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The dressing room is no longer a curiosity, as it was a few years ago. To have it is not to show a desire to stand out among others. It is simply indispensable when it is required to remove far seldom used things, get rid of large cabinets and just maintain an ideal order.


Not only functionality is the only and integral part of the dressing room. It should also be in harmony with the surrounding interior.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Choice of doors for the dressing room
  • Swing door
  • Sliding doors to the dressing room
  • Photo of doors for the dressing room

Choice of doors for the dressing room

Doors for wardrobe rooms are now sold in a huge range. Among them there are folding and sliding. Before placing one or another of them, it is necessary to realize that this is possible only if the dressing room is a separate room. When part of the room is allocated to it, a partition is required.


It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the doors necessarily merge with the interior, otherwise they will indicate the owner's lack of taste. To prevent this, the designers managed to realize a lot of ideas for the production of doors for the dressing room, photos of which are provided on the site.


 Therefore, now you can choose doors made of glass (translucent and matte), monochrome and with varnish applied. On this list their originality does not end. Differences are noticeable not only externally, since such doors correspond to the excellent quality of manufacture.


Swing door

The installation of swing doors for the dressing room requires the availability of free space so that they can open freely. It is better to put them so that they open outward, thus saving the space.


This door system has already become a classic, because you can mount even the most ordinary interior doors, which are characterized by the following qualities:

  • durability;
  • harmony with the interior;
  • Good overview of the dressing room after opening;
  • a huge selection of styles and materials;
  • economy.


However, these doors also have disadvantages, among them:

  • more space is needed (especially for bivalve models);
  • standard.


Sliding doors to the dressing room

The design of this type is ideal for small rooms, because the door leaf is peculiar to move to the right and left side. In addition to this advantage, they are distinguished by the following positive qualities:

  • ease of installation;
  • safety, which is especially important in the presence of pets and children (such fingers can not pinch fingers or paws, and besides they are very easy to open);
  • the choice of sizes (even not being standard);
  • an easy replacement of an out-of-date element with a new one.

ideas for updating wardrobe doors

When choosing sliding doors for a dressing room, you need to know about their following shortcomings:

  • swinging are cheaper;
  • there are cracks (because of this they are inappropriate to install next to the kitchen);
  • fragility;
  • noise during movement on rails;
  • limited review in the room.


 Sliding doors for the wardrobe represent a system consisting of:

  • very strong frame
  • set of handle, casing and fasteners
  • sliding mechanism, which includes aluminum guides, as well as bearings with rollers.


Materials for the manufacture of sliding doors now more than enough. However, structures made of wood and glass are used most often.


Recently, it has been noticed that mirror doors for the dressing room are in special demand.


The next system, which is very reliable, has long become the most beloved compatriots. Often it requires a single cloth, the movement of which occurs with the help of rollers. The experts established that if the material for the guide and the rollers are different, then this combination will reduce the noise level. It's about the door-compartment for the dressing room.

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Photo of doors for the dressing room


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