Wall lamps with their own hands from the available materials

Self-production of decor items is a creative and interesting process. It is not at all difficult to make wall lamps with their own hands, which can nicely complement the interior of the room, giving it, in addition to additional lighting, coziness and home warmth. The convenience of making such handicrafts is also in the fact that it does not require large material costs for the purchase of material. So, for example, to make a wall-sconce with your own hands, you can even use the improvised means that will be found in every house. In this article we will consider examples of self-design of wall lighting with examples of finished samples.

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Wall lamps with their own hands: what will be required for manufacturing

In order to make bras with your own hands, you need tools, a base, a wiring system with a cap and a bulb and materials for the lamp shade.

As for the tools, we will not enumerate a huge amount of everything that may be needed in any given case, but only the main ones that will be useful in one way or another, namely: office supplies (pencil, rulers, eraser, possibly, compasses);

  • roulette;
  • electric jigsaw or small saw blade;
  • Drill with drills in order to install the wall sconce with your own hands;
  • a heated gun with glue (it binds a lot more materials than any other);
  • scissors;
  • paint or a colored can.

Luminaire on the wall with your own hands: making a frame

The basis for the lamp will serve as a round or square dostochka, sawn from a sheet of MDF. It should have the dimensions of the future sconce with your own hands (photo is presented in the article). In the base it is also necessary to make slots for the installation of cartridges with bulbs. Their number will depend on how bright the lighting should be. When making slits, be sure to take into account the thickness of the bulbs in order to correctly calculate the distance between them.

It is also necessary to cut out the sidewalls for the perimeter of the base, and in the lower of them to make a small gap in order to pass the electric wire. The sidewalls are fixed with screws, the places of the hats are covered with putty. It is advisable to use sandpaper for even grouting. Wall lamps themselves can provide a color design. The entire frame can be primed with a primer, which will ensure a long life and paint in the required color.

On the back side of the side parts fasteners or hooks are installed, by means of which the lamp will be mounted to the wall.

We equip the lamp on the wall with our own hands wiring

For power supply equipment, you need a power cord with a plug and a switch (you may have to buy it or use the remaining cord after a non-working lamp). The cartridge can also be removed from obsolete lighting fixtures.

Wall lamps themselves, and, more precisely, their lampshades, are often made of combustible materials, such as textiles, paper, threads, etc. In order to avoid fire, it is worth using energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs that have high light output with low heat.

Lamps with cartridges are fixed in the finished frame, the wire is output through the equipped hole. On this we can assume that the lamp on the wall with their own hands is half ready. Now it's worth to start making a lamp shade.

Lampshade for sconces from your own materials

There are many ways to use materials such as wood (various twigs), fabrics, threads, etc. It is necessary to have a wire that can hold the mold well for a long time, but it is good to bend.

wall lights with own hands photo, photo 7

Wooden wall lamp with own hands

After pruning large trees, there are various branches and driftwood that can be successfully used, decorating wall lamps with their own hands. Photos show how the usual, at first glance, drift turned into an elegant sconce. To do this, it was only necessary to cut and polish the tips, and to make a hole inside for the electric wire.

Another way to make a spectacular sconce from a tree with your own hands is to decorate it with the help of twigs of a vine, arranging them in different sequences. Such a lamp will become a real decoration of the room in eco-style.

Beautiful wall lights with their own hands (photos are presented below) can be made from a vine. They can be made by different ways of weaving, but for beginners it is worth stopping for a start on simple designs.

wall sconces by own hands, photo 8wall sconces by own hands, photo 9wall sconces by own hands, photo 10wall sconces by own hands, photo 11wall lamp from wood with own hands, photo 12wall lamp from wood with own hands, photo 13wall lamp from wood by own hands, photo 14

Bra with their own hands with a lamp shade

This lamp on the wall with their own hands is quite easy to make. To do this, it is necessary to have a dense thread of any color (you can take a white one and paint the finished structure in the required color), PVA glue and balloon. The technology is very simple. The first thing we do is to inflate the ball to the size that the lampshade should have and tighten it tightly. We first soak the threads in the glue, and then, attaching the tip to the base, we begin to wind the ball in a chaotic order. The density of the winding can be anything, it all depends on how bright the light should radiate the wall sconce with your own hands.

After finishing the winding, you can once again brush the entire workpiece with glue and hang it for drying. From a completely dried billet we extract the ball - for this it must be torn beforehand. The lampshade is ready. If necessary, it can be painted in any color, using the paint in the can. It is noteworthy that such a sconce with their own hands (photos are presented in the article) can be emphasized any style of the interior, depending on the color of the lampshade: white is suitable for minimalism, black - advantageously emphasizes high-tech, bright yellow or red - etc.

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Wall lamps with their own hands from tape

In order to make such a lampshade, in the first place it is necessary to make a frame of strong wire with a large lower and lower upper ring. After fixing one end of the tape on it, we begin to wind the whole frame around it in a circle. In this case, the fabric is wound tightly, so that no gaps remain. Ready lamp on the wall with their own hands can be decorated with different small elements: make a pattern of buttons, attach paper butterflies, etc.

wall lamps with own hands photo, photo 19wall lamps by own hands, photo 20

If desired, the lampshade can also be sewn with a cloth. It is better to use opaque material, such as cotton, taffeta, dark silk, etc., so that the wire frame is not visible.

There are a lot of ways to make sconces from your own materials. In addition to these, there are also wire products, lampshades from beads, knitted, etc. In this process, you can use almost any material, it is only necessary to connect your imagination and imagination.