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Design curtains for children's room

For the correct design of the child's bedroom, you must take into account the characteristics of all the elements used. Therefore, the design of curtains for the children's room should be selected with special attention. Parents should carefully study the important differences of models, determine the optimal coloring of the fabric. If desired, they can choose plain textiles or products with bright patterns, beautiful patterns. Selectable tissues should be of high quality, easy to care for. For their styling, you can use a variety of accessories. There are many types of window textiles for the bedroom, which will help to originally complement the design or become the main element of the interior. Using recommendations, design tips, you can easily find the best model for a particular room with a seasoned stylistics.

The choice - what to look for

Choosing curtains for the child's room, you need to consider their role. For rooms located on the south side, it is very important to have good shading during the day. Protective function is performed well by dense fabrics. For rooms located on the north side, it is better to choose light translucent linens. They will easily pass the sunlight, gently close the window. As for the quality of the fabric, the materials made of a mixture of synthetics and natural fibers are recommended. They do not burn out, they are easily cleaned and ironed. In completely natural materials, harmful bacteria can start. A pure synthetics will be highly electrified, will become a harmful dust collector. If possible, it is worth buying antistatic fabrics: they do not attract dust.

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To buy expensive fabrics for a child's room up to 10 years is not recommended. The child can accidentally paint, damage the materials. For bedrooms older children you can buy any expensive items.

Scandinavian style

Models and Design

Choosing the optimal models of window textiles, it is worth remembering the convenience of opening and closing them by the child. Also, one should not forget about the appearance of different types of products. The most popular options for a child's room are such models:

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ClassicalThey are flat cloths with a minimum number of folds. Can be hung on eyelets, hooks, hinges.
JapaneseHave the appearance of straight sheets without folds. Usually fixed in special slats under the ceiling. Do not overload the design.
RomanModels that rise, creating a kind of harmonica. Easy to adjust.
AustrianThey are collected from below with neat folds. The optimal solution for windows that need to be mitered in one direction, framed by an arch.
RollingThe simplest version with a flat cloth covering only the glass and frame.

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For small rooms it is better to choose fabrics with monophonic execution and simple weaving. In spacious rooms, a canvas with any design will look good.


The dimensions of the selected paintings can change the general appearance of the room. But also their length affects the practicality of using, caring for models.

Bright textile for a children's room

Each of these species has its advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Short. Do not close the window sill and the space below it. Do not reduce the space of the room, easy to open and close. Small webs accumulate much less dust (except for products with folds). Less get dirty in the bottom. The optimal solution for bedrooms in which the sill is used for plants and decor, storage of toys.
  2. Long. Allow to visually increase the height of the walls. Carefully frame the window opening. The right solution for rooms in which there is a balcony door. Allow to close the balcony view and separate the utility room from the bedroom. They require more careful care. Often get dirty in the bottom, located below the level of the windowsill.

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Color and print

The design of the selected textiles can be neutral or thematic. For bright rooms with a decoration, including images of animals, people, figures, single-tone models are well suited. In small rooms it is recommended to use models without small drawings. Their color scheme should correspond with other elements in the room. For thematic design, you can select both monochrome and stylized models. The presence of bands, cells, zigzags will help revive the appearance of the window and thus not break the overall appearance of the design. A great solution will be the choice of products with print. On the classic and Japanese curtains can be applied full-fledged pictures. For example, it can be a drawing of the sea, forest, attractions. The models with the image of the sky with clouds or a map of the starry sky can be considered universal.

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Choosing beautiful curtains and tulle for the child's room, we must not forget about observing the general design concept. To complement the different styles of furniture, you can use the following tips for directions:

  • Provence. Excellent complement the style of white and pink, white and blue linen with a picture of the cage.
  • nautical. Relevant in the design will look shtorki in blue, turquoise, clarified blue tones. Beautifully emphasize them will help white, sandy tulle.
  • Art Nouveau. The perfect complement will be gray-blue, blue blades with a smooth surface.
  • shebbie-chic. For such a stylization of the girls' room white and light pink Austrian models are perfect.
  • classical. For a discreet design it is necessary to select long canvases, the color of which will be discreet. It is allowed to select items with neat patterns or patterns.
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Accessories for curtains

To complement the chosen curtain will help a variety of accessories. There are simple and stylish accessories that can give even the most simple monophonic canvas an original look:

  • metal podhvaty on the walls. Allows you to easily move the canvas, opening their central part. True, installation of such elements is not recommended to be carried out in rooms of children under 12 years of age.
  • fabric pick-ups. Allow neatly to divide the canvas in different directions, can be supplemented with stylized decorations (mini-toys, ceramic and plastic decor).
  • brushes. Of course, like all children because of its attractive and interesting look. Easy to use, suitable for classic textiles.
  • magnets. Allow to quickly assemble the curtains, opening the window. Easy to operate, can have non-standard design.
  • hair clips. Consist of two parts, ensuring the contraction of the canvas. It is not recommended to use babies in the rooms.

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The best for children is the choice of material

When choosing window textiles, you need to pay attention to its quality, strength. For a child's bedroom, wear-resistant fabrics, painted with harmless paint, are suitable. The best solutions for rooms include:

  • organza. Allows you to easily shade the room, does not overload the design. Semitransparent canvas can have different overflows, complemented by patterns and full-fledged drawings.
  • sateen. Dense fabric, ideal for making any models of window textiles. Can be supplemented with bright pictures, easy to clean.
  • curtain viscose. Material with slight smoothness. Attracts simplicity of washing and ironing. Practically does not crumple, so it easily retains the original appearance for a long time.
  • atlas. Light fabric with a smooth surface is optimal for styling. The saturated colors of the canvas help to emphasize the chosen direction. It is easy to clean from dust, but to remove clay from it is quite difficult.

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Options and ideas for the boy's room

For the preschooler's room, it is recommended to choose window textiles with bright images of animals, figures, figures or machines. Schoolboys in a greater measure will approach two- and three-color models or cloths with the image of favorite multgeroev. For example, textiles with a blue and white strip will help to style a seaman's room. They are well complemented by a thin lambrequin depicting ships. The boy, keen on science and adventure, will like curtains with a picture of maps, the starry sky. Real fans of animals can decorate a room in the style of the jungle and complement it with textiles depicting elephants, monkeys and other inhabitants of the savannah. Models with images of people, multgeroev, machines will be a key element of design. To implement this idea, you can print the selected image on Japanese or classic curtains.

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Variants and ideas for the girl's room

For a bedroom in which the girl will live, it is possible to select window textiles in coral, lilac, pink and cream tones. Little princess necessarily like fabrics with the image of different insects (butterflies, bees), beautiful flowers. Images can be large or lined up in zigzags, horizontal stripes. Also suitable for bedroom curtains, which have a vertical edging on the sides in the form of floral and foliage patterns. Unusually arrange a lady's room will help and the choice of plain green textiles, supplemented in the upper part of a small lambrequin with a picture of flowers. Schoolgirls may like flat canvases with images of princesses, castles, and fairies printed on them. To complement this design will help a small fringe along the edges of the canvas or lace in the lower part of the fabric.

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Consider age: curtains for teens

For a teenager's bedroom, it is recommended to select neutral window textiles. Single-color dense curtains and translucent tulle in contrasting colors will do. For the room in which the guy lives, you can choose the roll products in gray, olive, blue colors. Girls can like the Austrian curtains in light colors: coral, lilac-gray. White and light gray can be considered as a universal solution. They will help to visually expand the free space. If there are several windows in the living room, you can close them with one wide curtain or you can choose stripes separated by strips. Fans of modern musicians, actors, athletes can choose monochrome Japanese and classical models with printed portraits of idols.

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Monochrome classic models can easily be sewn by hand. To do this, prepare a pattern of the upper part, where the eyelets and hooks will be located. The rest of the parts just need to be overthrown.

Spacious children's

Design Tips

In the child's room, designers advise avoiding the use of overly dark window textiles. No matter how well they protect from the sun, but the overall design from such models worsens. It is better to give preference to colors mixed with gray (gray-blue, gray-green). Also help in the design of the bedroom and such tips:

  1. Selection of simplified models. Do not overload the interior with numerous folds and different types of fabric. Two types of paintings are enough for modern styling.
  2. Matching the chosen color scheme to the overall design. The shades of the fabric should be traced in the rest of the textile, the upholstery of furniture, the decor. They may differ slightly, but not be a contrasting spot.
  3. The color of the selected fabric differs from the existing finish. Same for the tone and structure of the walls and window textiles create an even surface and disrupt stylization.

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Selecting a beautiful window textile for the child's bedroom, you need to consider many factors: the model, the coloring of the product. Particular attention should be given to the quality of the canvas. They should be painted with harmless compounds, easy to clean. For styling rooms it is recommended to select products with drawings, prints. They will help to easily carry out the original design of any area of ​​the room. Well complemented with window textiles and various types of accessories: picks, magnets. Also for decorating canvases you can buy small butterflies, beetles with hooks or pins. True, this decor is suitable only for styling rooms of schoolchildren. Using simple recommendations and tips from designers, you can easily transform any layout and finish the bedroom, choose practical and reliable materials for sewing window textiles.