Frame pool on the plot

Ahead of summer and the long-awaited period of holidays. Someone plans a vacation on the coast, someone - a trip to the mountains, and for someone, the holiday takes place on the backyard. Well, if there is at least a small pond nearby, in which it would be possible to cool in the summer heat. But what if there is not one? The only way out is to independently equip your oasis on the site.

An excellent option for arranging a recreation area on the backyard are frame pools. Collected once, they almost never understand. And the time from the beginning of installation to the first bathing can be from several hours to several days, depending on the complexity of the chosen design of the pool.

Frame pool

Advantages of frame pools are that they have a very large selection of products in shape and size. You can choose a skeleton pool for swimming both for children and for bathing adults. Their designs are strong and do not require dismantling for the winter period. For winter storage, the basin bowl should be completely filled with water and covered with a special cloth.

If there is a need to move such a pool to another location of the site, the design will allow it. Frame pools have beautiful shapes, allowing them to harmoniously fit into almost any landscape.

Pool on the plot

Buying a frame pool, you should immediately take care of additional equipment. A ladder, a water filter, a pump are all essential equipment for a swimming pool, which you can not do without. Manufacturers of swimming pools also offer different illumination for swimming pools, attractions and other interesting devices. Such adaptations not only allow you to enjoy swimming in the dark, but also decorate the site.

Swimming pool at the cottage

The frame pool should be installed on solid soil, preferably away from buildings and trees, so that the shadow from them does not interfere with the heating of the water. Typically, frame pools are installed on the surface of the earth. But if there is a desire and a need to make the deepening of the pool, then the pit is digging. It should be borne in mind that the foundation pit should be half a meter larger than the pool itself along the perimeter.

The recessed pools are warming up more slowly, so it is advisable to install a heater between the walls of the pool and the brickwork.

Large swimming pool at the cottage

Perimeter around the pool can be designed depending on the design of the landscape.