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Sacking in the interior is a very popular trend recently among many famous designers. Being a kind of flax fibers, jute, kenaf, hemp of rough type, this cloth forms a rare interlacing. If you look closely, small cells can be seen on it, which easily pass through the air flow.

Upholstery from burlap in the interior

Due to the calm palette of color solutions and specific texture, natural fabric gives renewal of vital energy. It was noticed that the natural canvas is capable of toning the nerve endings. Often the use of natural burlap is recommended for the home of busy people who spend a lot of time working, need relaxation, a pleasant environment.

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Being a strong fabric, from which traditionally sew bags, burlap is an interlacing of thick fibers in grayish-beige color. By origin they can be from jute, flax. You can also find their combinations. Asian countries produce similar bags from the cable car and kenaf. The appearance of this material from a linen or hemp thread is called a redneck in another way.

Curtain made of burlap

All these tissue variants do not look very bright and bright. Eco-friendly cloth has the presence of:

  • ability to pass air well;
  • the ability to quickly absorb moisture;
  • chemical inertness;
  • resistance to insects.

Among the technical characteristics of this textile product is its density. It can vary from 180 to 400 g / square. meter.

Tablecloth cloth A table in the roof  Lamp on chests  Shackle from the sacking  Bumps and candles on burlap  Table, lamp and armchairs by the window

Advantages of this kind of fabric

Among the set of positive qualities of burlap are the following:

  • durability. Possessing high strength, this cloth is very durable.
  • availability. Low cost makes it possible to widely apply the material in the creation of decor by own hands. This material is accessible to a wide range of people.

Books and a bag of burlap

It has the potential for use in housing:

  • naturalness. Being an environmentally friendly cloth made of fibers of natural origin, it does not harm human health, does not cause allergies. This canvas can be found both in natural color and colored versions;
  • universality. Having a pronounced rough texture, the burlap decoration can be combined with other fabrics. A good choice will be the decor of sackcloth and lace, as well as the combination of this fabric with exquisite silk, materials in the form of wood, ceramic specimens, metal, glass;
  • influence on mood, well-being. It was noticed that the products of burlap, as well as other interior objects are capable of calming the nervous system. They provoke the restoration of the vital forces of man, energy, raising the mood. The used burlap in the interior is capable of giving home a feeling of home warmth and comfort, filling the room with a special atmosphere.
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Sacking in the interior of the living room Curtain made of burlap на окне  Rosette on a shade  Curtains с розами  Lamps above the bed  Tablecloth cloth с белой каймой


Sacking in the interior with their own hands has several drawbacks, which, if properly used and adhere to the tips for care, almost never manifested. Among the operational disadvantages of this natural material experts call the following:

  • the possibility of the canvas "sit down" and change its appearance after washing;
  • the need to always handle the edges because of that. that the cloth strongly crumbles in the place of the cut. When planning the creation of a decor from a similar material, it is important to plan the processing of the edges in advance and calculate the size of the product taking into account this factor. Wanting to sew curtains from burlap in the interior, it is important to take the length of the material to create with some margin;
  • The inability to use tissue in rooms with high humidity, as it is very poorly tolerated by dampness. The product can easily be putrefied in an environment with excess moisture.

Chandelier with light bulbs in the shape of candles

It is very important to wash this cloth before use, so that the result of painstaking work with your own hands does not disappoint in the end.

Armchairs from sacking Pillow from burlap  Blinds from sacking in the living room  Original lamp  Pictures above the bed  Rosette on the pillow

Successful color combinations of burlap

Long gone are the days when burlap was perceived as a village attribute from the villages. Creative approach to business allows you to decorate any house and apartment, not just a country house.

Thanks to the ability to choose a shade of eco-friendly fabric from light brown to rich black, reminiscent of the color of strong coffee, this canvas can look harmoniously with almost any interior items. The fabric will complement almost any style direction, design idea.

Pots of sacking

Very nice looks burlap along with black, gray, snow-white, beige-cream color. Also burlap in the interior decor is well combined with a pastel color palette. A good neighborhood will be a gentle-lilac shade, blue, mint colors. In addition, experts recommend not to ignore such original combinations of natural color palette, among which the burlap harmoniously looks with rich tones of crimson, orange, green, blue.

Rough-looking fabric can be harmonious in the company of text print, natural fiber. With it, the bright print, the braid for decoration, the lace of white color, all kinds of beads, ribbons, fabrics with decorative flower elements, patterns look advantageous.

Pillow with roses Chandelier of burlap in white interior  Autumn decor on the curtains  Pots of sacking с белой подвязкой  Carpet from the burlap in the interior  Interesting decor in the room

Application in interior and decoration

The use of fabrics in the interior and decoration, in particular - sacking, is very popular. Associating, first of all, with the storage capacity, carrying the contents, this strong fabric has a variety of applications. Despite the expanding use of synthetic materials, it firmly holds high positions in the textile market.

Its use allows you to embody various ideas in the country style, decorate the eco-style or other dwelling.

Curtain made of burlap на окне

To imitate the interior of a village house, such a fabric is used in quite large quantities. Decoration of burlap in other styles helps to create bright accents, which contribute more comfort to the atmosphere of the house. It will be relevant in recreating the atmosphere of the Moroccan style and African motifs, harmoniously fit into the Provence.

Natural fabric is hypoallergenic, it is pleasant to the touch, it has a good appearance. The presence of such materials can create an exquisite and expensive atmosphere in any room, emphasize the good taste of the owner.

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Padded stools in the sacking in the living room Chairs and wooden table  Lane from burlap  Chair decor  A sackcloth in the dining room  Pillow and a basket of burlap


Those who are busy searching for the original idea for effective decoration of windows, it is worth paying attention to burlap, the decor for such curtains can be very diverse and give a zest to the whole room. The material will not obscure, prevent sunlight from falling. He well hides the personal peace of the family from other people's eyes. It can be combined with all sorts of variants of lace, braid, chintz.

Curtains from burlap

The sewn blind from the sacking combines in its appearance a special charm, elegance, simplicity. Due to the muted color scheme, this room addition will not attract excessive attention. It will emphasize the presence of good taste of the owners of the house, give a home of tranquility, a sense of grandeur, nobility.

A chair by the window with sackcloth curtains Blind from the burlap  Dekor na store  Curtains на двери  Armchair by the window  Curtains на окне

What curtains to sew

Curtains из этого полотна можно пошить даже своими руками. Ткань достаточно удобна в работе, с ней справятся даже начинающие рукодельницы без опыта в швейном деле и наличия каких-либо особенных навыков в этой сфере. Новичкам для работы лучше выбирать простой крой. Сочетание вычурного дизайна с простой тканью может смотреться не очень гармонично. Однако, все зависит от типа комнаты, задумки. Специалисты считают, что лучше всего подойдет четкая прямоугольная форма или другие подобные идеи. Изделия, пошитые своими руками, можно декорировать на свой вкус. Можно создать цветочные элементы из того же материала или сделать складки с помощью жгута.

Flower on the stand

Укороченные варианты штор подойдут для интерьера кухни или кабинета. Более длинные модели будут удачным выбором для гостиной, детской комнаты или спальни. Curtains длиною «в пол» зарядят помещение нотками классической простоты. Кокетливые оборочки смогут придать изделию задорный тон.

Blind on rings Curtains from burlap и ткани  Beads on the Curtains  Curtains from burlap  Interior with curtains from sacking  Sunflowers on the Curtains

Upholstery for furniture

One of the common areas of application of burlap material is the manufacture of furniture and mattresses. Due to the special wear resistance, the canvas is perfect for upholstering furniture. Despite some roughness of the material, the upholstery of sofas, chairs, beds, pouffes and other pieces of furniture are very popular. Such upholstery can decorate various prints and drawings in the form of prints, inscriptions, images of animals, birds, plants and people, floral ornaments, geometric patterns. The edging is usually made of twine or jigut rope. Also, the popular trend is the use of a golden rope. As an upholstery for furniture, this material has proven itself to be easy-care and practical. The material is reliable, durable, durable. That is why many modern housewives love it.

Upholstery of chairs from burlap Original armchairs  Sofa with pillows  Painting on the wall in the interior  Unusual chair  Upholstery sofa from sacking

Covers and tablecloths

Variants of covers and tablecloths made of such material make it possible to determine whether the style is liked by the owner of the room. Various cases with inscriptions, seals, and other drawings are offered as covers. Depending on the style, you can choose products of different cuts. For a modern room, a simple form is suitable, which does not contain a large number of decorative elements.

Tablecloth cloth на столе

Covers for pillows sew only for decorative options. Despite the naturalness of the fabric, the material can cause irritation due to the fact that it is prickly enough. Such decor of sackcloth and lace, as a tablecloth, will be an ornament of any table. It can be used for home feasts, banquets.

Butterfly on the pillow Tablecloth with white border  Interesting interior design  Original pillow decoration  Heart on the pillow  Pillows with border

Decor items

Using special popularity among needlewomen, making a sackcloth decor with their own hands is an interesting pastime, thanks to which real art creations appear. The popular decorative elements from this canvas include:

  • napkins decorated with embroidery, ribbons, laces;
  • lampshade for lamp, sconce or other lighting device;
  • decorations for pots with flowers, vases;
  • decorations for kitchen cans for various purposes. Wrapped with a piece of burlap, fixed with a rope or tape, it will give special beauty to the appearance of jam, a jar of spices or cereal;
  • table stands;
  • covers and small bags for decoration of cutlery. This decor will be especially appropriate at the wedding or on New Year's Eve;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • decorations for the New Year tree.
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Shackle from the sacking Cutlery cover  Decoration banks  New Year's decor of burlap  Mitten with decoration  Heart on the Christmas tree

Sacking on the walls

This material has been used not only to create various accessories or decor items, it has become widely used as a material for decorating walls. Pieces of colored fabrics and rough fabric will look no worse than a picture of a talented artist. This combination fits into different interiors, looks exquisite, emphasizes the creativity of the owner and the presence of a good taste.

Watches with burlap decoration

Sacking on the wall can occur in the form of a variety of frames for photographs, which can be made even independently. Also popular are such items as paintings, panels, collages. This material allows you to experiment, decorate the house to your taste, embodying the most creative ideas into reality. In addition, on the walls this canvas can be used to create the effect of "aging", reflecting the life of a man from the Middle Ages.

Panels from burlap

Original ideas for using burlap in the interior

From this canvas you can create noticeable three-dimensional details that will attract attention with its originality, originality. With it, you can upgrade an old chair or other item. Lovers of romance, shebbie-chic should pay attention to folds, ruffles, embroidery. Such additions will decorate the room for a girl who loves cute crafts and decor elements. Volumetric and multilayer tablecloths will give a touch of luxury, wealth.

Chic tablecloth cloth

Created with this practical fabric accents of the interior will create a unique image of the room. Among such ideas you can meet table lamps, covered with burlap. The festive attributes from this material will be especially original. Wreaths, garlands or baskets of burlap will raise the mood, create a sense of celebration. An unusual idea may be the creation of an organizer for storing jewelry or other small items covered with sackcloth.

Paintings on the wall in the bedroom

Care of products made of natural burlap

Such products do not require special care. That's why the fabric is especially loved by those who do not have enough time for complex care for delicate, moody fabrics. Crafts can be wiped from time to time with a damp sponge, brushing dust off the surface.

Sacking for decorating larger products can be washed in any mode using detergents. Its plus is a special unpretentiousness in the care. All the attributes of such a cloth are easy to clean. Washing of this product can be either manual or in a washing machine using the minimum temperature and the program without pressing. Preference specialists, of course, give washing hands with the use of liquid powder.

Dry the accessory preferably on the product for which it is intended. The cover of a chair or puff is worth drying on these items. Durable fabric is not afraid of hot iron. It can be stripped off without fear that the product will lose its attractive appearance.

Attention, it is very important in the care of burlap in the interior not to allow it for a long time to contact with water and be in a moist environment.