Draft wardrobe room - photo of ready-made ideas

What woman at least once in her life did not dream of a real dressing room? Meanwhile, with proper planning and the presence of extra meters, this room is functional not only for women of fashion!


Increasingly, inspired by the photo projects of cloakrooms, popular abroad, our compatriots think about their own.

Table of contents of the article:

  • What is the advantage over standard cabinets and chests of drawers?
  • Draft wardrobe room: what should I consider?
  • What materials should I use?
  • Features of wardrobe room planning
  • Some tips for using
  • Photo of the best dressing room projects

What is the advantage over standard cabinets and chests of drawers?

Excellent spaciousness even at modest sizes. Unlike cabinets, randomly scattered throughout the housing, every square (and even cubic) centimeter goes into action.


Thoughtful arrangement of things in one particular place by some criteria greatly facilitates and speeds up the search. Clothes and shoes need a certain microclimate, and to provide these conditions is much easier, collecting them together.


The apartment or house retains its cozy residential appearance, rather than becoming like a warehouse with the passage of time.


Draft wardrobe room: what should I consider?

In most cases, even in tiny rooms, one chandelier will not be enough - too many boxes and secret corners. Backlighting or spots (directional lighting) are very useful.


The guarantee of successful operation is ventilation. A large number of things in a confined space contributes to the stiffness of the air, the appearance of unpleasant odors and moths. If the ventilation system is not provided initially, then you need to put it separately. It is often associated with lighting - it only works when the light is on.


Almost all racks and guides are attached to the wall. Make sure that your walls are able to withstand this load.


As already mentioned, a good microclimate is very important here: warm, fresh and dry. If there are threats of leakage of the ceiling, condensation, dampness from the basement, you need to take care of the protection in advance.


Try to find an opportunity to add a mirror to the design. It is necessary both for projects of small dressing rooms, and for whole "mini-boutiques". First, mirror surfaces visually expand space and reflect light. Secondly, they simply fulfill their function - they give an idea of ​​the appearance.


What materials should I use?

A very important factor! It is not necessary to save: poorly selected materials do not contribute either to the durability of the structures or to the preservation of clothing. Shelves, cabinets and racks must withstand wet cleaning without problems.

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Ideal option would be natural materials that do not emit harmful volatile substances. If possible, you can pay attention to expensive varieties of wood, which, on the contrary, will delight you with the pleasant scents of the forest.


A good democratic option will be MDF and laminated chipboard of the highest quality.


For fittings, stainless steel is the best choice. Steel does not rust, does not spoil the fabric and long retains its original appearance.


For showcases with accessories there is nothing better than glass: all small items will be immediately visible.


Features of wardrobe room planning

As a rule, the dressing rooms are hidden from the eyes of others, so do not need a lot of doors. In addition, for free opening of the doors additional space is necessary; doors interfere with air circulation.

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They are divided into three types: angular, rectangular and room (literally). With the angular layout only a part of the area is separated. When rectangular - a solid partition of, as a rule, a spacious bedroom formed two rooms.


Most of the building is given sections for vertical storage, i.e. section with a crossbeam. It is necessary to provide enough space, so that things do not melt and are well ventilated. It is especially important with regard to outerwear.


Even if your plans did not include making shoe mounts, it is strongly recommended that you take a separate place for shoes out of season.

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Some tips for using

Do not put dirty and clean clothes together. Select the drawer or laundry basket waiting for the wash.

Walk In Wardrobes

It will be much more convenient if only the already smoothed things are hung. In extreme cases, put the ironed and crumpled things apart from each other: in the morning, late for work, you immediately grab the ready-to-wear clothes.

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If you are going to put an object in the room, like a sports equipment or an artificial Christmas tree, make sure that they do not permeate the room with its smell. If the object does not have a sheath, then it's worth placing it in a bag.


And most importantly, gather your will into a fist and try not to turn your beautiful dressing room into an ordinary pantry! Everything in the house must have its own place and purpose.


Photo of the best dressing room projects

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