Gray kitchen in the interior: 60 successful combinations of

1 Kitchen with a gray interior

Before choosing a color scheme for your kitchen, take into account not only the trend of a shade, but also the harmony of its combination with other colors. Among the popular design solutions, choosing a gray kitchen in the interior is an actual option for its implementation. But the harmony of the selection of colors and textures has not been canceled.

  • neutrality (does not affect the perception of the room as a whole, it does not irritate);
  • versatility (suitable for the implementation of design and style design, color palette and materials);
  • practicality (kitchen set or walls in gray tones will not accentuate light pollution and show no signs of surface cleaning);
  • If you use gray for kitchen sets, then effectively combine with other shades of facades of the upper tier and lower.

The downside of this color is that it is wrong to combine it, you can get a depressive and monotonous interior.

Modern kitchen design Kitchen with white walls and gray furniture  Dark gray kitchen furniture with a wooden top  Gray furniture and red stove in the kitchen  Silver furniture and wood in the interior of the kitchen  White and gray interior

Walls and floors

Choose a gray color for the kitchen base - more than a good option. A small kitchen or a combined living room - in all cases there is exactly the right shade, which will turn any room into a unique design idea.

White furniture and gray walls in the interior of the kitchen

Choosing the color of the walls, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room - the smaller the quadrature, the lighter the shade. The floor is chosen light gray if the height of the walls is small. At a sufficient rate, you can admit a dark gray tone.

Against the background of the general "grayness" any color will be fully revealed. Therefore, whatever the color of the furniture is not chosen (though white, lilac or dark pink), in addition to accessories and kitchen appliances, the end view of the kitchen will exceed the expected result.

Marble countertops in the kitchen Table-island in the kitchen  Kitchen design with natural wood  TV on the wall at the table  Kitchen interior with built-in lights and hanging chandeliers  Chic white furniture in the kitchen


Even the most eminent designer can make the mistake of choosing colors that are planned to be combined. Although gray and universal, it is also not necessary to neglect it. A particularly bad tone would seem to be a single use of color with a difference only in the shade itself or mixing a large amount.

Bright accent in the gray-white interior of the kitchen

Gray and white

Calm, yet modern design will provide a combination of gray and white colors. Style under such a tandem fits any - high-tech, noble classicism or romantic Provence. The color range of gray-white accents can be spread both on walls, floor, and on a kitchen set.

Gray furniture against the white walls

If you focus on gray walls, it is important to consider for their covering more simple options (painting or wallpaper), as well as decorative brick, stone, unmasked concrete. To this background, designers will advise cardinally opposite textures and materials - furniture from wood (which is better to lighten), bright gloss of facades and a table top made of natural stone.

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A modern solution, but at the same time preserving the homeliness and style, unites the Budbin and Knokshult kitchens from Ikea. Photos in the network, where the kitchens are painted in homes - this is confirmation. Embedding technology at the same time can be in the tone of furniture, and in tone to surrounding walls, and the gas panel and oven must match the chosen style.

Window in the wall in the kitchen

On a white background, the gray color is combined in shades of furniture and curtains. Choosing the traditional classical style, a spectacular result can be obtained with a matte surface coating. Kitchen from solid oak, tinted with a gray matte finish, will become the central figure in the interior. But it's worth a look really, not everyone can afford it. Get a special appearance of furniture, if you use the method of artificial aging.

Whichever color is taken as a basis, a tandem from white-gray is a good idea for both economical use of space (if it is a kitchen of one-roomed kitchen) and for large areas of this room, as in the case of p44k layouts.

Laminate flooring under the tree on the floor Kitchen furniture with built-in microwave oven  Shelves on the wall in the kitchen  An interesting combination of the color of furniture in the kitchen  White kitchen interior with a gray table-island  Original watches from photos in the kitchen

Gray and natural shades (brown, wood)

A more harmonious and logical duet is hard to find than the gray base of the kitchen and wood shades, beige, wenge. This combination is far from a novelty, it's fashionable to decorate the interior in this spirit and it looks expensive.

Laminate for natural wood

A classic and popular appearance is a gray gray background and beige furniture tones. A more natural effect can be achieved if you use furniture from wood - walnut, oak, alder. In this case, you can not use additional toning. To give a special chic, the wood is covered with a dark varnish.

For the kitchen in a country house, a combination of a wall of wooden beams and a gray headset will do. Hollow pencil cases and cabinets, harmoniously fit into the interior.

Furniture of chocolate color Wood in the interior of the kitchen  TV on the wall in the work area in the kitchen  Kitchen with a strict design  Original chandeliers in the interior  Furniture for a tree in the design of the kitchen

Gray and bright shades

A more lively atmosphere will be given bright shades. Gray kitchen in the interior, where the trendy turquoise, the green (with a hint of eco-style), will cease to be ordinary. In such a room a good idea would be a conveniently located bar counter, and if the layout is a kitchen studio, then the green-gray duo will not annoy.

Many colors do not exist, but they should not be abused. For example, a red-gray combination is not recommended to mix:

  • with other basic colors (yellow, green, blue);
  • with the game of textures (gloss + matt in one set of kitchen furniture, wood + gloss, etc.);
  • with different shades of red (coral, scarlet, cherry).

The combination of yellow furniture and gray walls in the kitchen

Conditional rules say that red color in the interior should be about 30%. A large concentration of red-gray will lead to quick annoyance to the eyes and irritation.

Sunny yellow color will become a bright highlight in a gray environment. If the contrast "yellow walls and gray furniture" is chosen, then the color of the entire surface in a bright color is not recommended. It is better to combine it with gray, leaving one piece for yellow. The yellow facade of the lower and upper tier headset on a gray background (any tone), it is worth adding other accessories and interesting interior items. Neon blue or simply indigo color is an excellent choice for combining with gray. As in the case of other "bold" colors, they do not need to be abused. The correct layout is the main task. Let it be light gray walls with blue furniture and gray curtains, and on the window there are blue flower pots. But it will be appropriate and harmonious. With this combination, the Scandinavian style of decorating the entire apartment can begin.

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Table-island with bar stools in the kitchen

In itself, black color is not of much interest. But if you combine it with gray (medium tones), you can get a pretty stylish and concise effect. The black-and-gray atmosphere will not become boring if you bring gloss to the image of the kitchen. He will give not only a rich gloss, but also visually expand the space (if necessary). In the case of a combination of black and gray, do not limit your design fantasy in one tone of gray. If necessary, then the shades of gray harmoniously combine even on the surface of the headset (facade, table top, accessories - different tones).

Bright kitchen design Kitchen with dining area  Red wall and gray furniture in the kitchen  Pink accents in the gray interior of the kitchen  Gray-lemon interior kitchen  Chandeliers and spotlights in the lighting of the kitchen


Deciding to equip the suite in the kitchen in gray, it is worth considering their advantages and disadvantages. Although the last few, but they should not be underestimated. The positive qualities of gray facades can be noted:

  • harmony in the unification of any of the gray shades of the countertop with the facade, whatever it is (gloss, matte);
  • the appropriateness of using a chrome-washed sink and a faucet with furniture fittings;
  • a wealth of choice of home appliances for embedding under any tone of the facade of the kitchen.

Furniture with gray facade in the kitchen

The practicality of using such facades is proved in practice. Even the slightest touch of water or dust, a slight fat will remain unnoticed at first glance, which will make cleaning much less likely. If a dark gray luster is chosen, then there will be more problems. It will be affected by fingerprints and accidental splashes of water.

White table with chairs and gray furniture Paintings on the wall  The combination of gray and light wood in the kitchen  Kitchen interior with original chandeliers  Chess floor in the kitchen  Stylish kitchen interior

Gray countertop

This color has long been a part of everyday life, due to its versatility and practicality. Universality is manifested in the fact that this table top can be easily combined with the facades of any color. A bold purple or beige facade of the kitchen will look its own way in an original and stylish way.

Gray countertop в современном интерьере кухни

Care for the top of the gray color at times simpler than other colors. This part is considered one of the most marches (those that can be quickly contaminated). You can not dry up the water because of the fear of getting a divorce. They simply will not be visible.

Table-island with marble countertop in the kitchen

Choose as a tabletop made of natural stone, and acrylic surfaces "under the stone." Uniform laconic variants are encountered more and more, as they combine not only an excellent appearance, but also a wide palette of shades.

White furniture in the interior of the kitchen


Appearance apron in the kitchen usually takes place when the color combinations of the floor, walls, furniture were determined. Often, it does not differ in color from the color of the walls. But if the apron is decided to allocate, then it should be done, given some rules:

  • if the kitchen plans bright accents (texture wall, curtains, lighting, etc.), then the apron is best left alone and do not attract excessive attention to it. Otherwise - the interior will get obtrusive;
  • apron with print is appropriate to do in kitchens with a large area. The rooms of a small quadrature will visually appear less if you set an apron with a pattern on them. The single-tone version will be more logical;
  • Taking as a basis of the kitchen a gray color of deep shades with a combination of pastel or muted tones, an apron is recommended to make lighter on several tones, but in the color of walls or kitchen. With a light base, the apron is better dimmed;
  • The texture of the material should be combined with other elements of the interior. For example, if a gray gloss is selected for the apron, then it should not be a single in the kitchen.
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Apron серого цвета уместен для кухни с частым пользованием, так как вынослив к различным загрязнениям, а выбрав практичный материал (полимерное стекло, пластик, плитка), уход за ним не доставит особого труда.

Gray apron in the interior of the kitchen Stylish apron design in the kitchen  Design of apron with unusual tiles  Backlit cupboards in the kitchen  Apron из керамической плитки  Beige kitchen with white furniture

Kitchen combined with living room

In this case, there are two options for the development of events: to divide these zones by color or to confine oneself to one (or change the hue to a couple of tones). As a rule, the style of decoration remains one, and the delimitation of the space between the kitchen (with all workers and cooking surfaces), it is possible to install a bar counter, an island, a dining room and other functional areas.

Make the entire area of ​​the room in the same style and color, without focusing on zoning - is also an excellent option. But it depends on the form of space. Take into account all the indicators - the height of the ceiling, the width and shape of the working area, the number of home appliances and furniture. The combination of colors will help not only to attractively decorate the gray kitchen in the interior, but also to enter all the necessary elements: furniture, household appliances.

Kitchen-living room with gray interior

Actually, in the case of the unification of the living room and kitchen, use the method of embedding home appliances in the kitchen. To do this, choose the facade of the desired color and appearance. So you can achieve the integrity of the design and do not draw attention to everyday moments.

Gray color in tandem with quiet shades (for example, pastel), will create a harmonious interior. Together with bright color, you can achieve an invigorating atmosphere that stimulates action. Moreover, gray can be used as a background of the room, and color for furniture filling the space.

The original table at the sofa in the living room Paintings on the wall под кирпич в интерьере гостиной  Spotlights in the interior of the kitchen-living room  Kitchen-living room in loft style  Original floor lamp next to the sofa  Interesting chandelier in the kitchen area


Gray color for kitchen design was repeatedly selected as a couple of decades ago, and now. Popularity is caused by many factors: gray is combined with all other existing colors, textures and materials. It is capable of both expanding the space (under the condition of choosing the right shade), and to assemble it into a coherent image.

Choose a comfortable and stylish kitchen set, so that it blends harmoniously into the overall picture - an important option. Variations of kitchen models will allow us to express an individual vision of design and make the room not only attractive, but also functional.