Design of the small hall +75 photo examples of the interior

Design of a small hall

The room in the room is the real face of the house. There hosts meet guests, spend evenings and family celebrations. The modern design of the small hall is created based on the functions that are assigned to this room. And there can be a lot of them: in small-sized apartments the hall is also a dining-room, and a drawing room, and a cabinet and all that the owner wishes to do.

The interior of the hall is 16 square meters. m.  Living room in bright colors  Modern living room with large window  Decor of a small living room  Living room in loft style

When the design direction is chosen, you can proceed to its actual implementation.

In any acceptable style for a small room in the apartment is best suited light colors. They will visually expand the space.

But the choice of light wallpaper - this is not all that is needed for the successful implementation of the project. It is also important to consider the palette of all other colors and shades.

Gray decor of a small living room

What color palette is better to use

The harmony of a simple living room is built on the principle of playing contrasts. Contrast is not limited to a combination of light and dark.

Do not forget the warm and cold colors. For example, one-room in Khrushchev, which has few square meters, in accordance with the Mediterranean style is made in blue. To dilute here cold shades, you can use several objects of the interior color of wet sand. Then the warm tone will soften the action of the cold, and the overall appearance of the room will look most harmoniously.

Cozy small living room in a private house Green hall decor  Living room in modern colors  Simple decor of the hall  Salad decoration of the living room  Decor wall wall-papers in the hall

A house with high ceilings, but a small living room area, can be slightly darkened by the corresponding wallpaper. Then the sofa, wardrobe and other furniture should have a light shade. What else can be done at 18-20 square meters? The square hall can be decorated in a more ornate and vivid style than a rectangular one. Ethnica with its explosion of colors and Provence - for the square the ideal options. But the classic style in low-key colors is better left to the rectangular room.

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Tips for finishing

An excellent way to increase the area is to connect the hall with the balcony. The windowsill, in this case, is turned into a kind of bar counter. And the balcony itself is insulated and decorated in a single ensemble with a common room.

Bright living room in apartment

One wall of brick in the style of the loft "will not eat" a lot of space, if we take into account the perspective correctly. In an elongated room, this wall is placed in front of the window so that it is maximally illuminated in a natural way.

In small halls do not use massive stucco. Materials for finishing choose simple. Paint, decorative plaster and monophonic wallpaper will help create an "airy" look for any area.

Upholstered furniture for a small hall Niche in a small room  Bright lighting in the hall  A wide window in a small room  Blue walls in a small room  Corner sofa at the big window

Built-in closets and mirror walls will help to expand the boundaries of the room as much as possible. During the repair it is necessary to avoid the installation of wooden partitions and columns, they hide the space, making the room smaller.


Laminate, parquet and linoleum without a large print - this is what makes the design of a small room more homogeneous.

Mosaic and tile, as well as colorful carpets, visually reduce an already modest room.

Original design of the living room

Tone linoleum or laminate must choose natural. This decor can be bright, and its framing should modestly shade decorations and furniture.

Although in corner apartments, where there is not one window, it is allowed to use a colored or dark floor. With the onset of the evening, this room should also be lighted as brightly as possible so that such a floor appears in the interior from the very best side.

White hall decor Living room 16 sq. M. in the apartment  A small room in the apartment  Living room in Provence style  Brown walls in a small living room  Small living room with fireplace


At low ceilings, the rule is that all complex structures are prohibited. But the stretch ceiling with beautiful spot lighting can be applied here. High ceilings, ceilings of medium height are decorated with protrusions, "starry sky", various graphic effects. But the main tone of the ceiling should be light.

If you make a rectangular recess in the middle, and then run around the edges of the LED ribbon, any design of the small hall will play soft and fresh overflows.

Design a ceiling in a small hall Luxurious ceiling in the living room  Sliding doors in the hall  Cozy room  Stylish apartment interior  Small living room with sofa

A small room - miniature lamps. This axiom works smoothly when decorating. A massive chandelier in a small living room does not look at all, cutting the space, depriving it of its integrity.

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The classical version of walls in a compact room refers to a single color scheme. Presence of a small fireplace is permissible. Around the fireplace everything should be as light as possible.

Нежелательными считаются декоративные ширмы, стеклянные перегородки и массивные выступы. Walls в нюдовых цветах позволят использовать намного больше интерьерных новинок, чем стены, оклеенные обоями с темным и тяжелым рисунком.

Small living room in a private house Textured walls in the hall  Corner sofa in a small room  Cozy living room in the apartment  Gray-yellow decor of the hall  Art Nouveau Hall

Wood and leather small rooms do not decorate. Too difficult to look at these materials in the decoration of the walls.

Choosing furniture

Furniture in the panel house, most often used standard. The country style in a one-room apartment is nonsense. But for a house with small rooms, wooden furniture fits perfectly.

Modern living room

When choosing furniture for an apartment, you can pay attention to the following tips:

Suitable forNot suitable
Glass coffee tableTable for magazines with massive legs and an abundance of decor
Laconic sofa of natural shadesHuge leather sofa with large elements
Built-in bookshelvesBookcase in the wall
Closet with mirror doorsCabinet of one kind of material

Thus, furnishing a small room, you must abandon bulky things. Such furniture can be replaced by small analogues of pleasant color. We welcome the use of furniture, which is called "transformer". Height-changing tables, chair beds and similar things save a great area.

Black and white decor of a small hall Terracotta color in the interior of the room  Gray Living Room  Compact living room in apartment  Hall in the oriental style  Lounge-style room


Point lighting is the most suitable option for such a hall. Wall sconces should also be compact and discreet, so as not to distract attention from the overall picture.

The lighting of ceilings, shelves and TV in a small room is only welcome. When choosing luminaires, glass spheres, plafonds in the form of tulips and roses, lamps with a mirror base can be preferred.

Classic living room interior Two windows in a small living room  Bright decor of a small hall  Brown walls in a small room  Wall light in the hall  Mustard walls in a small living room

Chandeliers with a lot of hanging details for a small room do not fit. Even in small lamps, laconism and simplicity are welcome.

Selection of curtains and other textiles

When the apartment is on the upper floors, there is no need to use blind blinds. It is enough to hang on the windows a light-transparent tulle and curtains of thin translucent material.

In the case where you want to close windows as much as possible in the evenings, you can pay attention to single-color versions of curtains of restrained and nude shades without prints and patterns. Excellent fit in the interior of a compact room blinds. When using them, it is allowed to choose a material of bright colors with an interesting pattern.

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Bright lighting in a small living room Design renovation in the hall  Modern living room in the apartment  Cozy room  Bright interior  Beautiful living room in the apartment

Textiles on chairs, pillows, couch should match the chosen style. Velvet and velor visually weight space, and silk, satin, satin and cotton make it more spacious.

Namvshie nauseam recommendations on light colors in the interior of a small room are also relevant. Although there are exceptions to the rules. When decorating rooms in the style of the ethnician, you can use imitation fur, bright fabrics, as well as feathers in the interior.

Ceiling fixtures in a small living room Stylish interior of the hall  Cabinet furniture for a small living room  Classic Living Room Furniture  Black and white decor of the hall  Sand walls in a small room

Non-standard room shape

An informal room is a room with a sloping ceiling or asymmetrical walls. The design of this option is complex and requires the involvement of a professional. Even the non-standard rooms include too narrow areas.

But a couple of simple tips for this case is still available:

  • In the narrow room, the ends are made bright to harmonize the proportions of the area;
  • Low and sloping ceiling is made out with natural materials for inclusion in the overall composition;
  • Rounded or superfluous corners are closed by screens and furniture, to give space clear boundaries;
  • All bright accents of the decor are placed in the opposite areas of problem areas.

Stylish furniture in the living room Baroque style in the interior  Wall-papers on a wall in a hall  Modern renovation in a small hall  Original wall decor in the living room  Laminate in a small hall

These simple rules will help you avoid gross interior mistakes when decorating a non-standard room. By the way, false windows and curtains in an informal interior are also an effective technique for decorating.

Sometimes in an informal room you have to take radical measures. After all, with the help of finishing the walls and their completion, the room can be made proportional. Only space in it will become even smaller, and new interior tasks will arise that will have to be solved.

Bright design of a small living room A cozy little living room in the apartment  Beige walls and green textiles in the living room  Living room with high ceilings  Gray walls in the hall  Monochrome decor of the hall


In general, the functional interior of a small living room can be created quite easily, if not overload the living space with unnecessary and useless decorative details. Turquoise, lavender, beige, lilac and gently pink colors will become the winning background of a small hall, and will also create room for maneuver to accommodate in such a room all that is necessary. A small room, decorated correctly, usually looks pretty attractive.