Ideas for placing a table-island in a small kitchen of any

Corner kitchen with island

Table-island in a small kitchen

Multifunctional table-island is useful not only in the kitchen of the restaurant - it will look great in your cozy apartment.

The island table is definitely a very useful and practical element for the interior of a small kitchen. Regardless of how small your space is, inspired by the advice and recommendations of leading designers on the options for organizing the island, you will find an irreplaceable and reliable companion in your kitchen.

Even the smallest island has a huge potential and can offer many applications. When considering the issue of its necessity, you should know about the following four of its indisputable advantages:

1 Create an additional work area. 2 Can be used as a rack for breakfast or evening gatherings with snacks. 3 Has additional storage space in the form of drawers, shelves or hooks. 4 Correctly chosen size of the island will not block the already small space of the kitchen.

Note that the best option would be a table with an open space under the countertop - it's convenient to sit behind it without bending your knees into the side walls, and removing the chairs under it will not be a problem.

Kitchen island with bar counter

Bar mini-bar and curbstone, united by a single table top

Admissible passages and clearances

After you decided that you want to equip the kitchen with an island-table, you need to decide what size it should be? Allowed a passage width of 92 cm, and a gap of 107 cm between the table and the door.

A good place for an island is the kitchen center, or its location in the shape of the letter L in relation to the headset, if the kitchen is not limited by walls.

While the standard width of 92 cm allows two people to disperse, it can be reduced to 80 cm, provided that only one person can pass. Draw a plan of the kitchen in accordance with the scale in advance and see if the table is set. Check the drawing and make the appropriate adjustments.

If you could not meet the necessary requirements, then think about a table that can be hidden, rolled or disintegrated. You do not need to custom-make it to order. There are many excellent ideas on how to set up an island table even in very cramped conditions. Here's what we can offer you:

Working table of restaurant kitchen

Restaurant kitchen island

Thanks to the table top made of light wood, the table fits perfectly into the overall design of the kitchen

Check out the store specializing in the supply of equipment for restaurants and pay attention to the stainless table for catering establishments. It is light, strong and durable, it is executed in various sizes. In addition, the prices for it are quite low.

In most cases, the lower open shelf is used to store bulky utensils. But nobody restricts you - place towels, napkins, tablecloths and even potted plants here!

Locking wheels is useful if you plan to move the island often, although the restaurant work desks are quite light enough to move them without the wheels.

Cutting table for meat

Heavy kitchen island

Heavy table fits perfectly into the overall composition

A table for cutting meat is an excellent alternative. Its surface is ready for use in the kitchen, and you can add only a couple of stools to create a charming place for two to have something to eat and chat.

Use furniture of different functional load

An inexpensive and effective way to organize an island-kitchen in the kitchen is to use other elements of furniture in its role. There are the following options for what can serve your purpose:

Coffee table

The narrow kitchen island

A stylish narrow table adds a simple sophistication to the room

Such tables are designed to make various notes on them, place small items or put newspapers. Therefore, they are usually quite compact and narrow. Available in different sizes, they will fit perfectly even in the smallest kitchen.


Kitchen island with drawers

Vintage wardrobe as a table. The main thing is to follow the internal order!

Unexpected idea to use as a table-island ... a low locker! Convenience at a height, as it can be packed in a huge number of different items, from towels to old cast-iron frying pans.

High table stand

A high kitchen island - a rack

The table creates an excellent combination with the basic style of the kitchen

Looks great high dining table in the right form, reminiscent of the bar. At this table, you can comfortably sit at dinner, cook meals, and store small items on its lower shelf.

Table-island with a folding table top

Kitchen island with a folding table top

The size of the foldable part can be as large as you want

The ingenious way to add additional useful space to the kitchen is to make the island table fold-out. Raise and fasten the worktop when necessary, and lower it to facilitate movement in the small kitchen.

If it is not possible to arrange the table in the kitchen, then use this concept - make a flip-top table near the cupboard or even against the wall.

Kitchen ledges as an island

Find a place in the kitchen with a serving surface. Even a wide window sill can serve as such an island table. If it was not found, create it yourself. Get inspiration from the synthesis of two cuisines:

Small kitchen island - bar counter

Laconic light form gives airiness to this kitchen element

Kitchen island by the window

Excellent design of the window opening. It's nice to have a cup of coffee, admiring the wonderful scenery

Built-in table design

Retractable Kitchen Island

Just remove the table when it is not needed

Is there a free place where the island can be stored when it is not used? You are lucky! Look for a table for these sizes! Better yet, execute it under the order, including a few small boxes, which will create an additional storage space.

Movable island table

Kitchen island on wheels

The most convenient way to carry it out is to move it back to its original position and it will not be difficult!

Regardless of which table you use, making it mobile is easy enough. Attach to it reliable wheels made of high-density material, preferably of polyurethane. Do not forget about the locking mechanism. This will not allow the table to go unexpectedly at the most inopportune moment.

And if you have a large kitchen and an extensive work space, do not use these stylish kitchen island ideas to test on it.