How to choose neoclassic style furniture for the living room

Neoclassical style is suitable for those who want to free a room, make it in the style of minimalism. Most often neoclassic furniture is sustained in light and warm colors. Neoclassicism is built on the basis of traditional classical, but there are a number of significant differences. Thanks to this the interior looks lighter and more delicate.

The soul and heart of the house - the living room, chosen in the style of the neoclassic, will delight the hosts with a wonderful view, will show the guests all the beauty and refinement of the family's taste, and will also please with originality. The interior in neo was invented by big fans of the classics, who were tired of looking at old objects. Neoclassicism is luxury, comfort, elegance and modernity in one person.

With a special glamor this unusual kind of classics looks in spacious country cottages and in large houses where there are high ceilings and massive doors. Neoclassicism requires a lot of space, although you can use this style in an ordinary apartment.

Bright living room

The main requirement of neoclassical style - on a fine line balances luxury and simplicity.

Spacious guest room

Neoclassicism in the living room in a large country mansion of the Spanish artist.

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Neoclassical style traits

The neoclassic-style living room is relevant in case you want to give the atmosphere an atmosphere of classics, but with a touch of modernity. The hallway and the living room look especially elegant, if they have the following features:

  1. Complete lack of large furniture and accessories. Straight lines, light and elegant details. Artistic works, especially naturalistic depictions of people and animals, will give the environment a massiveness, so they should be avoided.
  2. Preference is given to light tones. Most often it is white, but gold is also possible.

Despite all the tenderness and openness of the style, the decor in it looks solid, but it does not have too fanciful lines, which gives it even more attractiveness. The parts used are basically symmetrical and precise and are found in small numbers, observing minimalism. Chandeliers are of particular importance in the interior of the apartment, so their style must completely correspond with the interior of the room, the same applies to the door.

You should choose wooden or parquet floor, because such options allow to create maximum heat and comfort in the room. It is not recommended to use linoleum as a floor covering. Doors must also be made of wood. The walls are often divided into fragments and decorated.

Contrasting combinations of colors favorably look in the overall picture of the interior. Upholstered furniture should be massive, as a decor cushions in a tone upholstery furniture.

Contrasting combinations of colors favorably look in the overall picture of the interior. Upholstered furniture should be massive, as a decor cushions in a tone upholstery furniture.

Bright interior

Neoclassicism is considered a favorite style of people who prefer the classics, but they want to follow the fashion.

Luxury design

Neoclassical guest room, as an example of properly arranged interior. The highlight of the situation can be considered correctly selected lighting.

Furniture in Neoclassicism

Furniture in the neoclassic style should be elegant and luxurious. In this case, the arrangement of the living room uses items from expensive wood: oak, rosewood, red and ebony. Dilapidated with various patterns and an expensive cloth with rich and deep shades, the furniture will give the room a luxurious look and give the woody fragrance. Gold-plated and silvery interior items, made in Greek and Roman motifs, will give the environment a special charm. Furniture is placed according to the classical principle - a carpet is spreading in the center, and furniture is placed around it.

It must be remembered that the style of the neoclassic requires the presence of certain objects: a table, paired nightstands, chairs with high backs.

Over the carpet place a table decorated with mythological drawings or hieroglyphics. And of course, there is no way to do without a fireplace, which will create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness in the house.

Furniture in the style of the French King Louis XVI is very expensive, and not everyone, even a well-off person, can afford. But do not get upset, because in our time you can buy a quality imitation at a price several times lower than the original. Such furniture will look perfect in the interior of the living room. It is also important to choose furniture for the color of the door and floor covering, a difference of only one tone is allowed.

To design the guest room used light colors. Furniture beige harmoniously combined with white decoration of the walls.

To design the guest room used light colors. Furniture beige harmoniously combined with white decoration of the walls.

Bright guest room

Delicate, pretty furniture for the neoclassical living room makes the atmosphere cozy, comfortable, at home warm.

Cozy living room

A remarkable feature of the interior of the living room in the neoclassical style is a rocking chair made of natural wood.

Lighting options

When decorating a living room in a neoclassical style, both natural and artificial lighting are allowed. Usually in the center of the room hang massive chandeliers - they can be glass, crystal, forged and with flowing figures.

In neoclassicism, as in the classics, chandeliers must reproduce the greatness of past eras. Very often, simple form and symmetry are used, but chandeliers should exclude the conservatism that is characteristic of classicism.

In the room, there are mandatory installation of floor lamps, standing on tonyusenkih high legs, with large lampshades made of cloth. The color of the fabric on the lampshades should match the color of the furniture and wallpaper.

The rich interior decoration

Furniture for the neoclassical living room makes the atmosphere pompous and luxurious.

Stylish interior

The interior of the living room in neoclassical style is notable for its beauty and functionality.

Wall sconces are usually installed near a sofa, armchair or a door, as this arrangement creates a special cordial atmosphere. To create a charm, use small table lamps, which are placed on the nightstand. In general, the main lighting fixture is ceiling chandeliers, and the remaining options should be used as additional light. Therefore, the first thing to do is to seriously approach the selection of the chandelier, and then already under it select the sconce, floor lamps, etc.

Colors in neoclassicism can be used different. But as a rule, the following pastel and saturated tones are used:

  • olive;
  • Lucky;
  • sky-blue;
  • ashen;
  • clouded;
  • pearl;
  • cream;
  • emerald

For accents use:

  • purple;
  • wine;
  • burgundy;
  • silver;
  • gold;
  • the black;
  • терракотовый;
  • purple;
  • blue.

It is highly recommended not to use many shades in one room, 2-3 tones will be enough to create a beautiful finish, without regard to the floor and the door.

Neoclassical drawing room

The design project for a neoclassical-style living room was created by the order of a Spanish journalist.

Living room-table

Due to its refinement, creativity, brightness neoclassic often becomes the choice of creative people.

Complete the transformation of the living room with the help of such ornaments and accessories as:

  • pillows with decor;
  • mirrors;
  • paintings;
  • ceramics;
  • porcelain;
  • jugs and vases;
  • candlesticks.

For decor, you can use hieroglyphs or drawings with mythical creatures, rather than dwell on flower decorations alone.

Having given preference to neoclassicism in all details, including doors and chandeliers, you will not regret this decision even after a few years.

It is this style that can combine antique elegance and practical modernity, economy and luxury, functionality and beauty.

Spacious guest room

An example of the correct selection of furniture for a guest room in neoclassical style.

Cozy interior of the living room

Soft crosses of a strict geometric form fit organically into the neoclassical design of the room.

Living room in the neoclassic style - modesty and luxury in the interior.

Neoclassic style in the design of guest rooms