Stylish transformation of small space: a compact set of

Cabinet and living room all-in-one

I'm sure you will be interested to learn about a rather unusual and compact furniture solution called all-in-one.

Here the concept of compactness unites in itself many kinds of universal and, one might even say, fantastic furniture in all-in-one.

This set is ideal for small apartments and hostels. It is transformed into a complete set for a bedroom, a drawing room, a dining room and an office for some minutes.

Living room all-in-one Living room all-in-one Столовая all-in-one Столовая all-in-one

Invented this miracle by a group of students who created their own association called Matroshka Furniture. Inspiration for the creation of this project was served by Russian dolls, according to which this invention works.

A portable set of furniture includes bookshelves, drawers, office space, a double bed, a couch, a dining table with four square chairs, a wardrobe and additional storage space.

Such simple and compact objects easily fit even in a limited space and create quite good conditions for living.

Столовая all-in-one Столовая all-in-one Спальня all-in-one Furniture set all-in-one

As you can see in the photo, the developers managed to create a truly amazing invention. Without exaggeration, we can say that these students are good fellows, because there are no analogues to this solution in the whole world.

Furniture set all-in-one