Design of a small room: 4 unbeatable design receptions

Design of a small room: the interior of a small bright living room

Looking at these beautiful photos, who would have thought that this apartment went to the new owners is not at its best. Imagine: just one room, not completely broken into zones! But after a little thought, the experienced designer managed to find a way to create real cosiness and beauty only on 40 square meters. And the house began to play completely new colors - not to know!

So, four whales of this project! Tips to help you build your small home:

    1. Floors, given the small dimensions of the room, it is best to paint in a neutral shade and make a solid, without division into zones.
    2. Color - the most important method of zoning apartment studio, and any other open space. One of the simplest options is to use different shades of the main tone. For example, in this apartment the wall near the dinner group is painted in the color of fuchsia. Some of the details in the bedroom and bathroom, as well as textiles and carpets are very successfully combined with it.
    3. Partitions help at low cost effectively divide space into several rooms. There are two. Transparent and sliding, they separate the kitchen from the place of eating and the bathroom from the bedroom. They perform their function remarkably well and do not occupy much space.
    4. Glass, as the basis of some designs, allows you to fill the space well with air and at the same time perfectly passes light. This creates an effect of lightness and weightlessness. And even such a massive construction, like a bookcase in the living room, does not cause a sense of discomfort and heaviness.
Reading area at the window Dining area at the glass partition Small kitchen in gray color Soft sofa with pillows Glass shower in the small bathroom Interior of a small bedroom Bedside table and chair in the bedroom Flowers and books on the bedside table The layout of a small apartment

If you, too, are the owner of a small house, but do not want to put up with its small possibilities, pay attention to our ideas. With their help you can fill your life with comfort and give meaning to the surrounding interior.