How to equip a small bathroom - creative ideas from

Interior design of a small bathroom

Those who own a small standard apartment, for sure there are or had previously difficulties with the arrangement of the bathroom.

Areas a small bathroom and a toilet room do not want to put in everything necessary, and besides cause the most unpleasant sensations, even in healthy people who do not suffer from claustrophobia.

Meanwhile, experts came to the conclusion that with a competent choice of finishing materials and furnishings it is possible to solve all the problems and make such an intimate zone very comfortable. To begin with it is necessary to be defined, the separate or incorporated bathroom is necessary.

As a rule, if there are more than three people in the family, then it is still worth making it separate, so as not to create queues in the morning and evening hours. You also need to evaluate the behavior of household members: someone likes to sit in the bathroom for hours, this can be the reason for dividing the area into separate rooms.

Essentially helps to save the place a shower cubicle, but the corner bathroom opposite requires more complex care and the place takes at least as much rectangular. In the most constrained circumstances in the floor, a plum is organized and a shower stand with a quality curtain is made.

Drawing of furniture in the bathroom

In the bathrooms often put washing machines, and to enhance the functionality you can order a cube for it, and on top to place a shallow sink and even make a whole complex with small compartments for household chemicals.

A good choice would be mirror with illumination. Toilet bowls with small sizes, mini-sinks are also sold.

Only here you can not determine the size of the eyes, all the options need to measure roulette. There are models of toilet bowls, which have not a usual ledge under the sewer inlet, but a recess. They are quite close to the wall. There are pendant tanks that also allow you to save space.

AND creative furniture, и сантехника с самой лаконичной отделкой будет наиболее уместна. AND если говорить о выборе кафеля, нужно обращать внимание на крупные однотонные глянцевые плитки светлых оттенков, и избегать мелкого или темного декора. Двухцветное решение без всяких каемок будет наиболее подходящим.

Lighting also allows you to visually expand the space. For example, small bright lamps along the perimeter, as if pushing the walls, and laid out on the ceiling in staggered order - increase the volume of the room. Light needs a lot, but it should be comfortable.