How to design a small bathroom room: practical tips on

Corner bathroom with hydromassage

To design a small bathroom it is necessary to consider not only the desire to install beautiful furniture and plumbing, but space.

Although the bathrooms on the pages of glossy magazines look like living rooms - spacious, beautiful, stylish - one should not be seduced by their appearance. In ordinary apartments, this place is small in size, where there is nowhere to turn, not to put the sofa to rest.

Therefore very often we have to resort to all sorts of design tricks in order to decorate and make repairs there. What should I look for?

Modern plumbing in the bathroom
  • The most important point is the installation of a toilet bowl and a sink. Modern plumbing can be delivered and in the minimum areas of the premises. For example, fix them to the wall, and the place under them can be used for storing cleaning and care products.
  • If there is no place, it is possible to install a multi-functional shower cubicle with hydromassage.
  • Separate the bathroom and bathtub can be a convenient drawer. Then its function will not only be in the storage of things, but will also serve as a kind of partition.
  • Use the sliding doors. Then in the corner you can put a washing machine, dryer or locker.
  • It is also possible to install an asymmetric corner model of small dimensions with a shower wall. Then in a small space you can have both. However, this option is not suitable in all cases. Angular model takes up more space than usual.
  • Angular toilet, on the contrary, will take less space.
  • Under the sink you can arrange a laundry basket.
  • Water heaters are best placed higher, if the ceiling is high, then overhead.
Combined bathroom in white color Glass doors in the shower room Asymmetrical corner bathroom with shower Corner toilet in the bathroom Laundry baskets under the washbasin Water heater in bathroom

Do not forget that some elements of the decor visually reduce the area. For example, a large cabinet in a small space will look even bigger.

Curtains or partitions, made in dark colors, also reduce your interior. The ideal solution is to decorate the bathroom in bright, not too bright colors.

Bright curtains in the bathroom

Tiles on the floor and walls should not be large. Glossy will reflect light.

Large tiles in the bathroom decoration

If the furniture is not enough space on the floor, it can be placed on the walls. If the lockers are strengthened at a comfortable height, then under them there will be room for the towel warmers.

Heated towel rail on bathroom wall

Do not do without mirrors, since they are the first friends of a small apartment. If there is no room on the wall to fix it, you can hang it on the cabinet doors.

Mirrors in the bathroom

Light requires no less attention than in the living room or bedroom. The bathroom is not a dental office. Too much bright light will weary.

Do not forget also that in the evening it is sometimes necessary to create a relaxing atmosphere, and in the morning - an energizing one. Therefore, it is best to use a dot, do not interfere with additional lighting.

Point lighting in the bathroom

It is necessary to carefully select each part, then everything will look stylish and beautiful.