Ideas for creating a small home office

Chest of drawers with folding desk

A home office is absolutely necessary for many people. This is the place where they can focus on work or just put their thoughts in order. However, in most cases, the limited space at home does not allow to allocate a separate spacious room under the office. I have to improvise.

Even in a small apartment, you can create a comfortable working area, if you organize everything correctly. Here you will find several ideas on how to design a mini-office. We hope that they will be useful to you and will awaken your imagination.

Here is a tiny office, in fact it is only a computer desk, but there is no sense of tightness. The key to success is in the simplicity of the decor and the wise use of space. The workplace consists of a small table and chair. Wall cabinet in light colors with a beautiful opening in the form of an arch complements the decoration. A very good decision, is not it?

Narrow compact cabinet

Another example of a cozy place to work. The room is narrow, so the L-shaped table became the way out. It is convenient to write and work at the window, and on the right you can store papers and everything you need. Again we see a cabinet with an arched doorway. Bright polished furniture visually enlarges the room, bright details attract the eye. This corner is quite appropriate in the kitchen in the style of country.

Small work corner by the window

This office is larger, but also small. A fairly spacious table with cupboards and storage boxes is built into the corner. But even more books and documents can be placed in lockers and on shelves of the upper tier. It turned out to be a fully functional home office for permanent work.

Work area in the home office

In this corner there is a creative mess. Despite the fact that there are no obvious attributes of the office, the problem of storage is still solved. Pay attention to the open shelves and the cells for papers. Some eclecticism and relaxation in the interior design creates an informal atmosphere.

Open shelves in the home cabinet

This home cabinet is hidden in a closet. And what else is left to do if there is not enough space? Here is a quite comfortable table and shelves. True, there is no window, but this can be corrected with additional lighting. When there is no need to work, the doors can be kept closed.

Home cabinet in a closet

We hope that you found the right variant for yourself. We wish you to create your comfortable small office for work at home.