12 convenient hidden kitchen compartments

It's nice to go into the kitchen, knowing that each of the tools and materials for cooking is neatly hidden in a specially designated place! You too can realize this dream with a few small changes in your kitchen, many of which can be done by yourself. From the secret wine cellar to the secret retractable shelving - we offer you a selection of 12 secret kitchen compartments that will help you expand the possibilities of your kitchen!

Creative secret repositories

We will start with the most fantastic secret storages for the kitchen, which, however, can not be accessed by all homeowners. For example, an underground wine cellar can not be equipped in an apartment in a multi-storey building, and a functional tile from the brand Droog can steal several centimeters of space from an already small kitchen. Finish our top three most creative secret storages for the kitchen, drawers for spices, hiding behind the decorative columns in the kitchen cupboard.

A hidden wine cellar in the kitchen Hidden boxes under the tile in the kitchen Sliding shelves for spices in the kitchen Pull-out panel in the kitchen

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Additional options for the kitchen

Every housewife knows that there are no surplus countertops in the kitchen. At the same time, installing an additional horizontal surface requires a large amount of free space. The ideal way out of this situation can serve as a compact pull-out tables that are easy to hide after the completion of work.

Hidden table in the kitchen island Extendable table in the kitchen

Also, to improve convenience and safety in the kitchen, you can install secret sockets, which in their spare time will be reliably hidden behind the decorative panels of the lockers or the island.

Secret sockets in the kitchen islandSecret socket in the kitchen

Maximum use of kitchen area

Installation of drawers above the floor and under the sink, as well as the use of side panels on the cabinets and the space between the upper and lower cabinets will allow you to conveniently store different kitchen accessories for which it is usually difficult to find a free space.

Drawers over the floor Hidden drawers under the sink Side lockers in the kitchen Shelves between the lockers in the kitchen

In the last photo you can see at once 2 examples of practical use of the kitchen space: hidden side compartments between the upper and lower lockers, as well as a revolving shelf that allows the most convenient use of the kitchen corner.

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