A small japanese house with a luxurious bedroom in the attic

A small Japanese house of non-standard form

A small Japanese house designed by Chris Heinig

The small Japanese house described in our article has a full list of the advantages that make many people, in fact, decide to settle in an ultra-compact dwelling. It gives its owners a certain financial freedom associated with the lack of debt on mortgages, and has less impact on the environment compared to conventional cottages and mansions. In addition, its owners can move from place to place and carry the house with them.

There are many examples where people managed to build a quite comfortable small shelter for only a few thousand dollars, and what is on the other end of the price scale? Probably, this luxurious - without exaggeration - house is only 26 m2, located in the city of Aurora, Oregon.

Designed by Chris Heining, formerly a Christian missionary, and now the owner of a construction company, this house resembles those impeccably planned Japanese dwellings in which the developer stayed on time for duty.

The exact dimensions of the object are as follows: 3 meters in width, 6 meters in length and 4.5 meters in height. In its design, there are many elements in the Japanese style, such as a sliding front door - a practical interpretation of the shoji. Just behind it is a pretty living room with a large window, under which is installed a built-in banquet. By the way, it turns into a bed for guests, if necessary.

Living room in a small Japanese house

In the kitchen area, equipped with a refrigerator and a convection oven, there is a mini-dining room. The space under the stairs is occupied by an electric fireplace.

Kitchen under the stairs in a small Japanese house Bedroom under the ceiling in a small Japanese house

Those who have knees, it will be interesting to know that the staircase in this house is the most convenient of those that can be found in buildings of this type. In addition, under its steps are spacious storage compartments.

Fireplace under the stairs in a small Japanese house

The bathroom here is magnificent! It is equipped with a water-saving toilet and a jacuzzi. The last element can not be called environmentally friendly, but it's quite luxurious.

Bathroom in a small Japanese house Bathroom in a small Japanese house

On the mezzanine is not equipped sleeping place, and a full bedroom with ceilings height of 2.1 meters - many people will be able to straighten up here in full growth. Decorating in neutral colors creates a soothing atmosphere.

Bedroom in a small Japanese house

The house has another interesting feature: Hayning provided for the possibility of easy dismantling of the roof and walls of the loft for transportation. Thanks to this, the structure can be easily placed on a 6-meter trailer-site.

Building a small Japanese house The facade of a small Japanese house

Currently, the house is put up for sale at a price of 70 thousand dollars. Someone will say that it is not highly ecological in the full sense of the word and therefore does not fit into the concept of tiny dwellings, and we will not begin to argue with this. But, if we take as a point of reference a grand three-level mansion with a swimming pool, is not Chris Heining's project a step forward in the right direction?