How to correctly design a small apartment - practical advice

Interior of dining room and living room in a small apartment

The problem of small apartments is known to everyone - the lack of useful space often becomes a headache for their owners. Therefore, most of them focus on the functionality and convenience of the premises, completely forgetting about their beauty.

We offer our guests several options for practical decor, which will help to hide this flaw.

What's big is that in a small apartment the original design is a must.

It is the stylistic solution that helps every day to wake up and fall asleep with a smile and hurry after work home. According to psychologists, this is simply human happiness.

Interior of bedroom and living room in a small apartment

Separate space into separate zones is the first and most necessary task.

An opaque screen or a simple vertical partition of individual wooden elements will not only cope with this task, but will also become an interesting decoration.

Interior of living room with fireplace in a small apartment

Furniture for a small apartment is desirable with a variety of functions and, if possible, with the effect of transformation. This approach provides a comfortable sleeping place at night, and in the daytime - a space for communication and recreation.

Interior of a dining room in a small apartment

All corners and empty seats should be used as completely as possible. But at the same time, do not forget about the uniform stylistic direction of furniture and the whole room as a whole. In this case, even a practical vase or globe can serve as a decor.

Corridor in a small apartment

It is critical to look at all the rooms and find places, while still empty. A wide sill or space around the door can be useful.

The first forms an additional table, and small shelves near the doorway will decorate the room.

Bookcase in the living room of a small apartment

In small apartments, disorder is almost a constant companion of life. Avoid this help numerous shelves, wicker baskets and boxes.

The latter are ideal for storing small things and in themselves represent a stylish decor.

Interior of the living room and kitchen in a small apartment

For the design of small rooms it is desirable to choose light shades. This will help visually move the walls and get a sense of freedom.

However, it is simply impossible to dispense with bright details. This problem will be solved by a pair of pillows of contrasting color and a poster in color.

Interior of the living room in a small apartment

When choosing a color solution, do not forget the rule of three colors and use it for the intended purpose.

For example, the gray walls and carpet a little darker in tone perfectly match with a light set of natural wood. Furniture is better to choose in beige tones.

Interior of living room with fireplace in a small apartment

Rounded elements and uneven configurations will provide sufficient depth of space, which can not be achieved by straight lines.

Round coffee table, the same form of vases and decorative ornaments are ideal for the embodiment of comfort and naturalness.

Interior of living room with fireplace in a small apartment

Floating shelves on the walls will solve the issue of functionality and practicality, and the movable mechanism will provide a new look each time.

A miniature fireplace with an artificial flame will simultaneously serve for heating and for decoration.

Interior of the office and living room in a small apartment

It is worth abandoning the bulky items of furniture that only occupy space. A small ottoman, a closet and open shelves for things will be the best solution.