Humidity in the apartment: how to measure and tips on how to

Often, bled in the winter, do you regularly dry the mucous membrane or on the walls and ceiling in your apartment you can see mold even in hot summer? If at least once you said yes, then it's time to think and measure the humidity in the apartment. About how to do this, what indicators are the norm and how to stabilize the situation, we will tell you in this article.

  • We measure and evaluate the moisture index
  • Several ways to increase the humidity
  • Ways to dry the air

Indoor plants as a source of moisture in the apartment

As if it did not seem there, the moisture index really has an important influence on human health, and, in general, on the atmosphere and condition of the apartment. This issue is especially acute in the winter, when the heating season begins. Often in apartments humidity is lower even than in the desert of the Sahara! And this is not a joke, because dry air is the cause of frequent colds, constant drying of mucous membranes, oxygen deficiency, it does not even touch on the topic of large accumulation of dust in the room.

However, it happens that the humidity in the room can be increased. This situation is most often observed in apartments, with insufficient sunlight or windows that go to the north side. In this case, in addition to such severe diseases as asthma, chronic allergies and even oncology, you will have to fight mold and fungus on walls, ceilings and furniture.

Manage humidity in the apartment with the help of plants

We measure and evaluate the moisture index

Find out the moisture level in the apartment is simple enough. Just need to get a special device for measuring air humidity, it is called a hygrometer and shows the amount of moisture in percent. However, in case you suddenly did not have a hygrometer at hand, and you need to assess the situation urgently, you can use some folk methods. Yes, they will not give accurate testimony, but they can help at the right time. So, these methods include:

  • moisture assessment using air temperature readings and the Assmann psychometric table. The indicators of the thermometer are fixed in the usual state and after its end is wrapped in a wet cloth, and then the corresponding figure is found from the table;
  • Condensation humidity estimation. Take a glass of water, cooled to a temperature of 2-5 degrees, then placed in an apartment away from heating appliances. If within five minutes the condensation on the glass is dry, then you are in a room with a low humidity, if it is holding, then the figure is normal, and if the glass is not just misted up, but on it streams of water appear, then the air is too moist;
  • moisture assessment using a spruce cone. The cone is located away from the batteries and is observed. The air is dry, if its scales are opened and wet, if they are tightly pressed to the base.

No matter how you learn about the amount of moisture in the apartment, it is important to know that the norm (recommended) of humidity in the apartment is between 40 and 60 percent. The most optimal indicator is 45%.

Several ways to increase the humidity

If you have made measurements or experiments, you are convinced that the air in the apartment is overdried, do not get upset, it's easy to fix it in the following ways:

  • purchase a device for air humidification. This is the simplest and most reliable way. To date, the household goods market offers a huge selection of humidifiers: from the most elementary to technological innovations with many additional functions. When buying, pay attention to the power of the device, in case you have high ceilings in the room, purchase a humidifier with a large power indicator;
  • frequent airing. Especially they are good in winter, the air is cold and more humid, open the window for about three minutes every hour and you can forget about the dry air;
  • to dry laundry in the room. Perhaps aesthetically, this is not the best way, but in case of extreme necessity, one can resort to it;
  • growing of fresh flowers. Set in the room a few vases with indoor plants, they will not only saturate the air with oxygen, but will prompt if the room becomes too dry (leaves wrinkle and turn yellow);
  • installation of an aquarium will accurately help moisten the air, the main thing is to look after him properly.

Indoor plants in the interior of the living room

Ways to dry the air

Most often, the air in the apartments is dry, however, there are cases when the problem becomes, on the contrary, an excess of moisture. In this case, you can:

  • frequent airing, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and premises with a swimming pool, where evaporation occurs regularly and in large quantities;
  • Sunlight and hot summer air, therefore in the warm season it is not necessary to close the window openings;
  • moisture absorbers. These are special devices that have the opposite effect on the moisturizer.
  • use of air conditioner. How strange it would not sound, but the air conditioner not only cools the air, but also dries, so if necessary it can also be used to dry the air.

Dry the air with an air conditioner

Ways how to adjust the humidity of the air there is a mass, so we advise you to monitor your health and not to disregard simple rules. Perhaps you know other methods, how to normalize the moisture in the room, share them with us in the comments, we will be very thankful!