Geometry in the interior

The perception of an unfamiliar room is influenced by style, design, color scheme. But that is not all! In fact, geometry has a much greater influence. It is this factor that is the determining factor in the first "acquaintance" with the interior. It depends on him whether he wants to stay in one room or, on the contrary, leave it as soon as possible. The influence of geometry on the human psyche is proved in the course of scientific research. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account this factor in the design of apartments and in the development of landscape design.

What styles are used?

Interiors with geometric elements are again in trend. They are experiencing another peak of their popularity. Spectacular circles, zigzags, triangles, honeycomb again occupy a place of honor in the design of premises. They fill the space with simplicity, elegance and at the same time give it dynamics and rhythm. Similar techniques are mainly used in modern styles. Most often they are brought in high-tech, pop art, loft, minimalism, scandis, eco. Here the geometry is present in the decoration, in furniture and decoration, in lighting. Traditional and ethnic styles are also not ignored. Geometric figures "sound" in such interiors with modern notes, allow you to see the space in a new way.

Geometry in the style of minimalism

Geometric furniture

A lot of designers are fans of simple and concise forms. Therefore, they are happy to invent all new pieces of furniture in the form of geometric shapes. Direct lines, rhombuses and triangles find their embodiment in quaint chairs, elegant tables and unusual armchairs. Such furniture is an active accent in the room. Clear edges and unusual shapes will delight owners and surprise guests. To ensure that the furniture does not merge with the wall and looks even more impressive, it requires a neutral background. The geometric pattern on the upholstery can completely change the design. The best basis for it will be soft furniture of simple shapes. To show it even more brightly will help a quiet monophonic finish and a minimum of decor and accessories. Expressiveness of furniture depends on its coloring and materials. The black shelf and the red chair from the triangles will always look more expressive and graphic, rather than beige or lilac analogues. And the upholstery of a futuristic sofa from geometric motifs will lose its dynamism, being made of textiles. Plus this furniture in its versatility - it will suit any style.

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Geometric furniture Geometric Kitchen Geometry above the bed Geometry on the Mirror Figures on the back of the sofa Small table

Geometry in decor elements

Naskutich monotony and monotony of the interior? Accessories of geometric shape in a blink of an eye will turn a boring room into a stylish and modern space. Decor can be an excellent way out of the situation, when there is no possibility to make a full repair. Fill the room with bizarre vases, polygonal flower pots, candlesticks, mirrors of connected hexahedrons, garlands and pendant modules in the form of crystals, paintings and watches in a sharply delineated frame. They will make the room creative and original.

Shelf geometric shapes Geometric curbstone  Triangles on the wall of the strip on pillows  Poster with a tree  Decor geometry  Geometrical table

Accessories should be placed in the composition center of the room. In a spacious room such "islands" can be several, in a small - no more than one. Pick up items in such a way that they can "make friends" with each other. Ideally, if they are made in one key and differ only in shape and size.

Geometry and lighting

Lamps in the geometric style can not be confused with other representatives of light design. They are distinguished by strictness and conciseness, and also simplicity of lines and forms. The variety of options presented is striking. Geometric plafonds can be made of metal, plastic, wood, glass, paper. They are presented in the form of open "crystals" of metal rods or closed structures. For the first need to provide lighting devices that do not have a negative impact on vision. Best of all, this task will cope with LED elements. The variety of polyhedral constructions is striking. Chandeliers, floor lamps, spots are shaped like a cube, cylinder, prism, tetrahedron, sphere, cone, pyramid. Such decor elements give truly unlimited possibilities for design. Incredibly attractive plafonds with openwork faces. Light, making its way through the holes, draws on the walls and ceiling graceful lacy patterns. They fill the room with mystery and magic.

Highlighted lines Lamp is a geometric figure  Light on shelves  Lines on windows  Stripes со светом  Lamps in the figures

Geometry on the floor, walls and even on the ceiling

You can create geometric accents with the help of finishing. In addition, these design elements make the interior bright and creative, they also help to adjust the space. To enter figures in the room you can:

  • draw - for this use paint or liquid wallpaper of contrasting or close colors with different saturation;
  • paste - suitable non-woven, paper, fabric wallpaper or ceramic tiles with a geometric pattern, mosaic.

Geometry on the wall Colored rhombuses  Beige Trapezium  Fabric cloth  Triangles  Geometry on the ceiling

The walls and the ceiling can be decorated with geometric shapes using moldings. This technique is widely used in classics or provence. For modern interiors, wallpaper with triangles, hexahedrons, parallelepipeds, 3D panels with protruding peaks of pyramids are suitable. It is not necessary to seal all the walls with active prints - it is enough to decorate them with separate sections. Thus, it is possible to emphasize a special zone - an accent wall or space above the sofa. You can distinguish the room by breaking it into zones. On a high ceiling, three-dimensional geometric figures from drywall look impressive. They slightly underestimate the surface and turn the room into a fantastic room. Suitable and flat hanging objects, as well as the allocation of individual sections of tension cloths and mirrors. On the floor you can use the chess layout of the tiles. Most often choose contrast combinations - black with white or red, blue with yellow or white, red with green or blue. The geometric pattern on the tile will support furniture of similar shape, lamps and accessories.

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A simple and elegant design that adds to the room expressiveness and helps to correct its shortcomings. Broad bands of contrasting colors look solemn and elegant. It is possible to soften the effect of the ceremonial atmosphere by replacing clearly delineated lines with a pattern with blurred edges. A thin strip is not so conspicuous, and therefore harmoniously combined with other ornaments. By arranging the strips horizontally, you can make the wall visually wider and visually lower the ceilings. This technique helps to approximate the shape of the room to the square. Vertical stripes will distract attention from unevenness and curvature of surfaces, and also give the room additional space, lifting the ceiling. The pattern can be applied to the wall with your own hands. For this, a paint tape or tape is useful. Especially relevant is a solution for a small hallway, the area of ​​which is required to be increased.

Stripes на кухне на стене


Squares are not allowed to change space, but they can make it more calm and balanced. The square is the main symbol of stability and order. It fills the inhabitants of housing with confidence in their own well-being. Square panels, frames, lamps, carpet on the floor will give a sense of peace and make the interior complete. The square, built into the checkered pattern, is especially attractive. Textiles in the kitchen, the upholstery of the sofa in the office or in the children's room create a cozy homely atmosphere. Checkered tablecloths and napkins have a long, intimate conversation.

Squares над кроватью Square tile on the floor  Shelf of squares  Squares на стене возле телевизора  Table of squares  Pattern of small squares and rhombuses


Zigzags are broken lines. They have the same abilities as the related rectilinear ornament. But they are much higher in the curved bands. Zigzag is endowed with enhanced room correction capabilities. If even vertical bands visually raise ceilings by 15 cm, then their undulating "relatives" are able to "throw off" the joint line of the wall and the ceiling by 40 cm! The same will be the effectiveness and horizontal options. Therefore, the introduction of curved lines in the interior should be very carefully and dosed. They will be appropriate in the form of several light strips - horizontal or aspiring to the ceiling, or carpet with contrasting elements.

To get rid of the "kolkosti" pattern on the walls will help multi-color images of zigzags. The same advice can be given regarding the design of the floor and ceiling. Gently and elegantly expand or extend the room will help lines with unclear edges, made in close shades.

Multicolored Zigzags

Circles and Ovals

Harmony and completeness - this is what the interior has round and oval shapes. Their outlines soften the aggressiveness of the angular details, create a relaxed, free atmosphere. The circle is the most positive figure, devoid of prickly corners and faces. Round furniture items fit into any room. An oval or round tabletop holds a lot more people than a rectangular or square. In the interior, you can designate circles using accessories, furniture and finishes. Rounded furnishings - beds, sofas, chests of drawers will make the room soft and calm. Round or oval frames for photographs, pictures and mirrors, clocks, plafonds, a false ceiling and a carpet will support the basic idea of ​​design. The main thing is to observe the sense of proportion. Do not overfill the room with round objects. It is better to combine them with square furnishings and neutral backgrounds. For example, in a room where the walls are decorated with round frames, it is worth choosing a plain textiles, because the print with circles on the curtains and pillows will be an obvious search. On a round carpet is better to install a rectangular coffee table. So, with the help of one figure you can compensate for the "sneakiness" of others.

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Circles above the bed Walls from figures  Volumetric circles on the wall  Circles in the living room  Carpet with circles  Round lamp


Rectangular figures look in the interior elegantly and simply. They fit well with square shapes and circles. For such compositions, you should choose calm color combinations. Excessive variegation can dull vision and even cause dizziness. It is best to supplement the bright shades with neutral colors or use different versions of the same color. Contrast combinations are acceptable in children's rooms or in living rooms, which are solved in bold tendencies of pop art style. In classical interiors, pastel patterns create a sense of stability and balance. Large rectangular elements fill the room with calmness and dimensionality. Small multicolored ornaments, on the contrary, make the interior dynamic, set a certain rhythm. Most often we find rectangles and squares in floor coverings-a plate, a laminate, granite, a parquet board. They help to create a worthy foundation for other design components.

Shelves of rectangles Backlighting in Rectangles  Rectangular paintings and chandelier  Rectangles в интерьере  Painted rectangles  Rectangular elements

Honeycombs or octagons

Elements of the interior can be non-trivial and interesting. The use of octagons, hexagons, otherwise called "honeycomb", will help diversify the design, make it unusual and unique. This is a kind of reference to the octagonal feng shui, which teaches us to equip our dwelling so as to create conditions for a happy and healthy life. Octagonal elements are often used to create oriental interiors. Here, the whole space is built around an octagonal table or aquarium. As additional strokes serve curbstones, chairs, shelves of the same form. Combine the space of dialing mirrors resembling crystals. The octagons appear in the decoration - most often in the form of wall or floor tiles, wallpaper. And you can just draw the figures with a stencil and paint them in adjacent or contrasting tones. Such work will not take much time, but it will help to effectively decorate the premises. Collections of octahedral tiles include monophonic products and fragments with illustrations. Such materials are ideal for laying the kitchen apron.

Multicolored honeycombs on the wall Shelves in the form of honeycombs  Wall with polygons  Shelves polygons  Partition of polygons  Volumetric polygons in the bathroom

Zoning with geometry

Super geometry capabilities are not limited to a set of tools for changing space. It is an ideal tool for literate zoning. Functional zones are selected using accent trim in the form of strips, triangles, circles, honeycombs. The space is completely filled with geometric figures or defines the role of edging, and in the interim place photowall or fractal posters. In the living room so decorate the space above the couch, behind the TV or in a similar way to create a short wall next to the dining group. You can draw a boundary between the zones using a line on the floor, using a laminate or a tile of contrasting color. Popular reception of zone designation is the placement of a rectangle from a darker tile under the dining room group or in the center of the working space inside the U-shaped headset.

Zoning with geometry


Geometry - an important component of any interior, which affects the psychological state of a person. Therefore, you should select the prints and the methods of their placement with the utmost care.