Creating in a small space the illusion of space

Glass coffee table on the loggia

Small apartments are characterized by incredible comfort, magnetic charm and warmth. But just because the premises are tiny, this does not mean that it can not be multifunctional, beautiful and aesthetically attractive.

With the use of stunning solutions, you can easily create in the residential space excellent conditions for a quiet and relaxing holiday, pleasant pastime and leisure time in the company of relatives, friends and family members.

Today we will bring to your attention interesting tips and recommendations from talented professionals who create the illusion of freedom and volume in the room.

Use at decorating the house items of furniture sets and accessories made of glass, plexiglass and acrylic. They do not clutter up space and at the same time form an aesthetically attractive and elegant environment.

Dining table with glass top

Dining room from Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25

Keep the area under the furniture free and clean, which will allow you to form a beautiful and serene atmosphere in the apartment.

Narrow table in the corridor

Corridor by MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

When covering the flooring in rooms with an open plan, use the same material: parquet, linoleum or laminate. This will visually increase the area of ​​the apartment and fill it with incredible ease and freedom.

Laminate flooring in studio apartment

Гостиная от Cornerstone Architects

Remove the carpets. Wooden flooring or parquet without a carpet gives home decor aerial appearance.

Wooden floor in the dining room

Dining room by Eleven Interiors

The same goes for the rug in the bathroom. Pay attention to how beautiful and interesting is the tiled coating in the bathroom. A light toning palette and modern ceramics bring incredible charm and serenity to the atmosphere of this room.

Marble tiles in the bathroom

Bathroom from Frederick + Frederick Architects

Do not use covers to decorate the furniture set with frills, as they clutter the area. In addition, a wonderful solution for equipping the apartment will be a glass, acrylic and plexiglass coffee table.

Glass coffee table in the living room

Guest salon from Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Form in unusual house dazzling illumination! A well-lit room always looks bigger. Supplement the natural light from the window with a multi-level system: wall sconces, table lamps and ceiling chandeliers.

Multi-level lighting in the dining room

Dining room from Dream House Studios

Mirror furniture perfectly reflects light and increases space. It will be an excellent solution for decorating modest housing.

Mirror chest of drawers in the dining room

Dining room from CWB Architects

Install the French doors and get rid of the heavy window frames to make your room more open and spacious. Look how magnificent these engineering elements look in the fittings of the hallway.

Glass French entrance doors

Hallway from Mary Evelyn Interiors

Install high objects unusual furniture to the furthest corners of the room. This solution will help visually emphasize the ceilings and create an airy atmosphere in the room.

High cabinets in the bedroom

Спальня от Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist

In the next photo you will be presented with an interior that demonstrates how a neutral tinted palette and open plan apartments, along with a large number of different light sources, expands the space.

Living room in neutral shade

Living room by Michael Abrams Limited

We presented to the look of our regular readers exceptional and unusual variants of the transformation of modest apartments, which allow creating in the atmosphere the illusion of volume and freedom.

And you liked these ways home decorating from talented specialists? Share your ideas in the comments below ...