Give your child a fairy tale by organizing the best

Small children's room

Turn a small number of meters, which has a child, in an ideal playing field - this is not a fairy tale and not a fantasy, this is a real reality. Believe in this reality will help designers who are real professionals, for whom even 7 square meters is akin to a football field.

Designer Molly Openshaw with children

If you grew up, and your dreams of life in a magical meadow, where you can meet fairy tales at every step, remain relevant, but not profuse, present this fairy tale to your children by decorating their children in the appropriate style.

Even if you decided to take the attic to the nursery, still using light colors will be the most rational solution for the design of the children's room. This combination of colors in the interior will serve as an excellent basis for creating the most real magic country.

Interior of a small nursery in the attic

Original pouffes

To give the room the greatest resemblance to a magical meadow, it was decided to replace the usual highchairs, original puffs, designed in the form of fly agaric and hemp.

Different elements in the form of leaves, make these products very similar to the real ones, which, of course, will please children and allow their fantasies to develop at full power. In addition, the mass of these poufs has small values, which makes the process of their movement uncomplicated and excludes the receipt of various injuries.

Original pouffes в виде мухоморов

Using 3D-format

Various volumetric elements make it possible to achieve the greatest realism and fully imbued with the atmosphere of magic, which is present literally in every corner.

Such an effect can be achieved through the use of MDF boards, which have perfectly replaced conventional plywood. The advantage of this material is obvious and they are in a small mass and ease of processing.

All the figures, in the form of grass, clouds, leaves and many others, were cut from MDF, then attached to the surface with nails and glue. This decoration of walls in a nursery pretty impressive and does not require special skills.

The idea to decorate the lower part of the shelves in the form of clouds made it possible to create the effect of floating and weightlessness, and all the toys on them seem to wink at the kid from behind the clouds, raising his spirits.

Volumetric scenery in the nursery

Special sun

A special lamp, designed in the form of a sun, is a 100% hit in the created image. Such a source of artificial lighting, not only in its best form, will fulfill its purpose, illuminating your child's room, but will also serve as an excellent accessory, which you can not imagine better than in this situation.

It is worth noting that such original decoration and interior, will provide both functionality of the created interior, and will give your child moments of sincere joy and surprise.

Original luminaire from IKEA

The combination of external qualities and functionality of interior decoration

In a fit of creativity aimed at creating an ideal image, it is worth forgetting the practical side of the inner decoration that is being formed. Storage systems toys, as well as children's things in the form of spacious and open shelves, equipped with special baskets, will allow your baby to easily retrieve the items he needs.

The equipment instead of the sill of a special shelf-rack allows the child to admire the external beauty without the need to use different chairs and items that replace them.

In addition, on such a rack, you can easily climb up and with complete safety to get toys or books that are on the upper levels. Various bright pillows are an additional element of decor and a source of good mood.

Such a world, created on the premises of a small room, will fully satisfy all the needs of children and give them a real fairy tale.

Storage places in the nursery under the windowsill A small hill in the nursery Slides in the form of a cochlea Decorative wood with hangers