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The human brain is so arranged that it is easier to perceive light colors than dark ones. It is white, blue and yellow - associated with ease, relaxation and freedom. What can not be said about bright, saturated and dark colors.

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Apparently, for this reason we often choose the interior design of the apartment in light colors ..

Today, according to the trends of fashion, it is the modern interior of the kitchen of dark colors that prevails.


The reason may be that men are becoming more often behind the kitchen stove, and maybe quite different. Let's try to understand and appreciate the advantages of dark cuisine.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Kitchen color and space
  • The effect of kitchen color on a person
  • How to decide the color
  • Photo of an interior of a dark kitchen

Kitchen color and space

A couple of decades ago, any average citizen could seem fantastic - decorate the kitchen in a dark color. All sought to choose only light materials to increase space. In modern society this is the norm. Moreover, one of the popular options is a black kitchen.


To the kitchen in a dark color looked presentable and created comfort in your home, you must follow the following rules:

  • strive to ensure that the surfaces of furniture, countertops and electrical appliances are with glossy coatings;
  • light should be carried out ideally: not one centimeter of the kitchen should not remain without lighting;
  • over the cooking zone, it is better to hang an additional lighting device;
  • in the dark kitchen should be present contrasting color;
  • the floor in such a kitchen should be the opposite of the main color or that shade, which is a contrasting color.


The effect of kitchen color on a person

Scientists from ancient times say that people are dependent on color. Therefore, any room in such a range, as well as the design of dark cuisine, postpone the imprint on the mood.

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It is considered that warm tones are charged with energy and you want to act, cold ones calm and relax, light ones give emotional make-up, and dark colors in the interior create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.


Hence, people with hard and hard work who after a hard day choose to relax over a cup of tea, it is better to do it in their own kitchen of dark color.


How to decide the color

The dark kitchen can be red and violet, brown and black, blue and gray, and this diversity can not be counted. Let us dwell on the most popular variants:

1. Black! Such an interior is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent from the guests of your house. Kitchen "in black" as if the style icon dictates its rules: metal electronics, ceramic dishes and steel appliances. And with skillful use, even wooden objects will be appropriate. In such a room, there is a need for contrast and it can be sex. You can work according to the scheme: black top, white bottom!


2. Gray kitchen! This color is more versatile and less picky. He perfectly conceals the scratches that are inevitable in the breed room with time. And also, rubs, cuts and fatty shine. The most practical color among all existing! However, he refuses to work alone for the good. A few bright accents cardinally change the situation. They can be textiles (tulle, curtains, tablecloth in certain styles), paintings, kitchen accessories and many other necessary things for cooking.


3. Purple! A popular color among modern housewives. He is both noble and universal. Kitchen in this color requires quality lighting and supplements. Dilute violet can be with the help of olive, mustard or (for the more courageous) yellow. It is these extra tones that help to create dynamics and refresh the interior.

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4. Green cuisine! This color embodies the infinity of nature and inspires a healthy lifestyle. In such a kitchen, as in nature, everything natural is appropriate: wooden furniture, dishes, accessories. Do not forget about flax, wheat (you can use as colors) and from field gatherings. Rather, this design will be more appropriate in a country house.


5. Brown! If you think about it, many more Soviet kitchens could boast of such an interior. This is the same wooden kitchen. Again, environmentally friendly material, the echo of nature, which brings peace and grace to the house. Kitchen in brown color can be described as a cozy corner of cute little things. However, you can play with this color. Choosing "glossy" brown, you will create an atmosphere of aristocracy and sophistication, in which simple things will become irrelevant. Therefore, embroidered textiles, metal utensils and appliances, and also crystal glasses will be more preferable.


The dark kitchen is always practical, aesthetic and stylish. The main thing to observe the rule of contrasts. Choose your version and embody ideas into reality.


Photo of an interior of a dark kitchen




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