Design living room 20 sq. m with one window (+30 photos)

In the design of the living room design of 20 sq. M with one window it is necessary to in principle calculate every detail of the interior or an item of interior decoration. The introduction of light palette tones on the walls of a small living space is an ideal, but not the only design option for a 20 sq. m.

  • Methods for increasing the volume visualization
  • Planning
  • Effective use of planning features
  • Rational use of a compact area

Methods for increasing the volume visualization

1. Mirrors or panels. The use of various mirror surfaces visually greatly increases the room, completely changing the design of the living room of 20 sq. M. In this case, a huge mirror is guaranteed to expand the spatial boundaries of even a very small room.

Mirror surfaces in the living room of 20 sq. M.

This all known advice, oddly enough, is used quite rarely, because the mirrors are placed completely wrong. Therefore, visual enlargement does not occur.

It is necessary to know that the mirrors placed in the center of the wall, on the contrary, will take part of the space. Only the arrangement of mirror surfaces in dark corners or along side walls will give the desired effect of increasing the spatial volume, and also significantly enrich the design of the hall in 20 square meters. m.

Mirror over the fireplace in the living room

2. Pastel colors. Using the color of a natural tree, snow-white or pastel colors will make you feel much freer even in a small room.

3. Minimalism. The design of a small room (20 squares) is best not to overload with excess things or furniture, avoiding clutter. The minimal amount of furniture gives a sense of spaciousness or freedom.

The minimum amount of furniture in the living room

4. Lighting. With an abundance of natural or artificial lighting creates the illusion of volume and width. Therefore, when developing the design of the living room 19, 20 square meters. You should avoid the massive dark curtains that obscure the room. You can use modern lighting or lighting. When planning the design of the living room 19, 20 sq. M. with two windows, it is necessary to use as much as possible the gap between the window openings. This place can be decorated with a large flowerpot or hang shelves with various decorating elements.

Original LED lighting in the living room

5. Playing with light. Highlighting the dark areas of the room or muffling peripheral places, you can beat the spatial ratio, create the space necessary for the eye, and significantly diversify the interior of the room (20 sq. M.).

6. Accents or color spots. Cleverly selected, correctly placed color accents in the form of photographs, paintings and other interior items, will give the design of the living room 20 meters exquisite, austere look. The main thing is not to overdo it with designer items, overloading a small room with trifles that significantly take away space.

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Bright pillows in the interior of the living room

7. Correct zoning. Competent zoning of the living room will significantly increase its functionality, visually expanding the space. For example, an empty corner zone can be a wonderful and very useful area. From this zone it is possible to arrange a corner for reading, special photo wallpaper will definitely make this place very cozy.

Zoning the dining room in the living room

8. Photo wallpaper. Original photo wallpaper today is very fashionable to use in the design of the living room, which has a compact squaring of 20 or more meters. Moreover, the market provides many different composite solutions and color options. In the same row with a snow-white background, it is possible to arrange bright photo wallpapers or pictures.

Photo wallpaper in the interior can be used not only for decoration of walls. They quite easily cover the doors, as well as furniture. The scope of photo wallpapers is not limited to anything, just our imagination. In this case, it is best not to overload the room with massive furniture.

Desktop wallpapers in the living room design

9. Suspended or stretched ceilings. Skillfully designed hanging, as well as stretch ceilings, especially in conjunction with the lighting system, can visually impart any shape to the room: from the oval and up to the square. Even a small room of 21 square. m, the design of which is complemented by suspended ceilings, looks stylish and modern.

Pictures on the living room wall 20 sq. M

10. Two-level suspended or stretched ceilings. The multi-layered construction of the modern ceiling creates a visual volume at the top of the living room, giving it airiness. Such ceilings can give the interior a rectangular living room of 20 square meters. m more presentable appearance. And the interior of a square room of 20 square meters. m will become more refined and stylish.

11. Play with color invoice. Pastel colors give a lot of space to the imagination of designers and owners of premises. Light colors blend well with colorful bright colors: light green, red, orange or purple. Pastel colors are most suitable for living room design 19, 20 sq. M. with one window in the classical style of decoration, as they will give the interior sophistication and rigor.

Design project living room 19 sq m

It must always be remembered that a vertically placed wallpaper pattern builds up the room in height, horizontal - on the contrary, shortens it. A large and distinct pattern allows you to focus on a particular part of the room.


Careful planning of the reconstruction of any room is a guarantee of success. It is very important to think over every detail, every touch and nuance, in order to enjoy the convenience and comfort of a stylish room.

Before arranging a room, you must first model the layout on paper, indicating the spatial location of the main interior items and furniture.

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Stone in the decoration of the living room wall 19 sq. M. For example, in order to calculate the design of the living room 19, 20 square meters. with one window and with a corner sofa, it is necessary to model everything on paper, preferably with observance of proportions and displaying the desired color scale. This will visually see the harmony in the combination of colors and spatial relationships in the design of the living room 20 - 21 square meters. m.

Effective use of planning features

With a small living space there is a need to use every centimeter of the area with maximum benefit and efficiency. There are several tricks, which can significantly improve the functionality of each corner of the room.

Workplace in a small living room

For example:

- the wall above the door; It can be equipped with hanging cabinets or shelves, especially this is true in the presence of high ceilings. In the living room 19 - 20 sq. M. classical design such an addition is best performed in tone to the basic furniture.

- a deaf space behind the doors; This is a large piece of square. There you can install a banquet or create a compact rest area. To improve the functionality of the living room design 20 m2 is very important.

Living room in bright colors

- large window sill; A fairly wide sill may well become a narrow table, sufficient for dinner and rest at the open window. Given the compact design of the living room at 19, 20 meters, you can completely abandon a full-fledged dining table, irrationally occupying quite a lot of space.

- the space between the window and the wall; It is rather narrow, but there it is quite possible to insert a small rack on the wheels or a flowerpot. When planning interior design, a room of 20 square meters. m should look as much as possible well-groomed and cozy.

Lighting around the perimeter of the living room

- insulated balcony; In general, the adherents of compact apartments, as a rule, are quite modern people. Because of this, the introduction of a heated balcony for them is an additional convenience, allowing, in the presence of a warm floor, to place there an office for work or play for the child. Such a Scandinavian interior in the design of the hall of 20 square. is used quite often, since with its support in the hall area there is more space and comfort.

- The door to the pantry. This is an excellent space for saving various household trivia. You just need to fix on the doors of braids or plastic buckets. Also, small shelves on the door will completely solve the problem of saving books or seasonal things without overloading the general interior of the hall in an apartment of 20 square meters. m trifles.

Stylish modern living room design 20 sq. M.

Rational use of a compact area

Thinking and carefully calculated the design of the living room of 20 square meters. m to trifles, you can greatly increase the rational use of the entire room. This will require not only an accurate realization of what and where should be or lie, but it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the chosen style of the interior.

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Two-level ceiling in the living room

1. Zones. When planning a room design of 20 meters it is very important to create different zones. At the same time, the entertainment zone should be located closer to the door, and the working area should be closer to the window. Open shelves in the kitchen area or floor tiles will certainly help to make some contrast by dividing the living area with dining.

Mirror in the living room design 20 sq. M With the design of the living room 19, 20 sq. M. You can also make a partition by zones by installing mirrored doors. Mirror walls not only protect the intimate sleeping area from prying eyes, but also significantly expand the boundaries of the living room and living area. In this case, it is necessary to carefully observe the stylistic characteristics of the entire room. For example, mirrors with inlay in the oriental style do not fit the classical style of the interior.

Black and white living room

2. Niches. In the old apartments there are several narrow niches, in which it is possible to cram not only the sofa, but also modern compact chairs or ottomans. And this is another convenience and storage for various items or bed linen. When choosing furniture, too, you must adhere to the style of the interior. For the high-tech style, you need to buy only furniture of the same direction, and for the classic - only beautiful sofas and armchairs in the old style, with carved decor elements and beautiful shapes.

Glossy ceiling in the living room

3. Color unity. It is very unusual to arrange a sofa, wardrobe or bed, you can also decorate them in a single color palette, but without observing the stylistic or color unity, furniture will look like a chaotic heap.

Two-level ceiling in the design of the living room Unity is the main rule, in which it is possible to achieve a sense of style, harmony of the interior in a compact living quarters.

Living room in Art Nouveau style

4. Additions. The interior of the living room is interesting 20 sq. M. m with a fireplace, giving the room as a comfort, and presentable. For example, for the eastern interior, a fireplace is selected with the decoration of the elements of the oriental ornament, and for the Italian - in the style of old Italy, with antique clocks or statuettes.

5. Lighting. Create a maximum of comfort in a small room, as well as a visual increase in space can be done with the help of neon lights, located along the perimeter of the ceiling from gypsum board.

Bright living room with fireplace

The main thing is that in small apartments, every detail has to be functional. As a consequence, to put a small table in the middle of the bed will be a wonderful substitute.

Competently compile a project to apply it for the design of your own home - it's quite a complicated, but interesting and feasible task. When choosing a style, decor and furnishings, you can give a flight of your own imagination, as well as realize the most extraordinary projects.