Design of a small living room: impossible - possible

The living room is the central room of almost every house - be it a city apartment or a country cottage. All members of the family gather here in the evenings, relatives and dear guests come. Therefore, to design such a room should be approached with special responsibility.

The struggle for centimeters

A compact guest room or a hall can somewhat embarrass fantasies and opportunities for its design. But this is only at first glance. Because if desired, such a shortcoming, as a limited number of square meters, can be elegantly and tastefully camouflaged, and the design of a small living room subordinate to the idea of ​​space expansion.

Interior design of a small living room

For example, the following solutions will help to win small plots of the square:

  • a living room with a kitchen, a corridor or a balcony. Studio apartments, in which all premises are united by a single style and have no borders - have long been relevant. Combining the rooms will add a few extra meters to the living room, on which will fit another armchair, a pair of pouffes or a tea table. The only difficulty of this option is the skilful and competent dismantling of partitions, which should not touch the bearing wall;
  • getting rid of doors and replacing them with arches. The conditional extension of the room, and not the restriction of its doors, will create the illusion of a larger space, as a result of which the living room will look more spacious;
  • Use of a bay window in a window opening. The eraser is a kind of protrusion beyond the outer boundary of the building, which adds a few dozen centimeters to the room, but at the same time - expands the window space, which facilitates the penetration of light into the room. A well-lit, bright room visually seems more.

Organization of the living room area

Decoration of the living room requires planning its filling in advance, so that it does not turn out that the room will be too cluttered, or some interior items will have to be abandoned.

To ensure that the living room does not look overloaded, it is desirable to distribute interior objects as much as possible functionally. For example, a corner sofa will take much less space than a regular sofa, and a flat-panel TV suspended on the wall will free up half a meter, which is necessary for the curbstone, on which a blue screen is usually placed.

It would also be nice if the sofa had niches or drawers for storing things.

To allow family members and guests to move freely around the living room, at least 80 cm of free space should be left between individual pieces of furniture.

If the house is often visited by guests with children, it is better to buy a solid solid sofa made of solid wood (beech or oak). Then you can not worry about its safety, when the kids want to jump or poke themselves on it.

Small living room in pastel colors

Not to do in the living room and without a narrow closet for storing books, disks, blankets and bed linen. To visually expand the space, you can use mirrored panels of cabinets. But for reasons of marchiness it is better to give preference to doors made of frosted glass.

Colors and textures

The color scheme of a small living room should ideally be light, so that the boundaries of the wall and ceiling transitions are soft and smooth. So, in the design of the living room It will be relevant to use all the warm tones: beige, terracotta, coral, orange, sand. The living room in a salad, olive or pistachio color will look very fresh. In addition, that the shades of green have a positive effect on the psyche, allowing the brain to turn off and rest, they look very stylish in combination with wooden furniture, which is often chosen for the living room.

Using bright colors in the living room

However, a single-colored room, especially if the windows face the sunny side, can look dull and dull. Therefore, you can shade it with contrasting dark inserts. If, in the evening, this arrangement seems too gloomy, the "soft" dark fragments can be warm light sconces or floor lamps.

Also, the contrast can be created by selecting curtains and upholstery furniture of dark color. It is better if they are made of the same fabric. The sofa in the living room can be of any color. Harmonize it with the color of the curtains will help a case sewn from the same fabric.

Do not spread in the living room large variegated carpets. They disorganize space, the interior seems chaotic and incoherent. It is better to manage one small, but bright rug near the sofa. He will focus on the recreation area, not emphasizing the overall size of the room.

A bright accent can also be duplicated in accessories - for example, frames for photos or vases with flowers and fruits.

The right combination of colors in the design of the living room

And, of course, the central room of the apartment can not do without a semantic center - a bright panel, a picturesque picture or a fragment of photo wallpapers.

When creating the design of a living room, do not forget about the possibilities of light, color and space, which advantageously beat even a small room, proving that in a creatively designed interior the size does not matter.