Design of a small children's room + 75 interior ideas

Design of a small children's room

Sometimes housing conditions do not allow to allocate a spacious room for the children's room. But even in a small room with a modest space, it is possible to rationally use the space, create a cozy, original and functional interior. There are many effective techniques that allow you to save square meters so that the design of a small children's room includes everything necessary for the child and at the same time there is enough room for games.

The most popular styles in the design of interiors for children's rooms with a modest area:

  • classical;
  • modern;
  • Scandinavian;
  • nautical;
  • Provence;
  • loft.

Small children's room Original children's decor  Children's room in orange tones  A room for a boy  Room for a girl  Children's with a sports corner

In the classical version, the interior is executed in gentle colors, with the addition of elegant patterns, wooden furniture with gilded or silvery details. For the girl the design in soft bed shades will approach, the boy should add blue, gray or beige palettes.

Children's rooms in a modern style appear in monophonic performance, sometimes with the addition of low-key geometric prints. Correct, clear lines without a lot of decorative details, as a result, you get a restrained and laconic interior, which is distinguished by a special order and accuracy. Such decoration in the room is more suitable for children from 10 years.

Design of small children's room

The rooms in the Scandinavian style create a bright, fresh and pleasant atmosphere that evokes associations with a beautiful, snowy winter. The Nordic interior emphasizes the abundance of snow-white, pale blue, pastel gray shades, with the addition of white-wood furniture and thematic decorative details. In such a pleasant room, it will be cozy for teenagers and newborns.

The blue-and-white range with small accent red details is typical for the marine style. As a stylistic decor, models or pictures of yachts, lighthouses and ships, lifebuoys, anchors, steering wheels, compasses, images with underwater landscapes and marine animals are used. Curtains can be chosen so that they resemble sails as much as possible and pick them up with ropes with beautiful sea knots.

Large bed in the nursery Children's room with wooden furniture  Bunk bed in white color  Wooden bed for a large family  Children's décor  Bed for two children

Романтические, цветочные мотивы прованса, как правило используются в оформлении помещений для девочек любых возрастов. А спортивные снаряжения, фотообои с крупными мегаполисами и спортивными автомобилями хорошо вписываются в слегка небрежную атмосферу мальчишечьей комнаты оформленной в стиле loft.

Color solution

In a small room should not use a large abundance of paints. The basic color scale should be neutral, harmonious and moderate. The walls, floor, ceiling and furniture are selected in a calm and discreet palette. Textiles and small stylistic elements serve as decorative accents.

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Interior of a nursery in an apartment

White color in the interior is successfully combined with all possible shades. It also has the ability to visually expand space in small rooms. Therefore, it can be safely used as the main tone.

Beige palette is appropriate in children's rooms of girls and boys. This cozy and elegant color blends well with pink, blue, green, perfectly harmonizes with natural wood and gilded, silvery details.

Red and white children's room decor Green children's decor  Bright children's home  Wooden furniture in the nursery  Stickers on the wall in a small nursery  Furniture set for a small children's room

Solar yellow has the ability to charge positive energy and stimulate mental activity. Successfully the combination of yellow with equal in saturation with green, gray, white, blue and pink hues. The natural purity of green gives a sense of security and peace. It can be combined with yellow, pink, brown, purple, turquoise, gray, white.

Pink is popular in children's rooms of girls, perfectly in harmony with all pastel shades, as well as with chocolate and light green. Blue is equally appropriate in boys 'and girls' rooms. The most effective companion for him is white. Nevertheless, blue quite successfully cooperates with yellow, beige, pink palettes.

Children in gray tones Colored furniture in the nursery  Decor for a small children's room in the apartment  Bed and computer table in the nursery  Light walls in the room for the boy  Stylish decor of the children's room

Materials and finishing

In the children's room it is important to use environmentally friendly materials that will not bring any harm to health, will be durable, practical and aesthetically attractive. Therefore, the choice should be carefully and carefully approached.


For flooring in the children's room is best to use natural wood, laminate, cork floors. Linoleum and liquid mixtures should be ignored. Slippery surfaces often lead to injuries, this must be foreseen and eliminated.

Wooden floor in the nursery


Add space to the small room will allow bright walls. They can be painted, decorated with wallpaper or decorative plaster. The main thing is that the materials used meet hygiene and hygiene requirements and be allowed for use in children's rooms. Visually expand the space can also be using wallpaper with a perspective. For example, with a picture of a natural landscape with trails running away into the distance.

Painted walls in the children's room Classic interior of the nursery  Simple decor of the children's room  Bed-transformer in the nursery  Turquoise furniture in the children's room  Baby in brown tones


For finishing the ceilings in small children's rooms, bright whitewash is ideal. You can also use high-quality gloss stretch ceilings, which can visually raise the walls in low rooms. Two-level gypsum board constructions are quite appropriate for obtaining additional volume.

Bright illumination in the nursery


Textileное оформление должно состоять из безопасных, гипоалергенных тканевых материалов. Шторы приобретаются из льна, хлопка, можно добавить легкую полупрозрачную тюль. Постельные принадлежности желательно подбирать в нежных и мягких оттенках, чтобы они максимально гармонировали с основным дизайном интерьера. От шерстяных ковров лучше отказаться в пользу легких ковровых покрытий с коротким ворсом.

Blue curtains in the room for the boy White furniture in the nursery  Green wallpaper in the nursery  Modern decor of the room for the boy  Compact furniture for children  Beautiful furniture in the nursery

Furniture and ways to save space

On sale there are many different combined, multifunctional furniture, which is designed to save space in small rooms. One two-tiered structure can combine a sleeping, a workplace and a wardrobe, and it only takes one wall or a part of it. In this case, there will be a loft bed on top, a desk with shelves for office supplies under it, and side wardrobes on each side. Also, a bunk bed connected to a rack or a cabinet, will provide two children with sleeping places and shelves for storing things.

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Items of furniture in small children's rooms are located close to the walls to release a larger area for the play area.

Workplace for schoolchildren Sand interior of a nursery  Multicolored furniture in the nursery  Beige interior for children  Baby for two boys  Beautiful children's decor

In furniture stores it is not difficult to find many interesting ideas for saving space. In some cases, you can make your sketch, according to which the multifunctional furniture design will be made to individual order. Folding tables, which open only for the duration of classes, will also not occupy excess territory. To the shelves placed under the ceiling, the child will be difficult to reach, but they can be used for long-term storage of things that are not used daily. There it is convenient to have clothes for growth, spare blankets, bed linen sets and much more. Take a closer look at the combined furniture designs that will provide the child with everything necessary with minimal space costs.

Bright lighting in the children's room

Organization of lighting

For an artificial light source in a children's room, it is good to use LED bulbs of the yellow and white spectrum. They spread soft and diffused light, not dangerous to health. Incandescent bulbs emit radiation as close as possible to sunlight and are ideal for lighting in children's rooms. Bright neon sources can act on the child annoyingly. Fluorescent fluorescent tubes containing mercury, generally can not be used in residential areas.

The brightest light source is located above the playing area. The desk has a pendant lamp so that the light falls on the surface on the left side or a table lamp is placed. At the bed you can install a sconce or an original night light.

Child night light Red walls in the children's room  Floorосатые обои в детской  Green furniture in the nursery  Blue furniture in the nursery  Children's country style

The design of the children's room is 5-6 sq.m.

In tiny rooms ranging from 5 to 10 square meters, it is not so difficult to organize space for one child. It is much more difficult to accommodate in one such room all that is necessary for two growing up residents. Here you need to include wit and use non-standard solutions.

In the finish there should be only light shades. If you want to decorate the walls with wallpaper, you should choose one-color or with small unobtrusive patterns, prints. Because large bright elements can make the room more intimate in terms of perception. Furniture can be tried in a choice of finishes or choose products of universal white color. Curtains should also be light.

Interior for a small room

A sleeping area is organized at one wall. The space between the floor and the bed is often rationally used to store some things. Under the bed can be installed drawers. The working area will be located at the window. For the storage system and space saving you can use corner furniture designs, cabinets, shelves, training corners. If two children live in the room, folding, retractable or folding tables for training sessions will be a good solution. On the walls, above the windows, doors, shelves are additionally installed. The decor is cushions, bedspreads with prints, patterns or images and pictures in a pretty frame.

A small room for a child Original children's decor в квартире  Colorful interior in the nursery  The interior of a miniature nursery  Functional nursery, divided into zones  Wide sofa in the nursery

Design of a children's room 7-8 sq.m

For the organization of the premises of 7-8 sq. M. The same methods as described above are used: light colors, multifunctional furniture, minimum decor. But I would like to add that the bedside tables, book shelving, wardrobes and chests of drawers are preferably chosen not of standard, but of reduced compact sizes. For example, for a shelf, the depth will be 28 cm, and not the standard 36 cm. Or, in a small room, it is more logical to buy a compact chest with a depth of 45 cm, rather than 60 - 75 cm. When choosing a cabinet, prefer a model with sliding doors instead of swinging doors. Each centimeter should be rationally disposed of, so boldly apply all sorts of tricks and tricks.

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Decor room for a child with blue walls

The design of the children's room is 9-10 sq.m.

In the premises of 9-10 square meters, which are often found in the Khrushchev, you can decorate the three walls in light, delicate colors, and the fourth to make the accent with a more saturated color with prints, or post pictures with perspective. If the ceilings are low, they will be visually lifted by vertical strips or patterns on the wallpaper. But this technique is allowed to be used in square rooms, in long rooms similar to a pencil box, vertical stripes on the walls will make the room even narrower. Shutters choose simple, without unnecessary ruches and draperies. And of course, take useful tips for saving space.

Bright furniture in the nursery Standard nursery in apartment  Small room for a child  Bright interior of a nursery  Two-story bed for children  Zoning of the children's room

Design of a small nursery for a boy

In the boyish small-sized room for decoration, simple color combinations based on white, blue, gray, green are suitable. If a direction is planned in the loft style, one wall can be simulated under a brick or concrete surface. The decor will serve as textiles, pillows, bedspreads, images and small details appropriate, for example, marine or other chosen topics.

Painting on the walls in the nursery

Design of a small child for a girl

The girl's room will be more suited for gentle berry, cream, green, yellow, beige shades. Decorative pillows and elegant bedspreads with floral or ornate patterns, will make the room more interesting and cute. The bed can be supplemented with a canopy, which will allow you to comfortably retire and be alone with yourself. Gently place more clothes will help the individual hangers. Soft ottoman is suitable for storing various items, in addition it will be convenient to sit on. Refresh the room with fresh flowers.

A room for a teenager

Let's sum up the results

In conclusion, I would like to highlight once again the basic methods of saving space in small children's rooms:

  1. in the room should be dominated by soft light colors;
  2. for the environment it is better to purchase compact, multifunctional furniture, combined and angled furniture designs;
  3. Optimum fit monophonic wallpaper or with small unobtrusive patterns;
  4. curtains should be a simple cut;
  5. Wall-paper on which the natural or city landscapes with departing paths are represented, visually add spaces;
  6. It is acceptable to use a minimum of decorative elements.

Elegant decor of a nursery Bright green walls in the nursery  Children's classic style  Sports projectile in the nursery  Simple decor of a nursery  A small nursery in a private house

Designers have implemented many successful projects for small children's rooms, where they managed to rationalize the space and achieve maximum comfort in the room. The above recommendations will help to properly equip a small room, make it functional, comfortable and stylish.