Delightful tips for moving to a smaller space. how to do

The original facade of a country house

Today's topic will be useful for those who are forced to move to a new place, which is much smaller than the previous one. How to do everything right to live easily and snugly?

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the information that is presented below, thanks to which you will certainly achieve success.

Configure it positively

First of all, of course, do not get upset. Remember that small housing is easy maintenance, low maintenance costs and rest from regular visitors, which, for sure, often gathered in your big house.

Or maybe you bought a property that is located closer to the center? Then now you will be less dependent on the car, you will quickly reach the shops, restaurants and cultural institutions. Look for all the pros!

Top Three

Think carefully about what things will be useful for you in your new home. Make a list of necessary items and decide what space you would like to see: with an open or closed layout, do you need a lot of light, or do you like silhouettes, is it important for you to have a private room?

Chaise lounges and table with an umbrella on the terrace

What is it worth to get rid of?

To part with things is very difficult! But try to dream a little about how you will feel good in a new house, in which, of course, all the "acquired good" will not fit. Do not take everything to heart, you will soon forget about this period.

Original floor lamp by the armchair

First, it is worth throwing away broken and obsolete designs and products. Reduce the number of duplicates. After all, when you live in a large mansion, there are no questions with the storage of objects. But in limited rooms - this is the main problem. Better then buy the necessary.

A few decorative elements in the interior

To whom to give things? To begin with, ask your relatives to pick up the products they liked. They will be very grateful to you.

Bar counter in the living room

If you have time and a little patience, then you can earn money selling your things. You can also ask for help from sales professionals, who are usually employees of real estate companies. So it will go much faster.

In the event that all the above options are not suitable for you, then use the services of renting places for storage. But there is one negative fact - you do not know how much you will rent the warehouse. And this will lead to significant financial costs.

Large sitting area in the kitchen

Search and relocation

There is already no doubt that you will have to compromise with the size. But if you satisfy the three above points, consider that you have broken the jackpot!

Of course, even the most thoughtful plan "gives a crack." Therefore, immediately replace the pieces of furniture with smaller versions, so that they better fit the new space.

Bedroom with access to the balcony

Think of buying designs that can accommodate many of your things. For example, install a rack from floor to ceiling, which can effectively improve the quality of your daily life.

Shelf for books in the hallway

Forward movement

You should understand that now you will have completely different habits: you will not need to look for your New Year toys in the attic or in the garage any more - everything will be at hand. Be extremely careful when buying furniture: make sure that it matches the minimum room.

Folding coffee table in the living room