Indian furniture: bright colors of india in a european flat

Indian furniture appeared on the Russian market in the late twentieth century and at first did not enjoy any special demand, so it was relatively inexpensive. But unexpectedly surging to Russia, the eastern "wave" has awakened to furniture from India a keen interest. Demand has risen, prices have also risen, and today its cheap can not be called.

At the first glance at such furniture, there remains no doubt about its nationality. Brightness of colors, fancy traditional ornaments, hand carving, matte lacquer coating, inlaid on bone, mother of pearl, marble or semiprecious stones - all this vividly reminds us of this beautiful country.

Indian Furniture

To create an Indian style, one should not buy many items of their traditional furniture - in order to avoid oversaturation of paints. In a European apartment, it will look a bit luscious. It is enough to buy a few basic items, hang curtains with brushes and hand embroidery on the windows, add some traditional accessories - and your house will be enveloped by a unique oriental aura.

Interesting features and distinctive features

Indian furniture has its only interesting features. The Indian door, for example, if desired, can be used as a countertop. Yes, and the table itself can perform several different functions - for example, if you want it can be turned into a cart, and elephant elephants manage to use it as a saddle.

Indian interior

Indian chairs can be stored by installing one under the other according to the principle of our Russian nesting dolls, which is not only interesting, but also useful, since this way of storing furniture frees up space.

Another distinguishing feature is the small height of the products. Low wide sofas are usually decorated with an infinite number of bright painted pillows, the same low and wide beds - light, colorful canopies. Cabinets of Indian manufacture differ carved doors. Quite a frequent element of the decor of the doors - wooden or metal inserts in the form of gratings.

About Indian tables I want to tell you. As mentioned above, the tables made in Indian style are very low, with thickened legs, edged with openwork carving, the table tops are decorated with intricate patterns and covered with glass on top.

Interior decoration in the style of the Indian interior

There are quite interesting points about the construction of tables. So, for example, in a mosaic table-top sometimes small notches are used which are used for storage of various trifles.

There are also more elegant variants of such tables, for example, from a rosewood with thin, carved legs and an elegant table-top.

It is impossible not to mention such an interior subject as Indian screens. They are interesting in that they consist entirely of an openwork pattern.

Perhaps, to someone Indian furniture will seem too bright and unusual, but if you like oriental motifs and want to surprise everyone with the unusual interior of your house, then this kind of furniture is the most suitable for you.

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