Partitions and plywood panels cancel excess furniture

Partitions and panels from plywood in the interior

Partitions and panels from plywood in plan The J House

Partitions and panels made of plywood are the highlight of the Japanese company Domino Architects. This idea for a small interior will free space, and also serve as additional cabinets.

Wooden Shelving Rack

The wall of the living room is completely clogged with shelves

Wooden Shelving Rack в гостиной

Plywood in the interior of almost everywhere

The J House project is designed to meet the needs of a growing family. Domino removed the walls in the kitchen, in the dining room and living room, and between two bedrooms. Having installed wooden planking throughout the apartment, the architects managed to create corners and niches, expand storage space and open a little space.

Wall decoration with plywood

Interior passage

Wooden floorки на кухне

And the kitchen did not stay without additional shelves

Shelves of plywood in the nursery

Bookshelves in the children's room

In addition to plywood, Domino used concrete, brick, plastic and other materials. Plywood is used even in bathrooms. Bookcase made of plywood

Quality material

Floor and finish in wood

Wooden floor

Apartment layout

Floor plan

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