Design of modern apartment interior and trend towards

The existing design of premises and interiors is used for a specific purpose - to transform the room in accordance with the functional and aesthetic requirements of the owners, namely - to increase labor productivity in an apartment, to reduce the importance of color scale and noise, to improve navigation in large rooms, to establish the best pieces of furniture.

The design of the apartment project will be interesting for its unusual approach to the design solution in combination with modern, concise lines and natural, coarse beam-like shapes that will divide the room into two functional zones. White and red color visually plays on expansion of space, design of the house gives ease and volume of a premise.

The modern secret door, installed on hidden hinges, creates an isolated atmosphere, this allows the apartment owners to rest from the outside world, feel completely safe, given that the apartment has everything necessary for life.

The hidden door is the perfect idea for an exclusive room design.

The hidden door is the perfect idea for an exclusive room design.

All the required equipment is equipped in a small kitchen, and the allocated numerous places where it is possible to store and hide from the eyes many things create additional comfort. Get an ideal room for lovers or a couple of newlyweds.

In this article, read:

  • 1 How to design the interior of an apartment in a small area
    • 1.1 How to start a modern design of premises
    • 1.2 Style of interior design
  • 2 The most common styles in modern interiors
    • 2.1 The Baroque Style
    • 2.2 Style of minimalism
    • 2.3 Minimalism with modern trends in the interior of windows

How to make a design interior of an apartment in a small square

Time has changed when furniture or accessories were purchased for the premises with the specified functions. Now they are installed in order to harmonize the beauty in a combination of general design, emphasizing the useful properties of new interior additions. The unfamiliar word "design" has imperceptibly entered our everyday life, the practice has prompted that in the modern world people first study the evaluation of the overall design with the effect on quality, and then make changes in space.

How to start a modern design of premises

It is necessary to choose a color solution for finishing the apartment with furniture, install fragments of the interior with properly selected accessories. Private design agencies provide users with a prepared design project of an apartment with some blueprints, both planning and color, providing a sweep, a picture of the future interior. Such drawings provide for all the details: the lines of postings, the location of the connection and a specific point light. It's all you have to provide and fix on the leaflet yourself.

Under your guidance, a technical assignment is prepared

List all that will affect the improvement of the home.

  1. The number of square meters of room with the number of rooms.
  2. What kind of lifestyle are the members of each family doing, whether they are domestic pets.
  3. How often your house is visited by friends.
  4. Appearance of the room for the current time.
  5. On what budget funds for the arrangement you have, think over other options related to the impact on the assignment.

Try to cover all the issues in detail. Fantasy, thinking out the idea of ​​interior design, the presentation of the future atmosphere of each corner will lead to the desired result. Immediately put the ideas on a piece of paper. Later, move from what happened to what you wanted. Provide all the functional areas desired in the room, decide what you would like to leave unchanged, or correct, make additions to the interior.

Style of interior design

A certain style provides an artistic and ideological community. Interior design of apartments you must take with a soul. There are versions of carrying out changes in the space both in the whole style and in the set of solutions planned in any room separately or taking into account the functional zones.

The most common styles in modern interiors

The style of the classics of the premises is distinguished by luxury inside the premises. The interior of the apartments of the French elite emphasize this style constantly. The new range of the designer's embodiment is unchanged.

  1. Symmetrical shape.
  2. Straight line.
  3. Luxury with glitter and gilding elements.
  4. The symbolism of the war is a gilded sword, the presence of a helmet.

Baroque Style

It is distinguished by oval shapes, curved lines and outlines. The decoration is saturated with plant motifs.

Design work in a classic-style room is impossible for you to be a palace, but to strive for a luxury subject of the past is of semantic significance. Light comes from the smooth walls of plaster, pasted with a cloth with beautiful patterns, and garniture furniture made from precious wood creates an irreplaceable comfort with comfort.

Style minimalism

The basis of the idea of ​​modern minimalism puts on high level the functionality of surrounding objects. This style emphasizes the space with the freedom of tenants. Features of this style:

  1. Insignificant presence of fragments of decor.
  2. Geometrical elements emphasize the right angles (rectangles).
  3. A laconic selection of flowers.

Minimalism with modern trends in the interior of windows

Окна являются как бы выходом в открытое пространство, они просторные и открываются нараспашку. Полное отсутствие деталей – лишние створки, занавески, решётки. Стилем допускается обустройство электронного прибора на видном месте. Style minimalism обладает неоспоримым преимуществом. Люди хотят жить без агрессивных сред, не прибавляющими лишней информации, без нагрузок, а просто ощущать чистоту свежего воздуха и свободу пространства.

The style emphasizes the accent of color and texture. The material is almost always used smooth and glossy - metal, plastic, glass, polished wood and others. To finish the surface take a one-color color scale, three colors are allowed in accordance with the tone. Used wallpaper with relief patterns, for painting or textural plaster. The minimalism interior can be decorated with various artificial panels or inserts made of natural polished wood material, stainless steel, natural or artificial stone.