London nest: a three-room apartment in scandinavian style

Cate St. Hill on the couch in the living room

Cate St. Hill was already doing major repairs in her three-room apartment six years ago, while she was living with her school friends. Now, when they moved down, there was a wonderful occasion to refresh the interior. And she chose a win-win option: flawlessly white walls, against which the bright furniture looks like a work of art.


Location: Central London Who lives: Hill with his boyfriend Number of chambers in the room: 3

When the apartment still resembled a student hostel, this living room served as a bedroom. But now this is the favorite place of the mistress of the house.

"I have to rest somewhere and be distracted. And here there is an exit to a small balcony. I really love to open his doors on a nice sunny day and enjoy fragrant coffee with an amazing French roll, reading the newspaper, "says Cate enthusiastically.

Scandinavian style strongly influenced the aesthetic preferences of St. Petersburg. Hill, when she traveled around her homeland for a month. She was inspired by the works of the design studio Alvar Aalto's and was captivated by the shops of Marimekko.

Ключевую роль в обстановке гостиного зала играет диван от Karlstad, украшенный подушками в традиционном стиле Andshine и льняной обивкой H&M Home.

Pillows on the couch in the living room

The impeccable canvas of the walls created a wonderful backdrop for any Cate stuff, such as, for example, this interesting chair from Eames, which she received for her birthday. Cate and her friend write articles for magazines, and they are both obsessed with printed products.

"With the help of words, we carefully place on the shelves problems that worry us", - the London masters of the writing business share with us.

Reading corner

Stylish shelving especially like the mistress of the house. "He keeps all our postcards, magazines and old baubles, which give this apartment its originality and uniqueness," the journalist said.

Open shelves on the wall

Wonderful chair of the 60s from teak with dark gray upholstery bears in itself a unique charm and nostalgia for the past, which so wanted to add to the situation of Sate. She found this interior treasure on eBay.

Armchair with a dark gray upholstery

Since the budget allocated for the renovation of the interior was very small, Hill purchased most of the furniture on the Internet, for example, this Saarinen-style dining table or the Ercol chair, which was bought for only $ 25. And in this photo of Kate Moss, she just fell in love at first sight for her brightness and depth.

Painting on the wall in the dining room

But the kitchen, located at the back of the apartment, has become a real problem. "It is small in area and very dark," explains Cate. To solve such a difficult task, she hung white glossy very compact cabinets that occupied the entire back wall, and with the help of a metal countertop made a cozy breakfast area.

Small U-shaped kitchen

Open shelves visually retain the spatial freedom and keep in view the favorite dishes Cate from real Chinese porcelain, whose soft pastel colors are concisely combined with the dazzling whiteness of the room.

Open shelves in the kitchen

A simple wooden canvas on the wall is the home for warm memories that are imprinted on photographs.

Cloth for photos on the wall

The bedroom overlooking the south side, in the middle of the day, is flooded with light. Delicate bedspreads on a bed on a white background only enhance the light effect, keeping the sun warm in cloudy weather.

Bedroom in white color

A large outdoor mirror also helps to increase the illumination of the room. And this antique armchair Cate found at one of the antique fairs.

Large outdoor mirror in the bedroom

The books arranged in color attract attention to this roomy shelf.

The chest of drawers was picked up and brought from Ikea, and storage boxes were found in the Muji open spaces.

Open shelves for books

The soft coffee tones of the bathroom diluted with a note of warmth that coldness, which breezes from the chrome-plated holders.

Bathroom in coffee colors

The fragrant flower bed of lavender blossoms on a small, sun-drenched balcony.

Lavender flower on the balcony