Amazing ideas for saving space in the apartments

Outdoor Book Rack

Project by LEIVARS

Specialist Rebecca Leivars (Rebecca Leivars) advises to equip functional cabinets in all kinds of free corners of the room. The photo above shows how book racks with numerous open shelves allow you to place books and accessories in an aesthetic and attractive manner.

Designer Andrew Dunning (Andrew Dunning) from the studio APD Interiors recommends the use of various niches for the arrangement of functional storage systems.

Look closely at the space of your apartment. Perhaps you will find empty corners and free areas that can be easily converted into cabinets and practical racks.

Drawer for kitchen

Kitchen by APD Interiors

Cut storage areas in your kitchen. Talented master Andrew Petherick (Andrew Petherik) from the studio Artichoke reveals a unique advice for the transformation unusual house.

Before designing a new kitchen area, look at what you have now. Collect all items and culinary devices that you have not used for six months and place them in a separate corner. You will see how much space you will save!

Corner kitchen set

Kitchen from Artichoke

Add an attic. The architect Stuart Duncan (Stuart Duncan) from the studio Build Different to arrange a modest apartment offers to build a loft or mezzanine.

You can put a bed on the mezzanine, freeing up valuable space below for organizing a home office or an art studio. Notice how beautifully and aesthetically this structure was erected in the design of a modern miniature cottage from the architectural bureau dwelle.

Interior of a two-level cottage

Living room from dwelle

Functional arrangement of the garage. Specialist Michael Parinchy (Michael Parinchi) advises to make maximum use of the box room for cars, by adding to its construction the second level. The mansard owners can store old things and other dimensional items.

Garage with wooden gates

Garage by Noel Wright Architects

Consider using multifunction designer furniture. Specialist Camilla Pringle (Camilla Pringle) to save space in the apartment offers a modern modular suite.

Currently, the market presents a large number of interesting and original furniture options with a folding design.

In the next photo, you can see a magnificent wine rack, arranged on the side of the island. It not only allows you to carefully place the bottles, but also decorates the room wonderfully.

Wine rack in the kitchen island

Kitchen area from Camilla Pringle Interiors

Keep accessories on open shelves. Designer Egon Walesch (Egon Volsch) offers to use for the decoration of a cottage or a house with antique objects a headset with numerous niches for placing dishes, kitchen accessories and ornaments, which will give the interior a special appeal and aesthetics.

Buffet for dishes

Кухня от Egon Walesch Interiors & Flowers

The decorator Andrew Brown (Andrew Bro) uses for his creative projects an open plan that allows not only to fill the room with freshness and volume, but also creates wonderful conditions for life and relaxation.

Pay attention to how the kitchen area with the dining room in the decoration presented in the next photo was organized in a practical and functional way. Complemented the open space is a snow-white tinted palette and minimalist furniture set.

Kitchen and dining room in white color

Столовая от Brown + Brown Architects

We brought to your attention exceptional recommendations and ideas decor for home from talented professionals who will save space in the apartments.

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