Elegant kitchen-dream of a small size - how to properly

Interior of an elegant small kitchen

Who among us owns an apartment with a small kitchen? In our country, even in modern buildings, often not more than ten meters are allocated to this room. And yet, it is traditionally considered to be the main place in which the whole family regularly gathers together.

Shelves for storing dishes

A small area, standard proportions - for them in the shops of finished furniture, you can find a variety of options for cabinets and equipment. And yet, sometimes passionate about the creation of original interiors, the owner of such an average statistical kitchen can design and implement an absolutely extraordinary project that decides dozens of spatial tasks.

Cabinet in an elegant small kitchen Vegetables near the kitchen sink

For example, the working area can become the realized dream of any mistress, you just need to plan it correctly. The main rule in its organization - all appliances, cooking utensils, spices and condiments - should be at arm's length from the main table. There should be a sink with a stove nearby. Excellent helpers in this task can be open shelves of different sizes, the system of special holders.

Drawers for storing pots Drawers for storing pots

If the storage area is pushed back to the exit, the living space for the dining corner will become more cozy. Ergonomic cabinets that have classic closed facades and modern "stuffing" are ideal for its smart design. The right fittings and a variety of proportions of individual niches will help to effectively use every centimeter of the area.

Drawer for storing cutlery Cereal and beverage storage box

Very important for creating a cozy atmosphere are the style and colors of the design of the room. White is ideal for the work area, it gives a feeling of purity and freshness. Bright shades enliven the interior, and natural surround warmth and comfort.

Plan for an elegant small kitchen