Design of a small apartment: 7 irreplaceable things that

Many people live in small studios and one-bedroom apartments. If you are not going to move to a new apartment in a short time, try right now to form a cozy, functional and beautiful place for living and recreation.

Living room in a chocolate palette

Modern decor of apartments in chocolate tones

In today's story, we will introduce you interior designers tips, which will help you to properly equip your tiny apartment.

Modest apartments should be equipped with seven simple items and a headset ornaments. They allow to create a comfortable, practical and aesthetically attractive environment for rest, reception of guests, meals and work.

Studio in black and white

Magnificent layout of the studio in a contrasting palette

1. Bed on legs

Buy a bedroom for your bedroom. Free space below it is suitable for storing a variety of boxes, baskets and boxes. To make the bed beautiful and attractive appearance, decorate it with special covers or coverlets with frills to the floor.

Choose home textiles in accordance with the general palette of decoration.

Bedroom in beige tones

Delicate decoration of a bedroom in beige

Screen after bed in the bedroom

Screen in the headboard for sleeping bed

Workplace in the bedroom

Harmonious combination of a bed with a corner for work

2. Wall sconces

If your bedroom has a small area, discard the use of bedside tables and table lamps. Instead, they will look great consoles and wall sconces. Attach the models to the sides of the bed or above the headboard. As a result, you can enjoy reading or watching TV in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Multi-level lighting in the bedroom

Magnificent illumination admirably decorates the bedroom

Original pendant lamp in the bedroom

Lamp in the form of driftwood gives brightness and creativity to the boudoir

A small sconce near the bed

Expressive design of a bedroom with crimson accents

3. Cutting board as a cover for washing

If your kitchen does not have enough surfaces for cutting food, pay attention to one innovative model that combines a sink and a cutting board.

Nowadays in the market you will find a huge number of unique models that are suitable for any style. In addition, they will help you create a sense of cleanliness and order in the apartment.

Additional surface on the sink

Kitchen design in Provence style

Kitchen sink with lid

Multifunctional stainless steel sink

Lid on the kitchen sink

White sink with a cutting board

Kitchen sink with lid

Functional device for kitchen equipment

4. Lockers and racks to the ceiling

AT interior of a small apartment it is extremely important to use every square centimeter of space not only horizontally, but also vertically. Use to decorate the kitchen, bedroom or living room sets from floor to ceiling.

ATстроенный книжный стеллаж в гостиной

The book rack visually increases the height of the room

Open shelving-partition

Salad headset with through niches becomes the epicenter of attention in the living room

ATстроенный шкаф в спальне

Multifunctional storage system complements the serene boudoir

5. Folding stools

Функциональность этой мебели не вызывает никаких сомнений. К тому же сейчас существует огромное количество моделей не только практичных, но также красивых и удобных. AT будни вы можете убрать стулья в шкаф или стеллаж, а в случае прихода гостей – с лёгкостью их достать и разложить.

Folding chairs in the dining room

Kitchen-dining design in Provence style

Folding chairs in the interior of the dining room

Folding chairs - great solution in case of unexpected arrival of guests

Folding chairs and table

Competent equipment of a modest apartment

6. Color in the interior

Correctly selected shading palette can form an illusion of space and volume. For example, a brightly painted wall or a piece of furniture becomes a central element of the interior, distracting the attention of guests and family members from a small area.

In addition, remember that saturated color creates depth and expressiveness, and light - lightness and airiness. Also, different shades you can use for effective zoning space. For this purpose, the paint with expressive texture will work fine.

Contrast pillows in the bedroom

Colorful upholstery of cushions animates laconic bed

Studio in gray colors

Minimalist design in a neutral palette

Accent wall made of bricks

A successful combination of textured masonry and smooth painted walls

Bordeaux accents in the white studio

The burgundy set is accented with a single-color LED backlight

7. Impeccable order

Это главный атрибут красивого, интересного и просторного убранства. AT крошечной квартире он становится критически значимым. Поставьте все porcelain figurines., accessories and furniture in their places, and daily spend wet cleaning.

Compact furniture in the living room

The design of the living room with bright yellow and turquoise details

LED backlight in studio

LED ceiling lighting creates a sense of flying

Monochrome Bedroom Design

The decoration of the boudoir is made in beige monochrome