New year's curtains and window decoration ideas

Christmas toys on the curtains

Winter came. End of the year, it's time to take stock, update life plans and take a step into the future. The New Year holiday in all countries is held in different ways. But, in addition to original traditions, there are unifying features in each holiday. The tradition of decorating your home is as old as humanity itself. Modern conditions give opportunities, incommensurable with those that were in the last century. The variety of materials and tools for decorating the house is growing constantly. An important element in creating a magical atmosphere of the holiday is New Year's curtains. You can decorate the window so that the interior will find a unique appearance.

  • How to make ordinary curtains festive
  • Silver and gold are the traditional colors of the New Year.
  • 3d printing as a modern variant of festive design
  • How to create curtains yourself
  • The smell of a Christmas tree, the taste of an orange and Santa Claus
  • Old things can be decorated or painted
  • Paper curtains as a touch to history
    • What curtains of paper are easy to make for the New Year
  • The process of creating pleated and tubular blinds
  • The main components of the holiday are love and inspiration
  • Firs separately, snowflakes separately
  • A bit of paper plastic and sculpture

How to make ordinary curtains festive

Take the curtains, which are already there, and complement them with decorative accessories - the fastest option. A noticeable part of the curtains, like a lambrequin, for example, makes sense to beat with artistic details or, if there is no lambakken, to attach a self-made one for the holiday.

The choice of material and form is entirely at the mercy of your imagination.

Paper, pieces of cloth, natural materials, in the course of possible anything that comes to mind. Colors that blend in style with the New Year and Christmas - white, blue, red, gold. Tapes, ribbons, any elements that match the color, tastefully decorated, immediately change the appearance of the curtains. In addition to the eaves, there is a canvas for decoration, which can be draped in various ways, adding details from paper, applications. It can be figures of snowmen, deer or abstract drawings. Rhinestones, buttons, tapes can be easily glued with nonwoven and iron, and soft toys, balls, paper figures to hang to the cornice.

Santa Claus with reindeers on curtains

Choose what's more interesting for you:

  • cut and hang to the cornice snowflakes, figures of angels;
  • sew or pin to application curtain;
  • create an ornament using a stencil;
  • garlands, use rain to create original patterns;
  • decorate the cornice with foil, or manually made lambrequin;
  • from strings, braid, paper ribbons to create a composition;
  • to collect in a garland any improvised materials, pompons, bows, flaps;
  • attach to the curtains painted with gold star paint;
  • paper plastic, origami, paper balloons;
  • cones, sprigs of mountain ash and spruce combine with foil and paint.

Christmas tree by the window New Year's landscape on the curtains  Room with Christmas decorations  Armchair by the window with a New Year's blind  Christmas tree branch with cones on the curtain  Blind with Santa Claus in sleighs

Silver and gold are the traditional colors of the New Year.

Effectively look at the curtains of a figure of sparkling or matte materials with metal textures - foil, brocade, lurex. You can attach them with a thread, sewing pins. More simple decoration - rain and garlands.

The Japanese curtain consists of several canvases. It is convenient, you can replace one or more paintings with inserts made by hand. On such modules to put drawings, applications.

Entire paintings and compositions on Christmas themes, or a simple geometric pattern in the New Year's color theme trend, suitable for the interior, will turn ordinary curtains into New Year's.

Gifts and Santa Claus at the window Christmas tree and fireplace on the curtains  Christmas tree with gifts by the window  Armchair by the window with Christmas curtains  Garlands on curtains  White sofa, table and New Year's curtains in the interior

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3d printing as a modern variant of festive design

New technologies became in the 21st century invisible, but, nevertheless, an integral part of life. The most pleasant thing about progress is that it makes life much easier and saves time. UV-printing on fabric or special paper will instantly create a real New Year's magic.

If you take into account the amount of spent forces in relation to the effect produced, you can call New Year's 3D curtains the most technologically advanced ones.

Armchair and fireplace on the curtains

Photo-blinds come with a ready-made drawing, with a festive theme. By the way of UV printing you can put on the curtains the picture that you like, and then the design of the apartment will be unique. 3d pattern can be applied to different fabrics, choose the texture and color of the material. Air chiffon or heavy satin will create different effects. Of course, it is desirable to take into account the color of the apartment and try to ensure that the color of the curtains does not get out of balance. Curtains with 3d pattern hang not only on the windows, but also on the walls as a print, instead of a picture. Stereo effects visually increase the space, and additional lighting completely changes the perception of the ordinary hall or kitchen, transferring them to the world of the New Year's miracle.

Снеговики на шртах Gift on curtains  Blind with a Christmas tree  Chest at the window with Christmas curtains  New Year tree and fireplace on the curtains  A dog at a Christmas tree on a curtain

How to create curtains yourself

Creating curtains from scratch with your own hands allows you not to limit creative imagination. Here you can safely experiment, because you are not fettered either by the color of the curtains already available, or by the presence of a picture and the type of fabric, if you decided on photo-blinds. From simple options - to make filament curtains. Usually such curtains are assembled from beads. For example, you can string on strings, instead of beads, bunnies and snowflakes, or toys made by hand, here and ready curtains with a New Year theme. Instead of threads it will be interesting to use twine, braid, paper strips, which will give the curtains vivacity and comfort. And you can glue to the stripes absolutely any objects from natural materials, such as cones, ending with hand-made plastic bottles, from which stylish Christmas trees are obtained. If you know how to sew, flat toys with felt or cardboard inside are very practical, they are convenient to use in the next New Year to decorate curtains.

As curtains, ready-made garlands and tinsel are also used. Beautiful curtains are obtained from different types of paper, with decorative components and patterns.

Toys and garlands on curtains Bows and balls on the curtain  Bows on the curtain  Curtain from the circles on the thread  A curtain of snowflakes on the window  Beads on the curtain

The smell of a Christmas tree, the taste of an orange and Santa Claus

Of course, in the decoration of curtains it is desirable to include Santa Claus and snowflakes. But the main thing is to convey the atmosphere of the New Year's holiday. If you take a creative approach to this matter, you can use non-standard things. To fix the curtains, use decorative elements with rhinestones. Christmas stars, bells, angels are first cut out of cardboard according to a pre-made pattern. Then they are wrapped in foil, decorated with rhinestones and confetti. Suitable for decorating cardboard frames, such items as buttons, unnecessary beads, shells.

New Year's design of curtains, except for decorating design, will help you relax and cheer up well before the holidays.

The stars look beautiful anywhere - as an anchorage in the drapery, in the form of appliqués, for picking up curtains. Look beautifully hung from the cornice starlets and balls on twines of different lengths.

Curtain of snowflakes New Year's decor on the window  Santa Claus on the Curtain  Decoration of snowflakes on the window  Curtain of snowflakes  Snowflakes on Ribbons

Old things can be decorated or painted

A pair of cylinders with gold and silver paint and courage will help to create a New Year mood from practically turned up things that are already unnecessary in the household.

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Disparate children's socks, painted with a can, decorated with ribbons, look no worse than an expensive industrial toy. Draperies, lace, twine are well combined with ready-made appliqués, now they are a great choice. In addition to the specifically New Year theme, you can apply beautiful accessories such as leaves, geometric figures.

Interesting volumetric forms are created from glue with threads, yarn remnants. In addition to stars, snow, tracery snowflakes, you can do this in any way, any form, the most fantastic.

There is an unlimited number of options and options for decorating curtains.

New-year socks on a hanger

Paper curtains as a touch to history

Paper is an extraordinarily plastic material for creativity, it has the property of storing a shape that was given to it by means of folds and notches. Its modern application includes virtually all fields of science, industry, and art. Paper curtains are not one thousand years, considering that the paper was officially invented and began to be used in 105 AD in its modern form, but in fact even earlier. Therefore, to create New Year's curtains of paper with their own hands, it is, in a sense, to join history. The most suitable option for the New Year holiday, which combines tradition and modernity.

Paper curtains can be made from individual elements, attached to the wire wire, clerical clips. Other methods are the production of curtains from a whole sheet. These are traditional, long-known methods of making paper curtains.

Curtain of snowflakes Curtain of snowmen  Curtain of stars  Ribbons with flowers on the window  Bright curtain  Asterisks on threads

What curtains of paper are easy to make for the New Year

In order for the curtains to become New Year's, it's enough to choose the invoice and the paper drawing correctly.

For the manufacture of curtains from paper modules, candy wrappers, pieces of beautiful paper, postcards will do. You can interchange paper elements with others - for example, buttons, glass beads. The process of the method is to string multi-colored pieces of paper folded onto a thread several times or fasten to each other with paper clips. Undoubtedly, such work requires a lot of patience and time. On the other hand, such ways of spending leisure help to strengthen the nervous system. And if you do it not alone, but with someone else together, you can have fun.

The fastest way to make beautiful paper curtains is pleated blinds. The process of manufacturing them is simple, and as a result you will get stylish curtains. Any paper is good, but the most popular technique is to use wallpaper. It turns out inexpensive and beautiful.

Curtain of hearts Curtain of stars  Snowflakes on the Curtain  Bright curtains  Curtain made of caps  Curtain of circles

The process of creating pleated and tubular blinds

For pleated curtains, the width of a paper sheet is measured on the window with a deduction of 1, 5 centimeters. The first thing you need to do is mark the paper on the same width strips, then fold them with an accordion. In order for the folds to hold, it will be correct to draw the backs of the knife or scissors along the fold lines, directing them with a ruler. Fold the accordion, put it under the press for three hours. To the top strip, glue the double-sided adhesive tape, make a through hole for the rope with a lock and the curtain is ready. The retainer not only raises the blinds, but also creates a beautiful semi-circular shape, similar to the fan., Which perfectly decorates the interior.

Luxuriously look on the window roll paper curtains. They are collected from thin paper tubes, which are twisted from suitable paper. The thinner the paper, the more elegant the result will be. A good newsprint is good. Obtained sticks that can be painted with a brush or sprayed on them with paint from a can. Collect preferably on a tape, or a decorative rope in several rows. As a result, we will have curtains similar to bamboo, but more beautiful. The stencil drawing will additionally decorate the finished blinds.

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Christmas tree at the window

The main components of the holiday are love and inspiration

How to give warmth and mood to your house on holidays? Hanging Christmas decorations for curtains can be done in a few minutes, delivering what is stored in the closet and year after year. And you can supplement them with new copies, in which we put the creative energy and your love. Then the holiday will become more saturated and comfortable.

You can create a fairy tale from paper, fabric, thread and glue, use various objects, natural materials as a decoration, most importantly, include imagination and give freedom to the creativity that always exists inside of us.

New Year's decor on the wall

Several ways to create decorations for curtains:

  • Snowflakes, stars made of paper;
  • figures of Santa Claus, deer of cardboard and foil;
  • decorative elements of thread and glue;
  • stars of wire and threads;
  • paper garlands;
  • balls, ribbons or paper ribbons;
  • soft toys as holders for curtains;
  • small Christmas trees made of plastic bottles, paper, yarn;
  • bulky paper balls - kusudam.

Deer by the fireplace Снежинки на камине  Candles and bumps on the fireplace  Snowman in the nursery  Glowing snowflakes on the wall  Decoration on the bed

Firs separately, snowflakes separately

It's enough to cut out snowflakes, figures of hares, bears, snowdrifts and Christmas trees from white paper, and the decoration for the curtains is ready.

One repeating motive looks interesting, but it is played out in different materials.

Balls and snowflakes on the curtain

For example, you can pin on the curtains only Christmas trees, but made of different materials. Interesting Christmas trees are obtained from chopped plastic bottles. By the same principle paper trees are made. The paper fringe is cut, from it the stylized Christmas tree is twisted. If there is an opportunity to complement the design of curtains with fir-tree or fabric fur-trees, it will look stylish and modern.

In the same version, you can decorate the curtains by selecting another motif. It can be grandfathers frosts, snowmen, bunnies and a variety of snowflakes, made in different techniques. Here, diversity is achieved not through the plot, but design finds.

Curtains with Christmas decoration

A bit of paper plastic and sculpture

Another quick and original way for our latitude to make a festive entourage is to hang not only glass balls on the tapes, but also homemade paper kusudams. And although they are related to the Chinese New Year, when these decorative balls are made of white paper, they are no different from snowflakes.

There are options of very simple in the performance of kusuds, such that even a child can easily do.

The effect is stunning anyway. When a garland of bulky balls hangs instead of a lambrequin, it looks like a real work of art.

The stars look original with a frame made of wooden rods or wire, wrapped in threads.

Multicolored stars

You can leave the natural color of the threads, and you can paint in golden or silver color, then the feeling of Christmas will become real. The stars can decorate evenly the whole canvas, it will be original to be released with a strip, an arbitrary pattern or along the perimeter of the curtains.

Bows or other ornaments look slightly different. At your option, it is possible to create a traditional atmosphere or decorate a house in the style of postmodernism. The most important thing is to have a feeling of a holiday, suitable for everyone according to his spirit and style. Then the holiday will bring good luck.