Home decor ideas in different styles

To give you a new source of inspiration, we have gathered here 75 fresh ideas of home decor: simple, bold, unexpected and even a bit strange. Modern, classical and exotic - some of them can be embodied with their own hands with the use of improvised tools, while others are an example of an ideal combination of various elements of the interior. Enjoy watching!

Modern home decor ideas

Fashionable modern trends in decorating interiors: photos within, piles of books, decor on open shelves, modular paintings, minimalism, Japanese style, etc.

Design of the living room in a modern style Home decor ideas for the living room Books like decor in the interior Set of paintings for wall decoration Apartment decoration with open plan Large decor items, minimalist interior

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Decor on open shelves in cabinets Narrow wall shelves for pictures and photos Retro photos in the interior as decor Elegant decor in a modern style Home Decor Ideas with Mirrors Modern home decor ideas для гостиной Modular paintings like modern decor Decor in the style of Chinese minimalism Bright modern decor in interior design

Traditional decor

Traditional decor отличается элегантными формами и классическим (привычным) дизайном. Это картины известных художников, тонкие подсвечники, резная мебель, роскошные драпировки, скульптуры и другие изящные вещи, которые находят отклик в сердце каждого.

Home Decor Ideas in Traditional Style Traditional design of a coffee tableInterior decoration with pink color Decorating the living room in the style of ProvenceIdea for simple and stylish decoration of the living roomLuxurious black and gold decor in the interiorDecorating a bathroom in a traditional styleClassic paintings and chandelier as decorInteresting ideas for home decorIdeas for traditional kitchen decorationBedroom design with traditional decorCozy living room with traditional decorTraditional style of the roomThe idea for decorating a table near the wallStylish pillows with classic patternsAlso read: Learning to decorate small rooms: 40 decor ideas

Decor in tropical and marine style

Do not know how to use shells, stones, corals and other souvenirs brought from a rest? We offer you 15 interesting ideas for home decor with their application!

decor-of-boards decor-of-the-grid decor-from-twine-with-hands decor-in-the-tropical style cushions-with-embroidery home-decor-of-seashells ideas-home-decor-of-seashells Idea-for-decoration-desk-console beautiful-summer-decor

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summer-ideas-home-decor summer-decor-with-hands marine decor nastennyy-decor-of-boards-svoimi-rukami bird-cage-how-decor lamp-lantern-with-hands

Home Decor Ideas in Moroccan Style

Stunning picturesque decor in the Moorish style is popular on all continents. Bright Moroccan pillows, ottomans, lamps, baskets and prints can bring an eastern fairy tale to your home.

Decorating-Bedroom-in-Moroccan-style ideas-decors-in-mauritanian-styles home-decor-in-Moroccan-style ideas small-kinnata-in-Moorish style Moroccan baskets Moroccan tables

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Moroccan-decor-for-decoration-table Moroccan-decor-in-living room Moorish-tile-and-lighting Moorish-decor-in-the-interior wall-decor-in-Moroccan-style homemade-candlesticks-in-Moroccan-style modern-Moroccan-decor table-in-Moroccan style headrest-bed-in-Moroccan-style decoration

Eclectic decor

Eclectic style in decoration is a way of decorating, in which elements from different styles look harmoniously in one interior. Classical furniture and crazy graphic print on the wall, retro lights and tribal patterns, fine gilding and rough wood - sometimes it is very difficult to combine such things, but the result is worth it!


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