Large works of art and accessories for decoration of tiny

The big picture in the living room

Do you have a small apartment or a house? But you do not know how to properly and rationally decorate it, to give the atmosphere charm and visually increase the area? Try an extremely illogical, but effective approach - the use of large furniture, works of art or accessories.

Today we will present to your eyes unique solutions from talented craftsmen from different corners of the globe that will help to give an attractive appearance and incredible comfort to the housing.

Using the reflective effect

A proven way to transform a tiny space is to add a large mirror. A massive accessory in an incomparable frame can be located in the dining hall, guest cabin or boudoir. He will not only form an illusion of volume, but also fill the atmosphere with magnetic charm.

Large mirror in the dining room

Столовая от Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

The use of vintage unusual furniture

The large objects of the headset, located in a tiny room, help visually to make it larger. In the example in the next photo, a wooden rack, paired with narrow windows, highlights the height of the ceiling.

Large vintage wooden shelving

Buddha from Bosworth Hoedemaker

Comparison of large furniture with a panoramic view from the window

This voluminous chest of drawers surrounded by two solid walls would look too bulky and motionless. However, the adjacent window opening helps create an impression of freedom and distracts the attention of guests and family members from the secretarial.

The secretary at the big window

Seating in the style of fusion

Use the vertical space

Small rooms often have empty walls. In the next photo, your view is presented with the design of the kitchen, where experts installed metal panels with hooks for hanging frying pans and other objects of culinary utensils.

Storage system for kitchen utensils

Kitchen by Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Choose creative furniture with a curved silhouette

Tables and chairs with rounded corners, as well as other accessories visually occupy less space than objects with sharp edges. This dining room is decorated with a refined suite and stunning round lamps.

Table and chairs with rounded corners in the dining room

Столовая от Jennifer - Rambling Renovators

Be creative with the placement of furniture

In a spacious apartment you would never have blocked or blocked the window with objects. But in small rooms, sometimes you have to break the rules.

In this project, homeowners managed to squeeze a full-sized bed into a narrow bedroom. The magnificent metal headboard allows the sun's rays to freely penetrate the boudoir, giving the atmosphere a lightness and a special charm.

Full size bed in a narrow bedroom

Спальня от Lauren Gries

Take advantage of the style of minimalism

Built-in cabinet near the window with straight and sharp corners, as well as a snow-white tinted palette, merging with the general decoration of walls, harmoniously fits into a small space.

Built-in window in the bedroom in the bedroom

Будуар от Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Uniform color gamut

Note how superbly in a modest space looks a high headboard, a large double bed and a screen. Monochrome smoky toning palette with black and white accents makes it possible to visually increase the area of ​​the room.

A large bed with a high headboard

Bedroom from usona

We presented to our readers an excellent selection of modest apartment options with the use of large art objects, ornaments and furnishings, which help to create in the room the illusion of freedom and volume.

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