Contemporary hallway design + 100 pics

Modern design of the hallway

The appearance of the hallway is paid close attention. This zone is not passed by anyone, it is judged on the taste, cleanliness, well-being of the owners. No matter how the living room with the kitchen looked, this room sets the mood before going out and meets after a busy day. Wrong approach to the design of the buffer part of the house can destroy the whole picture of the interior and neutralize the efforts to create a positive impression.

The main trend in the interior, the hallway as well, is the rejection of overall dimensions, multi-tier ceilings. Instead of pretentious elements - laconic solutions, light colors. For the expansion of space - glossy surfaces, an abundance of mirrors.

Hanger на стене  Blue walls in the interior  Blue banquet at the door  Large mirror on the floor  Floorки над диванчиком

Actual color solutions

The modern design of the hallway dictates the use of light colors. In conditions of narrowed space, white is actual, which is diluted with a bright spot of the entrance door or a piece of furniture. From the feeling of sterility and coolness of this color, elements from natural wood, contrasting combinations with panels under walnut or wenge will relieve. White furniture looks good against the background of beige, still relevant in this year's gray, vanilla. Light colors should not be afraid, special care products easily remove dirt, without harming the coating.

Fans of non-traditional contrast solutions use combinations of white and black, create accents from violet, blue, add the sun with red and orange.

Modern interior of the hallway in calm colors Interior in a classic style  The partition from reek  The gray door in the black and white hallway  The combination of a yellow door and gray walls  Floorки на стене в углу прихожей

Choice of materials

Despite the wide range of coatings, it is difficult to choose the material that meets all the requirements. A successful solution is the combination of several variants with different textures that will help to avoid damage, will perform for each other as decor elements. The upper part of the wall is decorated with a more aesthetic material, and the bottom and floor are lined with something practical.

Antique clock over the chest of drawers Lilac wallpaper in white interior  Patterns on the wall  Mirror and chest of drawers in the hallway White shelves on a dark wall  Poster on the wall


Since the walls in the hallway are highly prone to contamination, delicate materials in the finish should be avoided. Coloring is one of the most economical ways.

Modern hall with painted walls

Decorative plaster - a modern material with which help create a relief texture, decorate the surface with original prints.

Decorативная штукатурка в интерьере

Wallpaper should be used at the top, combining with durable PVC paneling, wood, ceramic tiles.

Wallpapers on the walls

Plastic or wood panels - aesthetic and durable material. They hide defects and irregularities, electrical wiring. They are not afraid of frequent washing and claws of pets. For the halls choose a decoration with an ornament, the effect of masonry, wood. You just need not overdo it in a limited space. Dark walls with an imitation of a brick wall, bars are inappropriate. Two types of finishes are joined with the help of moldings.

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Panels in the hallway

Fashionable material for facing - ceramic tiles. It is distinguished by high strength and moisture resistance, glossy surface will add light. But combine it with other materials should be cautious.

Tile in the interior


Depending on the taste and state of the budget, the floor in the hallway has many options for coverage. The main thing is that the material should withstand the loads characteristic of a particular room.

Floor в современной гостиной

A suitable material will be:

  • ceramic tile or artificial stone;
  • porcelain tiles;
  • sawed off a natural stone;
  • tiled, artificial linoleum or marmoleum (natural).

Tile on the floor in the interior of the modern hallway

All kinds of stone, tiles are extremely durable, practical, but expensive. For those who like to walk at home barefoot, they seem uncomfortable. Glossy coatings are also slippery, which is unsafe. Therefore, a combination of stone or tile with laminate, linoleum, parquet is considered a compromise option. The zone at the door, where the accumulated outdoor moisture, dirt, spread with ceramic granite, tiles. Further, a laminate or high-class linoleum is laid, which will withstand the onset of heels, the legs of heavy furniture.

Combination of floor coverings

Laminate 31 class is durable, easy to install. Having several modules in stock, they make local repairs, returning the original attractiveness to the damaged places.


Modern types of linoleum provide cushioning, have a different type of surface, choose at least a relief, at least matte or glossy. In natural in the composition there is a safe cork, jute, resin, the form is resistant to household chemicals, moisture. Of the color modules collect a variety of drawings. Mount only on the previously leveled surface.

Linoleum in the hallway

Parquet board, parquet look beautiful, durable, but the cost per square. m is quite high. To maintain a presentable type of coverage, you will need constant careful care.

Parquet in the interior

Fans of the carpet are advised to use only variants of synthetic fibers, and not at the threshold. Color choose non-mark, with ornament, stripes or small pattern.

Carpet on the floor


Over the finish of the ceiling will have to reflect, tk. it will create a completeness, hide the errors:

  1. For a ceiling it is necessary to choose light colors. Combining them with a light wall and a contrasting floor covering, the height of the room is visually increased.
  2. If the room is disproportionate to its height, the opposite effect is obtained by decorating the ceiling with dark paints.
  3. A competent finish fundamentally affects the design. A picture on the wallpaper or tile arrangement either expands the space, or makes it smaller.

Ceiling в современной прихожей

The cheapest option, but not the best is called whitewashing. Paint provides ample opportunities for selecting shades. Of inexpensive and fast ways of finishing, PVC-tiles are glued. The disadvantage is flammability, fragility, rapid contamination.

PVC on the ceiling

A popular way of finishing the ceiling is called decorative plaster. During the repair, various devices are used, creating a pattern and texture. Compositions with ready fillers are presented, which, after drying, give the effect of relief.

Decorативная штукатурка на потолке и стенах

Wallpaper is also a cheap option of finishing. Mass of colors, textures, made of various materials. With the help of wallpaper, you can also hide the shortcomings of the layout.

Ceiling с обоями

Drywall is available, endowed with many positive qualities, it gives an opportunity to realize stylish design ideas. Among the advantages of the material - environmental friendliness, moisture resistance. It is light, non-flammable, hides the flaws of the surface, it does not need to be plastered, it can be painted many times. It creates multi-level structures, equipped with a variety of lamps.

Ceiling из гипсокартона в прихожей

Stretch fabrics give room for fantasies and designer ideas, though not cheap. Such a ceiling has a different pattern, color options, imitates any natural, decorative material. Here we use thermal printing, the suspended ceiling is decorated with various images, including a photograph.

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Interior with stretch ceiling


With modest room sizes and in hallways without windows in dark tones, more attention is paid to lighting methods. Modern stylistics of the hallway design involves the use of such types of lighting:

  • general, they use it when entering the apartment;
  • local illuminates the main areas - a wardrobe, a mirror;
  • decorative is used to emphasize the elements of the interior, to increase the room.

Lighting в современной прихожей

There are several sources of light. The mirror is equipped with intensive natural lighting, so that the appearance before leaving the apartment can be assessed without distortion.

Vinyl stickers on the wall

Common light from the lamp under the ceiling is needed, but a massive chandelier is only appropriate in a large space. In a small room, do not set the sconce too low to not accidentally touch.

With the help of light the hall is divided into zones, they place light accents there. Allocate the entrance area, at the door of the living room.

Dark doors in the bright hallway

On tension or suspended structures, there are numerous spotlights that help to evenly illuminate the space. With full illumination of the small hallway, the spot will cope. The direction of light from several sources on the same guide is changed, achieving the desired angle and the degree of illumination of different areas.

Lamps on the ceiling

LED lighting in the floor is useful at night, if there are irregularities, steps, podiums.

In a room deprived of a window, organize lighting behind a stained glass window, which will create the effect of natural light.

Cabinet with illumination

In a long hallway, point sources are uniformly distributed along the entire length with equal intervals. The room with very high ceilings is equipped with wall variants. The rays that are directed to the ceiling, blur the boundaries, will make the room wider. Fixtures with automatics will help to save on accounts.

Tree in the interior

Beauty, practicality and functionality when choosing furniture

The usual dressing-table and chest of drawers are a thing of the past. They are replaced by practical modern furniture, designed to save space, decorate even a tight room. Minimalistic modular kits that are combined are combined, built-in designs with mirror facades visually increasing the area.

Furniture in the interior of the modern hallway Tile under the stone on the wall  Cabinet with seat  Hanger над диванчиком  Lockers on the wall  Hanger с полками и зеркалом

Storage furniture

The main component of the room is roomy cabinets, narrow or angular, with modular filling, of various dimensions. Coupes do not interfere with the passage, do not overload the space. Hanging closets will facilitate the interior, simplify the cleaning. If there are free meters, the closet is transformed into a full dressing room, where the things of the whole family are placed, everyday and seasonal.

Storage furniture в интерьере современной прихожей

Convenient open shelving, where shoes and household items are stored in stylish wicker, metal, plastic baskets. The carved cantilever table becomes both an ornament and a place of storage of keys, cosmetics, other small things.

If there is a ladder to the second floor, the useful space beneath it is also used, arranging shelves and lockers for uneven-aged inhabitants of the house. Each has an individual repository that corresponds to its growth.

Gray wardrobe with hangers and shelves for shoes  Light wood furniture in the hallway  Painting on the cupboard  Stone wall in the interior  Seat with drawers

Cushioned furniture

The modern hallway is distinguished by soft comfortable places for re-training. If the area allows, there is a sofa set there. When the room is too crowded, the mobile ottoman or bench will simultaneously serve as a seat and storage for shoes and sports equipment. The banquet is self-contained or mounted in a single unit with a hanger.

Cushioned furniture в современной прихожей Lamps on the wall  Loft style interior  Recessed niches  Leather in the interior  Floor vase in the mirror


In a small space this element of furniture is comfortable. The design with a lot of different-level hooks will allow to dry the damp outerwear. Floor tinted or chrome plated version with horns rounded on a stable base is easy to move if necessary. In a spacious room, two options would be superfluous: an open coat rack for guests and their wet clothes plus a closed storage cupboard.

Hanger в интерьере современной гостиной Purple carpet in a light interior  Orange hangers on the wall  Interior in the style of minimalism  Hangers and mirror on the wall  Bicycle in the interior


In addition to the listed items, in the hallway all kinds of supports for umbrellas, housekeepers, paintings that carry decorative functions are used.

Council of designers - do not use interior items solely for decorative purposes, they must necessarily be functional.

Decor в интерьере современной прихожей

If the hallway is decorated with an outdoor vase, there are folded canes, umbrellas. The mat at the threshold will become a bright spot, take over the moisture, dirt, preventing them from spreading around the apartment. Mirror in a beautiful frame will move the space, will give an opportunity to examine themselves before going to full length. The shoe will replace the closet for shoes, the upper part will perform the role of a glove table, holders for bags, there is also a separate housekeeper here. Baskets on the shelves, on the floor will help to systematize the storage of trifles, accessories.

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A spacious hallway is made a place for exhibiting chamber painting, a series of photographs, the original wall clock will not be superfluous.

Original clock in the interior  Floor lamp in the form of a street lamp  Mirror with an unusual rim on the wall  The palm in the pitcher on the floor  Hanger на кирпичной стене

Features and options of non-standard vestibules

Spacious halls with the right forms are an exception, not a rule. More often it is necessary to equip a narrow corridor of the panel house of the Khrushchev, where even the two of them are difficult to turn around. Clothes, shoes, accessories manage to place right there. Even with a small area and non-standard form of the room, it is really possible to create a modern, bold design here.

Modern interior of a non-standard hallway  Vase on the floor  Original shelves, mirror and table  Light and dark wood in the hallway  Interior in yellow and green colors

Square entrance hall

This form can be considered classical. It is customary to decorate the room using corner furniture. Expand the room can be by arranging the arches between the rooms. The square room is visually separated, using a single floor covering with rooms, without any moldings or transitions. If the source of illumination is the only one, let it be a chandelier with uncomplicated shades. Details of the interior stand in a minimalist spirit.

Modern design of a square hallway Figurines on the shelves  Closet in the hallway  Lamps and mirror on the wall  Zones of different tiles on the floor  Armchair at the door

Small hallway

To not turn a small corridor into a tight storehouse of flowers in tubs, sculptures and paintings, it is better not to think of such accessories. Here stucco moldings, heavy stretchers are inappropriate. Suitable are built-in narrow cabinets of light materials, an abundance of mirrors, a large number of light sources.

Landscape on the wall in 3D format, mirrored doors of the closet will increase the amount of space.

Modern design of a small hallway Floorка с вешалками на стене  Large mirror with illumination in the interior  Sofa in front of the mirror  Closet with side shelves  Bedside table for shoes in the hallway

Large entrance hall

When the room is large, the advantage is to use it intelligently, do not lose the integrity of the interior, do not overload furniture, decor. The rooms of the room are kept in the same style. If there is too much space, they follow the trend of the last time - they combine the entrance hall with the kitchen and the living room.

They use bright and dark colors without fear, install floor mirrors in massive frames, sofas, equip a sleeping place for an impressive size of a pet.

Modern design of the large hallway Lamps in the wall  Bright pictures in the interior of the hallway  The combination of white and purple flowers on the walls  Combination of decorative plaster and brick tiles on walls  White furniture in the hallway

Entrance hall with window

The window for the hallway is a rare phenomenon and at the same time successful. The variant is more often found in the layout of a private house. Designer attention will require both the walls and the window. "Dancing" often comes from him as a stove, the elements are adjusted to the size and shape of the window opening.

The curtains are not welcome, the glass is colored, opaque. If it is demanded by style, the windows are decorated with light Roman, roll curtains. Finishing and furniture become an appropriate background. Bright wallpaper and carpets level the effect of color glare.

Window sills are used as plant stands, there are no shelves for small things. Directly at the opening put low furniture or a sofa. Closed pencil cases and curbstones are placed opposite the window.

Modern design of the hallway с окном  Roman curtains on the window  Green door in the white hallway  Window of unusual shape  Chandelier with light bulbs in the form of candles in the interior


Satisfy the design needs and tastes, stylistic preferences of all dwellers difficult. Harmony and comfort in the hallway will set the tone for the general mood of the house, make the life of the inhabitants more comfortable.