Unique design: how to maximize the use of 33 square meters

Entrance hall

Today we offer to your attention an amazing Interior Design flat-malometrazhki in Sweden.

Interior of the hallway

Opening the door, the visitor immediately finds himself in a small entrance hall with white storage cabinets. Next comes a very cozy living room and an adjacent kitchen. And right above the corridor is the bedroom, to which the staircase leads from the hall. This is a simple layout for this pretty apartment. 

Interior of the living room in white color

In the decoration of the interior and the situation, white predominates. Walls and furniture, a light floor - everything is aimed at visual expansion of space.

Small white living room

In the living room you can easily and comfortably sit on the couch and watch TV. Everyone knows that it is possible to remove anything to the chest of drawers. But that for a similar purpose is easy to adapt and a coffee table, few will guess. Small boxes will help you find a lot of small items in your place.

Chandelier in the living room gives a special comfort and with the help of light separates the room from the kitchen.

Interior of the living room in white color

To have in a small apartment a large and comfortable zone for cooking is a luxury. And yet here it occupies the third part of the entire apartment space. Here are located: a convenient cutting table, smoothly flowing into the dining room, sink, hob with extractor, all shelves and a refrigerator with an oven. Everything is placed extremely functionally and conveniently.

Small kitchen area Interior of a small kitchen Small light kitchen Desserts and plants in the kitchen

Also the toilet is compactly equipped.

Interior of a compact bathroom Interior of a small bathroom

But the height of economy and style in this house has become interior of a small bedroom. A large double bed is located under the ceiling above the hallway. It will allow the occupants of the house to have a good rest before the next difficult working day.

Interior of a small bedroom

I want to note that even on 30 square meters it is quite possible to be arranged with comfort if to use the available territory as much as possible. With the help of simple design techniques, an apartment can become not only extremely comfortable and comfortable for living, but also will conquer its visitors with its chic and inexpressible luxury of style!

The layout of a small apartment