Gray color in the interior and its combination with other

The combination of gray with other colors in the interior

Gray color in the interior is often underestimated. Few people wondered how many of its shades exist, how many-faced it can be, how well it blends with many other colors, causing various visual and emotional effects. Completely undeservedly gray color was awarded a negative color and transferred to the rank of hermits. Until recently it was practically not used in the interior of houses, but the situation has changed.

Psychological perception

Colors exert a greater influence on a person than it seems. They cause certain emotions that affect the mood, sometimes even pushing towards choice. Gray in the interior is considered neutral. It is often preferred by people who act not under the influence of emotions, but rationally, pondering each step. Spacious living room Gray walls are often found in office interiors, they do not distract from important cases, but at the same time look quite friendly and reliable.

The main advantages of gray in any interiors: conservatism and versatility. Only occasionally does its neutrality cause negative associations, for example, with longing, fatigue, bad weather.

Gray Living Room

Combinations in design

Designers are very fond of the gray color in the interior for its great potential, even called "workhorse" for the opportunity to create an excellent background that will soften the screaming colors and emphasize the beauty of pastel. Gray is one of the main components of so popular today's modern interiors: techno, high-tech, minimalism, loft, but this does not mean that other areas are not available to him. Gray colors can be found in American classics, vintage, avant-garde, gothic and of course eclecticism. Monochrome designs are rare, usually a decent pair is picked up by a decent pair. The combination of gray in the interior Colors that complement gray:

  • Red;
  • Green;
  • Yellow;
  • Orange;
  • Brown;
  • Beige;
  • Pink;
  • Purple;
  • Blue (blue).

Gray is incredibly functional, it is able to visually increase the space, expand the boundaries of the room. At the same time, the color scheme is very complicated, it requires a special attitude, the fine details and accents should be selected correctly.

Gray bedroom

Luxurious combination with red

One of the most elegant and complex combinations. There is a potential that not everyone will like, because you can not name a warm atmosphere. The combination of gray in the interior with red rivets attention, but is detached, cold to the person, even if warm colors are used.

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Not the best option for bedrooms, kitchens, cabinets. Is it only when the aesthetics prevail over the comfort. And also for the children's room, which turns out to be serious, sullen, but not childishly naive. Most often, the combination is used in the living rooms and bathrooms, where white sanitary ware, furniture, accessories will perfectly complement the situation. Gray-red living room This combination is not completely self-sufficient and requires dilution. Finding the right complementary color is not so easy. In bright interiors, yellow and brown can be good accents. They will add energy. Not bad sometimes looks dark contrast green. Cream, beige, ivory will help make the situation more comfortable. Those who are ready, to bright, unusual solutions can look at the turquoise or blue, provided that they should appear at least twice, for example, a carpet on the floor and a decor on the wall.

Wooden furniture, as always, is universal. Excellent golden, light cream, honey shades of wood, which can be supplemented with a parquet of a similar shade. Gray-red kitchen

Yellow and Gray

An amazing feature of the combination lies in the fact that the palette does not look too cheerful and sunny, but it will not become neutral and calm. In the same there is a minus, to many the situation can seem very inconsistent. The yellow color in the duo becomes the leader, riveting to his gaze, against the backdrop of such an inconspicuous neighbor. To smooth out the effect, designers do not recommend using bright shades as a basis. It is not superfluous to be a dilution, for example, green or matte black, combining the two opposite sides.

This combination of shades is suitable for large bright living rooms, dining rooms. In some cases, the option may be considered for the design of the cabinet or bedroom. Modern kitchen

Soft cozy grays

Grazh - interiors in gray-beige halftones, perhaps, can already be called a separate direction in design. The word itself comes from the English gray + beige. The atmosphere is relaxing, creating a calm and cozy atmosphere, which is why it is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Combining both pastel colors and deeper ones. To the interior does not look too flat it is necessary to supplement it with patterned textiles or textured finish. It is interesting to diversify the pair will help brown and black. You can also remove the freshness by using bright yellow or green spots. Gray beige halftone

Combinations with blue, blue, turquoise

The combination with blue and blue is always refreshing, but it may seem somewhat strict, because it has an obvious male temperament. To soften the coldness of the situation will help fine ornament, the use of light halftones. Perfectly suited duet for a bright vintage atmosphere or quiet classical interiors, when the basis is taken by pastel shades. Individual elements of decor, textiles can be more vivid. Gray-blue bedroom

Quiet interior with refreshing turquoise notes and muffled energy looks interesting. This combination deserves attention, especially among fans of non-standard solutions.

Gray-turquoise bedroom

In a duet with green

An excellent option for small rooms. The gray color of the walls and ceiling in the interior will visually stretch the room, and the green accents, without focusing on themselves, will enhance the feeling of spaciousness. It is not necessary to use green in the finish. It can be contrasting fabrics, cushions, plants, small, large decor. In spacious rooms, soft combinations, such as olive with mother-of-pearl, will be more appropriate. A more intense atmosphere will make bright yellow or charcoal elements. Gray-green living room

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The brightest partner

The combination with white does not seem to be interesting, but it's a mistake. Natural soft gray in combination with milky white or caramel will make the atmosphere easy, unobtrusive, resting. Designers are offered a light palette for use in the bathroom or in the bedroom, as may be appropriate in the kitchen.

The tone depends on the size of the room and the lighting. The larger the room, the darker the shades can be used. Spacious bedroom

Union with brown

Very ambiguous combination. Both colors are neutral, quite capricious with respect to their neighbors. The situation looks calm, warm, but can be a bit boring.

Gray Brown Bedroom

Combination with lilac, pink, purple

Each of these combinations or even all of them together have a right to exist, because they are an interesting non-ordinary option in terms of interior decoration.

Juicy saturated violet loses its negative influence and gravity next to neutral smoky, if it is introduced as an additional. Lighter lavender shades next to the gainsborough will look great in the living rooms or the girls' bedrooms, make the situation gently calm, romantic. Gray-violet living room The most sensual interiors can be created by combining gray and pink, which will perfectly complement and emphasize each other. Particularly advantageous will be the situation, if competently emphasized by its pattern and texture. At registration it is possible to pick up a deeper tone for furniture and textiles.

In the style of minimalism it is interesting to look pink and purple with graphite, which are used approximately equally, supplemented by bright green and calm white elements. Gray-pink living room

Company with orange

A heavy heavy orange in itself very quickly tires, and therefore rarely used in interiors, unless you try to combine it with gray. On a calm neutral background you can use the brightest shades: orange, carrot, juicy red. Orange-gray interior

Which rooms can be decorated in gray

Perhaps, in the house there is no room where it would be impossible to beat the gray color in the interior, supplementing with more vivid or conversely soothing shades. This universal solution can be played in the kitchen, in the living room, in the office, in the bedroom and even in the nursery.

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In the kitchen, gray is most often combined with yellowish-orange, olive, beige, white. Successfully dilute the situation bright dishes, tablecloth. Yellow-gray kitchen In the living room with a gray color you should not rush. This room is the visiting card of the house and everyone here should feel comfortable. The situation should not become defiantly bright, as well as uncomfortable. For living rooms most often use a combination with green, orange, purple, blue and blue.

For a bedroom, neutral calm gray is a natural choice. The inclusion of white and pink will add tenderness without breaking the atmosphere, and brown or beige will create a warm cozy atmosphere. Bedroom interior Pearl and other light shades are an excellent option for children. They will make friends with any color accessories that can grow with the baby. Over time, pink pillows will replace olive or green, and neutral design will remain relevant.

Modern bedroom

Accessories for rooms decorated in combination with gray

The choice of accessories, textiles, decor, lighting elements largely depends not only on the color scale, but also on the style of the apartment. Always and everywhere the tree will be appropriate. It can be furniture, picture frames, photos. A noble color needs reasonable luxury, for example, silver. Relevant will be glass or crystal vases, figures. For modern interiors it is glass, plastic, chrome-plated iron. home library Neutral interiors, unless they relate to modern styles, are very fond of a large number of textiles. Curtains, pillows, upholstered furniture - all this makes the atmosphere home-like cozy.

Gray furniture will be a real "wand-zashchalochkoy" when for finishing selected extreme bright colors. It always looks somewhat more expensive than brown or black. A bunch of bright pillows will emphasize the depth of the shade and combine with the intense finish. The combination of gray and yellow

Reception techniques and rules

A noble and capricious gray color in the design of interiors is important to correctly combine with other colors. Be sure to take into account the size of the rooms, the degree of illumination, the purpose, only so you can get the necessary atmosphere. Small living room Useful tips for designers:

  1. The larger the room, the darker the main tone;
  2. To create dynamic spectacular interiors use rich shades of gray with friendly to him temperamental paints;
  3. In small rooms, light bedding is combined, while it is desirable to make out the projections and niches dark;
  4. In large rooms, decorators often "play with colors", use a variety of shades within a single color range. With this technique, even smooth walls acquire volume;
  5. A mandatory condition is a qualitative versatile illumination;
  6. To correct the unfortunate geometry of the room, large areas of the walls are made light, and small areas are more saturated;
  7. For a monochrome interior, furniture is better to choose a wooden one, only individual elements can be painted under the finish to make them less bulky;
  8. Excellent complement will be bright accessories and decor, lush green plants, colorful paintings.

Stylish Bedroom

Gray color in the interior deserves attention, but requires a thoughtful, competent approach and consideration of very many nuances.