Turning disadvantages into advantages - an unusual interior

Studio apartment in white and red color

Designers have tried to think out the most effective design of the interior of an apartment of 25 square meters. meters, because here literally every free centimeter needed to be used. And, frankly speaking, they were quite successful in this, the apartment was quite modernized.

The whole area of ​​the dwelling is divided into two parts, and the bearing beam is not something that did not interfere, it became an excellent bookcase that separates the sleeping area from the kitchen.

Sleeper in studio apartment

For interior decoration in the studio 25 square. meters of designers selected white color, helping at least visually, but to make the volume of the room a little more and increase the amount of incoming light. Use in the design of red color emphasizes the depth of the created composition and its complexity.

The window in the studio apartment is made large, its dimensions occupy the entire height of the wall, plus a transparent partition is used, thanks to which the sunlight has become much larger. Furniture is used in small quantities, accessories are used ascetically, which allowed to feel quite spacious.

Bookcase-partition in the interior of the studio

Kitchen in the studio apartment 25 square meters. meters has a special design - it's comfortable, cozy and small, so the dining table in it is simply missing. Instead, it uses a folding table, which also has small dimensions, like a sofa.

But the size of the bed can hit, which is completely unsurprising and fully justified - a dream for a person is very important and you need it to be as comfortable and full as possible.

Studio apartment in white and red color

The restraint of the interior created by the experts does not at all make it boring, because the contrast of the shades used in the design is successfully supplemented with an artificially "aged" dark-colored wooden floor.

Bookcase-partition in the interior of the studio

Spaciousness of the interior is provided by using two techniques, each of which is especially popular among designers working with small rooms.

First, with white color, the room and its lighting are visually enlarged, which has a beneficial effect on the design, and secondly, the case furniture has been successfully replaced with built-in storage systems.

Pantry in studio apartment

In this project, away from prying eyes, even a small bathroom is removed, it is reliably "hidden" behind the wall of the master bedroom. A ceiling beam can easily be called a highlight design, because after a successful color design, it effectively changed the layout of the apartment.

The door to the bathroom The layout of a small studio apartment The layout of a small studio apartment The layout of a small studio apartment