Hallways and staircases take their place

A plant in the corner of the hallway

From a single chair to custom built-in modules - this is the recommended set of 8 ways to make your hallway stylish and comfortable.

Entrances, front doors, hallways are the first premises in our houses that open to the gaze of our guests. For this reason, many of us are ready to go to great lengths to give these places a beautiful and stylish look. We buy fine works of art, mirrors and expensive carpets, and, even, we place fresh flowers on the tables. And all this for the sake of a good impression!

Yet along with being beautiful, staircases and hallways should also be functional. What subject can decorate this space even alone? A chair, or perhaps a bench. The idea is to offer a convenient place to take off your shoes or sit down when the conversation becomes really interesting.

Single chair in this entrance beckons guests. This is a good example of the fact that you do not need to fuss much and spend a lot of money when it comes to arranging the hallway.

Single chair in the hallway

An ancient church bench is great for a lobby. It is rather narrow and requires only appropriate painting to become a harmonious part of the overall decor of the room.

Ancient church bench in the lobby

If you plan to have a built-in unit, do not forget to adjust it to store, for example, seasonal items. Such as hats. And ensure the availability of a shoe shelf. A good, soft pillow is present here as a bonus.

Clothes storage system in the hallway

In this large, open foyer, a pair of twin chairs look great.

A pair of chairs in the hallway

If there is not enough space, you can apply the method shown below. The ottomans are neatly hidden, but not far away. And, if necessary, they can be pushed and used as additional seats.

Ottomans under the table in the hallway

This built-in module has a modern look and is equipped with storage boxes.

Built-in module with drawers for clothes

Even the grand ceremonial need furniture items intended for recreation. This rather soft bench majestically fits into the space of the hallway.

Soft bench in a spacious hallway

Tiny foyers should not skimp on the seats. Perhaps a pair of wooden chairs is exactly what your little hall needs.

A pair of wooden chairs in a small hallway