How does the country style lounge fit in? (72 design ideas)

Country style is an interior style with an incredibly cozy and homely atmosphere. The country-style living room will be an island of tranquility and family communication in the intense rhythm of modern life. Translated from English, the country is a village, that is, for this style, simplicity and naturalness in everything, a kind of country charm is characteristic. The situation can cause associations with a rural manor or a village house.

country house

Light, cozy living room in the style of country. The masonry of the walls, a simple door made of a quilted board with forged hinges and a cute trunk emphasize the solidity of the house and the owner.

"Soft" style of the house in the south of France.

Living room in country style.

Living room of a country house.

Amazing harmony of country style and modern high-tech.

Amazing harmony of styles in the living room.

Bright living room in the style of country.

Bright living room.

This concept of a country-style living room has recently become a very fashionable design decision, so do not be afraid that the situation will look modern. An excellent example is the famous five-star hotel Moscow Country Club. This is a country resort complex, the interior in which it is made in the style of country. Luxuriously furnished VIP rooms in the Moscow Country Club, including the "presidential suite", show that country style is very multifaceted: it is not only rural simplicity, but also suburban chic, worthy of the highest personalities.

Classical country style embodies the atmosphere of the ancient houses of America, the times of "Wild West", but you can take as a basis the country or ethnic style of any country.

English country will be more strict exquisite performance, and the interior in the style of Provence with a unique French flavor, will fill the house with a romantic airy atmosphere.

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  • 2 Selection of materials for finishing
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  • 5 The return of the village style

The main components of the country style

Colors for country style are mainly used in pastel, natural, natural tones. Such colors as beige, gently pink, whitened yellow, all shades of wood and autumn foliage will perfectly blend in with the natural materials of the finish. For the living room in the style of Provence suitable colors will be lavender, blue, pastel beige, light yellow, gray. Unnatural, overly bright acid colors in such an interior are not used.

Modern living room in Scandinavian country style.

Light ceiling and wall wood, laconic furniture lines.

Harmony of a combination of style Provence and country.

Harmony of a combination of style Provence and country.

The country style brought simplicity and naturalness to the interior of the house.

Mastery of the designer to bring simplicity and naturalness to the interior of the house.

Living room in country style. Classics style: stone and light wood.

Classics style: stone and light wood.

A cozy living room with elements of decor in the country style.

Cozy living room with decor elements.

Accessories and decorative elements can be contrast and bright if the furniture and wall decoration is done in calm light colors. Conversely, if the decor is decorated in rich colors, the best solution will be decorative elements of delicate pastel, maybe even faded colors.

The heart and soul of the country-style living room should be a fireplace. This is a distinctive feature of the country style, which causes associations with the home, cozy crackling of firewood in a dank autumn evening. If there is no possibility to install a real one, you can buy an electric fireplace, which will also be a source of lighting. You can build a false fireplace, playing only a decorative role. Nearby you can put a cast-iron poker, and under it "fire logs".

Modern home appliances, plasma panels should not attract attention, they need to be completely disguised or hidden using decorative screens, curtains, sliding panels. The country hall should not have in its center a huge plasma panel of the TV, because then the feeling of the old house will be lost immediately.

Another "highlight" of the country style, which gives the interior a somewhat naive cheerful entourage, is the obligatory and widespread use of textiles.

The interior of the country-style living room involves the use of a large number of decorative pillows, various napkins and textile tablecloths, bedspreads, lampshades, curtains and curtains. The fabric can be linen, cotton, cotton and well-looked cambric. Textile elements can be with vegetative ornaments, in a cage, in polka dots or same monophonic pastel colors. Curtains in country style are selected with flounces or lovely ruffles, tied with ribbons. Particular attention should be paid to ensure that the country style curtain is not made of plastic or metal. The famous country complex "Moscow Country Club" uses heavy curtains made of natural fabrics, draped with beautiful folds. Revitalize the interior can knitwear and homespun rugs.

The design of a country-style living room is inconceivable without various decorative elements: porcelain figurines, paintings. Perfectly fit in the concept of country style objects of antiquity, antiquarian products. Old caskets, trunks, floor vases, forged products, candlesticks, country style window curtains - all this should be in harmony with the interior and color scheme of the living room. It is permissible to use compositions from dried flowers and plants, fresh flowers perfectly emphasize the country color of the country's living room.

Selection of materials for finishing

Whether it is a corridor in the style of country or living room, the floor is better to lay out of natural materials. An excellent choice is to lay the floor with a tree, you can also use a parquet board. In the country houses, the floor made of stone will be especially effective. Linoleum and laminate are not very applicable in this style. However, they are easy to use and can be a more cost-effective solution for repairs. It is possible to fit the laminate in the overall design, if you resort to some tricks. A compromise can be a high-quality laminate with a pattern for a tree. In the interior, it is better to cover with self-made mats. So the laminate will not stand out from the chosen style.

The facade is a spacious bright living room in the style of a country-massive fireplace of intrepid Viking. Ice and fire.

The façade of the spacious bright living room is the massive fireplace of the intrepid Viking.

Furniture for

Furniture for the "rough" Scandinavian style.

The perfect combination of living room furniture and country style.

The perfect combination of living room furniture.

country style in the living room.

The color of the walls for the rustic style should not be aggressive. Old things are welcome, massive frames and unpretentious decor elements

Living room in country style

Country style for summer residence

The ceiling in the living room can be laid out with a tree, plastered or painted in a light color. The country-style living room will look great with the ceiling trimmed with rough wooden beams, they can be on the walls, the main thing is to keep the common style solution.

The easiest option for decorating walls is a wallpaper sticker with a simple pattern. It can be plant motifs, flower ornament, strips and so on. The main thing - do not use modern shiny, vinyl wallpaper. Walls can be pasted with wallpaper for painting, plastered, decorated with textiles. In the country houses the best solution is to lay out the walls with decorative bricks or a finishing stone.

All materials selected for repair must be natural, environmentally friendly. Plastic panels and shiny chrome surfaces are best left for a high-tech style, in rural country style they will be superfluous.

Living room furniture in country style

Furniture for the living room is chosen massive, thorough, deliberately rough, when arranging furniture in the style of country order is not so important, strict symmetry is not used in the main. Smaller pieces of furniture are distributed randomly throughout the living room. This gives the room a livable appearance and a homely feel.

In the country style, low sofas, padded stools, rocking chairs, chests of drawers are used. If the furniture is wooden then the natural kind of wood is preserved without varnishing.

Furniture upholstery can repeat the motives of the decoration of the walls and individual elements of the curtain pattern. For example, in the embodiment of suburban chic "Moscow Country Club", the pattern and color of the upholstery of old chairs resonates with the pattern on the curtains, creating a harmonious color and style combination.

In the French performance, the country-provence style can be subtle, light.

The living room is worthy of queens.

Country style in the interior of the living room.

The new owners of the abandoned barn solved the problem of cosiness by defining a rest area in front of the fireplace.

The original decision of the designer.

The original decision of the designer - log walls.

If the living room has access to the balcony, then of course they better support the general style solution. Balcony in the style of country can be decorated with wood or brick. A special comfort will help create a rocking chair located there and a coffee table. Windows in the country style, of course, should be with wooden frames.

Country style in the design of the living room. Video

Return of the village style