How to conceal a heating battery - creative recommendations

The problem of aesthetics of communication nodes in the home heat network is most likely familiar to each of us. Pipes passing a winding snake along the inner walls of residential buildings, as well as radiator structures, inevitably spoil the appearance of any room. In this regard, many are interested in the question of how to hide all this disgrace, or at least make it less visible.

Topical solutions

Specialists of the company "Territory of Decor" in the face of the masters of repair and decoration and design works, offer a number of original, and most importantly available solutions to this problem. Today, this issue can be solved either with the help of certain building materials, or with the help of decorative screens for the battery. The latter option is much more preferable, because it involves minimal costs and labor costs. To buy similar products for today - at all a problem. So, on the company's website ( you can find the most relevant solutions that meet all modern design standards, and most importantly all your aesthetic needs. But still we will try to consider all the most affordable and attractive solutions, within which both screens and various finishing elements can be used.

Screen for the radiator

1. Invisible radiators - the "camouflage" method.

This method can be effective only if you have modern flat-panel batteries installed in your house. Today in any construction shop you can buy a special coloring compound for radiators. With its help, having pre-selected the necessary shade, in a tone to walls of an apartment, it is possible to camouflage similar heating metal structures. It is desirable that the walls themselves also have a non-uniform texture - for example, they were trimmed with a toned lining - in this case, the relief of the wall will do a good job, smoothing out the hardly visible radiator profile.

2. We use drywall

Saving for many is the determining factor. Gypsum cardboard is one of the cheapest modern materials for decoration, and therefore it can also be used to hide all the batteries in the house. The only thing is to buy a special heat-resistant plasterboard, which may be slightly more expensive than the standard, wall. From such material it is possible to make the unpretentious box which will hide the battery from the general look. There are craftsmen who make such a box in the form of a window sill extension or a false wall equipped with a functional shelf. Do not forget about convection! The main condition here is to make a series of holes in the plasterboard so that the hot air can circulate normally in the room.

Beautifully hide the radiator

3. Radiator in submarines

Here the main thing is to choose the right size of the subframe so that it can be reliably fixed between the battery and the window sill. Such a stretcher can be covered with a beautiful draped cloth. If desired, perforated patterns are applied to it, which also contribute to increased heat circulation. Obviously, this method is suitable only for concealing radiators in the window space.

4. Battery in an openwork barrier

This method involves the use of a metal shield on the battery. Basically, to make this "composition" of refinement, you can order a specialist to manufacture a screen with a lace decorative pattern-perforation. Also it is always possible to order a screened grating according to already prepared templates. These are in huge numbers on the website of the "Territory of Decor". Here you can choose the right option and purchase a solution that will undoubtedly please you.

How to hide a heating battery

5. Shielded box under the wooden furniture

Truly, wood never loses its relevance. Many find a rather aesthetic option to mask unsightly heating batteries on the body of an elegant carved screen. And if the shielded box is made in the form of an exquisite bedside table, it can not be distinguished from the expensive furniture furnishings of the room. This option is more suitable for interiors performed in a strict classical style. As well as metal grilles, such screens in various color and texture variations can be found on the site