Design of a children's room for a girl: the kingdom of a

What is a little girl's room? It's not just her bedroom, the room she plays, dancing or teaching lessons. It is a temple of tenderness and purity, in which a future woman grows and is brought up. Therefore, the design of a child for a girl is not only a professional, but also a moral and ethical task.

The color scheme of the girls' room

Making a room for a girl, you can, of course, use the standard neutral colors of walls and wallpapers. But do not forget that the design of a children's room for a girl must necessarily be coordinated with herself. Despite the age, there is not one woman in the world who would remain indifferent in the matter of choosing curtains or wallpapers. Accordingly, and during the repair of the room of the little princess, her tastes and preferences must be taken into account.

Registration of a children's room

The child's room combines several functions. It simultaneously acts as a bedroom and as a playroom. Therefore, the colors of the walls or wallpaper, on the one hand, should be bright enough that the girl is not bored, and on the other - calm enough to not tire her.

The best choice will be bright, pastel colors, which in the future will be diluted with bright accessories and decor.

Many parents mistakenly believe that the children's room for the girl must necessarily be pink. But you do not need to impose this stereotype on a child. Allow the daughter herself to choose the shade that suits her: powder, lavender, vanilla, candy, beige, mint, etc.

Children's design for girls

If the baby will be difficult to decide on one favorite color - it does not matter. It is perfectly permissible to paint, for example, three walls in one color, and the fourth in another, or 50/50.

It is advisable to choose wallpaper in monochrome or with a small, discreet drawing so that when accessories are added, the wallpaper print does not contrast with them. Well, if the wallpaper is washable, because in his room a small person will develop, and it is possible that creatively.

Mini-furniture for a mini-room

The choice of furniture for the interior of the children's room is a matter of principle. Furniture should be just child's, miniature, so that the girl could easily climb on all padded stools and chairs, and also reach the table and chest without the help of adults.

But The rule "mini" refers to everything except the bed. The lodge needs to be given maximum attention and space. Child psychologists and experienced educators noticed that the little boys mostly spend their games on the floor, and the girls on the bed. Therefore, you can safely put in the interior of the children's room, even a double bed. It is quite enough for games and "spending the night" of all soft toys. In addition, it will not be necessary to change the bed as the child grows - on a large bed the girl will have enough space at any age.

Baby for the girl in blue tones

While the baby is still very tiny, you can put a chest of drawers to store her things, and later - a small pencil case or a closet.

To a girl from an early age learned to follow her, in her room you need to put a small dressing table with a mirror.

It is important that all furniture, regardless of design and configuration, was made of natural materials.

Features of design rooms for girls of different ages

Making out the room for a child from 1 to 3 years, it is important to arrange a cot, chest of drawers and changing table close to each other, so that the girl's mother is all at your fingertips at the right time.

It is necessary to choose furniture without sharp corners and small, untwisting details. A wallpaper, curtains and other textiles - from natural, environmentally friendly materials.

Bright children's room for girls

A room for a girl 3-6 years old can be painted brighter and more decorative. For example, paste wallpaper with an image of cartoon characters. It is very good to use in the room a bulging, voluminous and luminous decor - butterflies, fluorescent labels, imitating a starry night, etc.

3-6 years is a period of creativity, so one section of the wall can be left without wallpaper, or paste light, smooth wallpaper on which the girl could draw. As an alternative, you can use special interior stickers for drawing with chalk.

Also in the room there must be a table and several chairs. Even if the guests do not come to the girl, she certainly wants to arrange a tea party for the dolls in her room.

At 6-13 years of age, the individuality of the girls is becoming more vivid. Therefore, it is worth discussing the design of the room with her daughter, and something - and leave the field for her experiments altogether.

For the schoolgirl will need a table and a computer. It's only better that the equipment is located away from the bed.

Children's design for girls подростка

If there are two daughters in the family, it is acceptable to make a fusion-style room - to combine several styles and colors to please everyone.

It is important that each of the girls had their own bed. If the room can not accommodate two full beds, the best option would be a bunk bed.

No matter how old the girl was, whatever character she had, her own room must be tender and comfortable, without sharp lines and aggressive colors. After all, the girl's room - this is the real kingdom of the princess, which in a properly designed environment necessarily grows a queen.