Plywood table with your own hands - simple and beautiful

It is furniture that makes living in the house comfortable and cozy. In this article Dekorin will tell you how to make a table of plywood with your own hands. Of course, you can buy ready-made furniture in the store, but it is unlikely to perfectly match your wishes. With your own hands, you can make a table of the size you need and be confident in the quality of the product. In addition, it is always pleasant to use furniture that is made by hand.

What you need to know when working with plywood

Nobody will argue with the fact that a plywood table made by own hands should not only please the eye, but also be reliable and of high quality. To do this, follow the following recommendations:

  1. It is important to cut the material correctly. Any incisions are best done with a professional tool - electric jigsaw for wood. And you should choose the model with the smallest denticles, so that the cutting quality is as good as possible.
  2. Equally important is the strong attachment. To do this, you need to purchase screws designed for wood. In order to prevent cracks in the material, it is necessary initially to make holes a couple of millimeters smaller than the self-tapping screw.
  3. Additional gluing. To make the table of plywood more durable and reliable, its elements are glued together with special carpentry glue. Before you glue the parts, they must be prepared (grind the surface, then get rid of dust).
  4. You need to bend the elements correctly. So, if the material needs to be bent, it should be moistened with plenty of water. After this, you need to bend and leave for 12 hours to fix the result.

Following the above tips, you can make a quality table of plywood (as in the following photos).

Working table from plywood own hands

A desktop is needed in every house, but it is not necessary to buy it, because everything can be done by one's own hands. By the way, such a table of plywood can also be used as a written one. The procedure is as follows:

  • First you need to draw a drawing of the future table. It should be marked with the main dimensions. So, you will know from what to push off, and make furniture of the right size. Below you can see an example of such a drawing. Substitute your size or use already ready.
  • Now it is necessary to cut out all the elements (1 cover, 1 inner wall and 2 end walls), and do it carefully and finish the ends immediately.
  • In each rack, you need to drill two holes as shown in the diagram. It is important to use special furniture ties and a drill for them (as in the next photo).
  • Next you need to put the countertop and attach it using the furniture corners. Note that the screws that you use should be a few millimeters shorter than the thickness of the plywood (as they will not be visible).
  • The final stage is the examination of the desktop from plywood, polishing the ends and gluing the tape, which will cover the visible areas (it needs to be heated especially with an iron or a hairdryer).

If you need to make a computer table from plywood yourself, then this design should include additional elements for the system unit, keyboard and printer. Combining the elements is again very convenient with the help of euroshirts and special furniture corners. Below you can see the necessary drawings. Dekorin believes that this option is the most optimal if you need to make a computer desk from plywood.

Table from plywood drawings, photo 1 Table from plywood drawings, photo 2

Table from plywood with own hands, photo 3

Table with plywood own hands, photo 4 Table from plywood with own hands, photo 5 Table from plywood with own hands, photo 6 Table from plywood own hands, photo 7

Dining table from plywood own hands

In each house there should be a table, behind which the whole family gathers in the evenings and dines. And it will be wonderful if the head of the family makes a dining table of plywood with his own hands. Psychologists argue that the most favorable communication is facilitated by the absence of angles. So why not make a round table of plywood? In addition, making furniture yourself, you can always choose the ideal size of furniture for your kitchen.

In the process of work, the following materials will be needed: wood screws, electric jig saw, drill and grinding bit, confirmation drill, wood varnish, as well as plywood, from which we will actually manufacture the table.

It is important to take into account that without sufficient experience it will be problematic to cut out the countertop and the disc that connects the legs to the table. Therefore, if you are a beginner, it is better to consult a specialist. Show him the drawing in the following photo: you will need two circles (128 cm and 104 cm).

  1. All the details that are in the photo, prepare for work. Use grinding to make the surface even.
  2. Take an electric jigsaw and make grooves in the slats, as in the photo below.
  3. At the joints, apply glue and insert the groove into the groove.
  4. Assemble the strips and legs using Euroscrews as shown in the drawing.
  5. Now you need to connect the legs of the table with the binding ring, using confirmats and glue.
  6. The substructure fixes to the tabletop using self-tapping screws of 35-40 mm.
  7. We inspect round table from plywood and, if necessary, we correct irregularities and other imperfections.
  8. In the end, we cover the finished furniture with wood varnish.

Kitchen table from plywood ready!

Round table from plywood, photo 8 Round table from plywood, photo 9 Round table from plywood, photo 10 Dining table from plywood, photo 11

Dining table from plywood, photo 12 Dining table from plywood, photo 13 Dining table from plywood, photo 14


Children's table from plywood own hands

Sooner or later the child will need his own table for the first developmental activities, creativity and study. It's good if you make it yourself, because you can make furniture that is suitable for the size and height of your child. In the children's room is quite suitable for the usual option - four legs and a table top.

For a children's table of plywood will need four bruska (4 × 4 cm). They will play the role of legs. The worktop can be done like this: cut two equal boards of the right size, knock them down, and top off with plywood.

To fasten the legs to the frame, you need to do the following:

  • Note where the frame will be. Draw a rectangle, all sides of which will be larger than the frame by 5 cm.
  • Place the foot where it will be subsequently attached and circle it. So you need to do with all the legs.
  • Do so that the frame does not reach the edge of the width of the table legs, plus the 5 cm that we were retreating.
  • Now the bars of the frame must be screwed to the table top.
  • Screw the legs to the frame itself.
  • Grind the children's table from the plywood until it becomes smooth and smooth.
  • Cover, if desired, with wood varnish.

If you want, decorate such a table at your discretion. The child will accurately estimate the new furniture in his room.

Children's table from plywood own hands, фото 15 Children's table from plywood own hands, фото 16 Children's table from plywood own hands, фото 17

Children's table from plywood own hands, фото 18

Coffee table from plywood own hands

This version of the coffee table from plywood is perhaps the easiest, and even a beginner in furniture making can handle it. So, first, cut a sheet of plywood and four legs from the bars (all measurements are on the diagrams). At each foot at the end of the end saw, make bevels. Next, you need to make holes on all four parts in the same way as in the photo. These elements are similar to each other, but they must be made in different ways (depending on where they are). Assemble the furniture in the same way as in the diagram. The coffee table from plywood and bars is ready!

Table from plywood, drawings photo 19 Table from plywood, drawings photo 20

Coffee table from plywood own hands, фото Round coffee table from plywood, photo Creative table from plywood, photo Unusual coffee table from plywood, photo


Dekorin hopes that you will make a table of plywood with your own hands, inspired by interesting ideas from this article. On the photo frame below, see examples of original plywood tables.