Sliding wardrobes for every taste - 50 pics

Use the space of your home with the mind! Comfortable and roomy wardrobe cabinets allow the bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and other rooms to look great, while having enough storage space. Here we have collected an excellent collection of 50 photos of such cabinets - especially for those who are going to buy a closet cupboard or make it yourself.

A variety of design cabinets coupe

The closet or cabinet with sliding doors does not open out into the room, and therefore can be used even in a narrow passage, for example, in a corridor, a small hallway or between a bed and a bedroom wall. Cabinets coupe, which are made to order or with their own hands can have absolutely any size, which makes it possible to rationally use every centimeter of the room. So, built-in wardrobe can nicely merge with the wall, making the room seem more spacious and free. In the same time corner cabinet You can perfectly manage without a separate dressing room, if you have a very large number of clothes. In addition to your attention, they also deserve radius compartments (with rounded doors), which are able to nicely complement the most unusual interior design.

Like any other furniture, the design of the closets does not know the boundaries. The walls and doors for the wardrobes of the compartment are made of a variety of materials and are decorated with all sorts of patterns and colors. Below you will see not only a wide range of styles, colors and finishes of these cabinets, but also interesting options for their illumination and application in space.

Enjoy watching!

Sliding wardrobes (photo)

High wooden wardrobe Dark compartment wardrobe in the interior Colorful cabinets coupe in the interior Doors for the wardrobe compartment with a pattern Closet of a compartment for a small hallway and a corridor Gray wardrobe in the bedroom Two-color wardrobe in the interior Built-in led cabinet light Backlight compartment wardrobe Lighting inside the closet compartment Large white wardrobe Glossy compartment wardrobe Doors for a compartment with a floral pattern Light wooden cupboard in the bedroom Black sliding wardrobe Asian style wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes in the compartment (photo)

Mirrored wardrobe in the bedroom Built-in wardrobe in the office Niche in the wall like a wardrobe Светлая комната и built-in wardrobe Idea for lighting a wardrobe in the bedroom Small bedroom with stylish wardrobe Closet compartment with striped doors Closet compartment in the children's room Closet compartment with thin fabric doors Cupboard cabinet with a picture on the door Transparent doors for the sliding door wardrobe Closet compartment for wall color Cupboard with wooden doors Luxury large wardrobe Cupboard with your own hands Cupboard in the kitchen Built-in wardrobe in the bedroom design Closet closet next to the bed A small closet in the bedroom near the bed Красивый built-in wardrobe в коридоре Cases of a compartment in design of a corridor Closet cabinet and wardrobe system Bedroom in lilac color with built-in wardrobe Two-door wardrobe Four-door wardrobe Decor of the wardrobe compartment Cupboard with wide doors White wardrobe compartment for bedroom

Corner cupboards of a compartment (photo)

Угловой built-in wardrobe Design corner cabinet Design closet with blinds doors

Radius wardrobe cabinets

Large radius sliding door wardrobe Two-color radii wardrobe compartment Beautiful design of the wardrobe