a small stock should be considered. A larger stock should be made when using moldings made of brittle, lightweight material. The installation process assumes possible chipping, cracks, breakage. Applying overhead panels of a light tint is worth choosing materials that can be washed. Most of them are specially impregnated with a specific solution, which repels dust, does not absorb foreign smells.

Living room

In skillful hands molding can become a subtle tool for improving the space in the room, its separation, increase in area. Molding can be successfully used in residential buildings, apartments, offices, commercial buildings. The main rule is to know the measure. A pair of unsuccessful laths can turn a refined interior into a ridiculous angular room. With a successful combination of molding, decorative wall elements, the room is transformed, becomes light, airy. Ideas for inspiration can be gleaned from glossy magazines, design publications, and photos of ready-made interiors. A pledge of beautiful design is a well thought out plan for placing decorative elements.

Framing the shelves with decorative panels