Warm and compact interiors of very small apartments

Warm interior of a very small apartment

The interiors of very small flats impress

The interiors of very small apartments should be compact and cozy. The dwelling, which is decorated with light wood, will always seem warm and cozy.

Correctly selected soft furniture and diffuse lighting only underline the friendly character of this interior. And the presence of large windows will allow sunlight to freely penetrate into the room.

Owners of small apartments it makes sense to abandon the partitions, with the exception of those that are necessary to ensure privacy. The boundaries of the zones are denoted by carpets of various shades and various structural elements - columns and projections of walls.

Zoning in a small apartment

Location of zones

The corner for rest is furnished with a small sofa, in the frame of which are built boxes for storing clothes and things. The original solution is to place baskets for various trifles on a shelf under the ceiling. The mirror door of the wardrobe visually expands the space.

Between the living room and the kitchen there is a dining area, represented by a table and folding chairs.

Interior of a small living room

Rest zone

Particular attention should be placed sleeping area. Separated from a shared apartment, a niche with a built-in podium serves as a place for sleeping and is separated from the common room by a curtain. In addition to the bed there were book shelves.

Sleeping area за шторой


Despite the miniature size, this mini bedroom looks cozy and attractive. And all thanks to the decor of warm beige shades, as well as the window, covered with blinds.

Small bedroom

Sleeping area

The working area of ​​the kitchen is very limited in size, because of which it was possible to place only one surface for cooking. At the same time, the designer took care of the presence of a sufficient number of shelves, which store household appliances and utensils. 

Small kitchen and mobile dining area


To owners of tiny apartments it is not necessary to agree on compromises at registration of an interior as even the miniature premise in skilful hands of the master can turn to a convenient and practical dwelling.